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So you clearly have the cash but you'll only let me have it if I do what you think is right.

— Joey, "Solve for X"

Joey Castoro is the son of Gerald Castoro, who Watson accidentally killed during surgery, resulting in a two month suspension of her medical license. An engineering student, he dropped out of school to pursue opening a bar.


Season 2[]

Watson visits the grave of Gerald Castoro, the man she accidentally killed during an operation. His son Joey arrives and presses her to have coffee with him. At a diner, Joey congratulates Joan on being a detective and she learns that he's dropped out of university, despite his father wanting him to become an engineer. He asks if she'd invest in a bar he's bought and applies some guilt tactics on Watson. She asks how much he needs. Watson asks Holmes for an advance of $5000 to help Joey. Later, Watson reminds Holmes about the salary advance and describes the circumstances leading to Gerald's death and how much she appreciated that Joey didn't blame her. Holmes doesn't like that Watson's guilt is being taken advantage of and gives her more than she asked for so Joey won't bother her again. Watson meets with Joey, and says she'll help him but will only pay for his education. Joey tries to guilt her into using the money for his bar but she remains firm.[1]

S02E02-Joey and Watson
I liked him. He was a good man.

002 Solve for X episode still of Joey Castoro and Joan Watson
Are you asking me for a loan?


  1. Season 2, episode 2: "Solve for X"