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I'm quite certain Professor Vikner is a murderous international criminal and the heir to Jamie Moriarty's fetid throne.

— Holmes, "The Invisible Hand"

Joshua Vikner replaced Jamie Moriarty as the head of her criminal organization. He is brilliant and ruthless.



Vikner was born in 1969 and attended both Eton and Oxford Colleges where he obtained a double doctorate in Economics and Political Science. He has taught all over the Ivy League and Oxbridge colleges but this is a cover for his criminal behavior. In 2016, he was the chair of Economics at Garrison University in New York City in addition to being senior advisor to the U.N. Fund for Developing Nations.

Vikner had a relationship with Jamie Moriarty and is the biological father of her child, Kayden. After Moriarty's imprisonment he took over her extensive criminal network, but not without some dissension within the organization.

Season 4[]

Vikner's plans brought him into conflict with Sherlock Holmes' father Morland which resulted in Vikner hiring Ruslan Krasnov to kill him. The attempt wounded Morland but killed his lover, Sabine. After Sherlock discovered the Vikner now heads Moriarty's organization, he and Watson confront Vikner. Vikner cooly admits he is the new head and that after Moriarty was imprisoned, he brought order to an organization that was fighting itself. He also says that Sherlock and Watson are exempt from harm by Moriarty's orders. Sherlock and Watson decide to keep Vikner a secret from the police and Morland.

S04E23-Watson Vikner Holmes
Are you familiar with the Invisible Hand?
Vikner invites Sherlock to talk at the funeral of one of the victims of a bombing that Krasnov committed at Morland's office. Vikner points out that Sherlock seems aligned with Morland when he was sure that he hated Morland. Vikner asks for peace since he can't harm Sherlock. Sherlock asks why Vikner tried to kill Morland but Vikner won't say. Sherlock says there will be no peace. After Krasnov is killed at the 11th Precinct, Watson and Sherlock discover that there is a bomb planted at the Brownstone.[1]

Invisable hand pic
There'll be no peace until you're incarcerated or dead.

Vikner's motivation for the attacks on Morland become clear when Morland, Sherlock and Watson visit an Iranian diplomat, Zoya Hashemi, who is also part of Moriarty's organization. She and others wanted Morland to lead the group, not Vikner. Morland calls Vikner to arrange peace but Vikner will only accept Morland's death. Sherlock and Watson arrange to frame Vikner for a murder but once the evidence is brought to FBI Agent Burke, Vikner has disappeared. Morland takes Vikner up on his offer and meets him in an abandoned power plant. Burke, Sherlock and Watson find Vikner there dead. Morland has been chosen to replace Vikner as the head of the organization.[2]

S04E24-Watson and Vikner
Your head on a pike.

S04E24-Vikner dead
Vikner dead.


  • Joshua Vikner represents a more traditional portrayal of Moriarty, as a university professor who heads a criminal organization with a near-global reach. However, Vikner is far from a criminal genius and, as stated by Joan, is not as good at his job as Jamie Moriarty is. His manipulations are rather flashy and tend to draw attention, while Moriarty's are more subtle and easy to overlook. Zoya Hashemi even described him as a reckless and undisciplined hammer, rather than a scalpel like Moriarty.


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