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Something tells me I shouldn't be flattered.

— Bloom to Holmes, "The Past Is Parent"

Jonathan Bloom is a rich playboy who parties excessively and preys upon vulnerable women. He was linked to the disappearance of two women and his wife but not arrested.


Season 3[]

As Sherlock Holmes is forced by Oscar Rankin to find Oscar's junkie sister Olivia, Holmes discovers that Olivia may have been in the company of Bloom. Holmes and Rankin visit Bloom in his apartment (he owns the building) who isn't surprised to see them. He's hung over and listens as Holmes recounts rumours that Bloom has his way with women in exchange for a drug fix. Holmes produces Bloom's drivers license which he found in a drug den that Olivia was at but Bloom denies being with her. Holmes then twists Bloom's arm and smashes his face down on a table. Bloom confesses that Olivia was at his apartment, fought back when he made advances and hurt his arm. She then grabbed heroin, money and left. He gives Holmes the name of the car service that the doorman used for her departure.[1]

S03E24-Holmes attacked Bloom
Tell us everything!

Season 4[]

Bloom surprises Holmes outside a church where Holmes is about to attend a support gorup meeting. He asks Holmes to look into the disappearance of his wife Alicia who he denies killing. He does admit to accidentally killing two women who were heroin addicts and gives the location of their bodies. He's hurt by the accusations that he killed Alicia as he loved her. He then commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.[2]

S04E01-Bloom gun to throat
I want people to know the truth.


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