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"So just to recap, I've spent the last few months of my life playing a game that was designed to kill me."
— Harlan
At the Brownstone, as Kitty practices single stick on Bob, Watson arrives and hears Holmes arguing with a man behind closed doors. Kitty explains the man is a knife-thrower that Holmes has examining a case from the 1930's. Entering the library, Watson recognizes the man as football great Phil Simms and disbelieving that Simms is a great knife-thrower, Holmes has him throw two knives at Bob from across the room. Simms nails the throws and leaves. Watson asks Kitty for help following a real estate investor, Chad Keswick. Watson has been hired to find out why he is interested in a building but Kitty declines. At his home, Harlan Emple works on a math problem. (♫ The Sheds - I'll Be Fine ♫) The solution is GPS co-ordinates which he follows to an abandoned factory. Looking for the next "clue", he opens a locker and finds it full of moth balls and a dead body.

S03E03-Simms throwing
Phillip, head and heart.
In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Emple explains to Bell and Gregson that he was playing a math puzzle hunt. Math problems were posted at locations which, when solved, would reveal the location of the next problem. Frustrated that Bell and Gregson believe he murdered the person he found, he demands to speak to Holmes and Watson. Arriving at the precinct, Holmes explains that Emple is one of his "Irregulars." He isn't happy to see Emple and unsuccessfully tries to get out of accompanying Bell and Emple to the crime scene. At the scene, Holmes brusquely dismisses Emple's questions about why Holmes didn't tell him about moving back to London. The victim is unidentified and has bullet wounds that indicate he was tortured before being killed. Holmes tells Watson that he approves of her engaging Kitty and has assigned her to tail Keswick. Holmes finds fresh paint that has been used to cover up the next clue and the motive becomes obvious when Emple mentions the contest prize is $1.7M.

S03E03-Bell Harland Watson
The organizers are almost always anonymous.
There being few people with the math skills to play the hunt, Emple arranges to meet with a suspect, Beka. She denies knowing the dead man and has a dog, Pepe, that barks at Holmes. Giving Holmes a treat to give to Pepe, he tastes it and says he found similar tasting crumbs in the dead man's pockets. Beka admits she was partners in the hunt with the dead man, Ike Wallaczek, her former boyfriend. She was in Hawaii with her husband when Ike was killed and has the names of all 16 people who are involved in the hunt. At Watson's apartment, Kitty shows Watson surveillance pictures of Keswick. Watson says she read Kitty's file on her rape and abuse but Kitty doesn't want to discuss it. Holmes calls Watson that he and Bell are visiting Byron Lowenthal at a transient motel. One of those on Beka's list, Lowenthal is a violent schizophrenic. Knocking on Lowenthal's door, Holmes pulls Bell away and moments later, a shotgun blast blows a hole in the door and Lowenthal flees.

S03E03-Holmes Bell shutgunned door
You guys got lucky.
Later with Gregson at the scene, Holmes has the math Lowenthal was working on sent to Emple. At the Brownstone, Kitty sets Emple up with a wall of the print-outs of Lowenthal's math. He's upset to find out that Holmes used another mathematician when he was in London. At Watson's, Holmes has an uncomfortable first meeting with her boyfriend Andrew. After Andrew leaves, Watson advises Holmes to get Kitty help dealing with her past. Holmes has tried but Watson insists that he'll have to impress it upon her. At the Brownstone, Emple shows Holmes that whoever is running the puzzle, changed the clue which Lowenthal received after Emple found Ike's body. Emple solves the clue Lowenthal was given which leads Bell and Holmes to a location where Lowenthal's body is found. Lowenthal was also tortured before being killed and from the timing of text messages the players had to send when they found a clue, Holmes deduces that the game is a trap and the game's creator is killing the players.

S03E03-Lowenthal murder scene
The game's designer knew the location had been compromised.
At the Brownstone, Emple and Holmes speculate who might be behind the hunt. Watson calls that one of those on Beka's list, Paul Ettinger, believes he knows who the killer is. A rich man, Ettinger has many staff at his office who are helping him with the hunt. He shows them a blog by a "Mo Shellshocker" which Emple's heard of and claims that Mo exposes math fraud. Ettinger disagrees as both Ike and Lowenthal publicly defamed "Mo's" work, which Ettinger believes "Mo" killed them over. Ettinger's staff are trying to identify "Mo" from his blog. Outside, Watson leaves while Emple praises "Mo" and says he's going to leave town until the killer is found. Holmes won't let him leave and says that Emple is "Mo." At the Brownstone, Holmes points out that "Mo Shellshocker" is an anagram for "Sherlock Holmes." Emple admits he is "Mo" and explaining that he was fighting those that abuse math, Kitty discovers "Mo" is wanted by the FBI as he posted secret performance stats on a new Air Force fighter.

S03E03-Mo Shellshocker
He's actually sort of a crusader.
Feeling angry and that he screwed up, Emple asks why Holmes used another mathematician when he was in London. Holmes says Emple's work was excellent but he tried to involve Holmes in his personal life too much. Taking this to mean Holmes believes he's a loser, Emple leaves. Via video chat, Holmes discusses the case with Watson and deduces that since the killer couldn't have known who would arrive at each puzzle clue first, the killer knows what he wants but doesn't know who has it. Holmes tells Kitty that she should attend a support group and is surprised when she willingly agrees. She then says that Holmes should read the "Mo Shellshocker" blog as it's quite good. Later, disguising his voice, Holmes calls Ettinger and saying that Emple is "Mo", gives him Emple's address.

S03E03-Harlan exposed as Mo
Over time, you became quite needy.
Having ignored numerous texts from Holmes, he meets Emple at his home and says he's there to prevent Emple from being killed. He explains that the killer used math to reveal weaknesses on lottery scratchers to win millions. However, "Mo" exposed the flaw with the scratchers on his blog and the scratchers were pulled from circulation by the state Lottery Commission. The hunt was set up in order to find and kill "Mo" to prevent him from revealing any further lottery ticket weaknesses. The victims were tortured until the killer was satisfied they weren't "Mo" and then murdered. Emple realizes that the killer Holmes is describing is Ettinger who Holmes confirms won repeat lotteries. When Holmes says he told Ettinger where to find Emple, Harlan is aghast, but Holmes sent Ettinger to a different apartment where he was arrested by Gregson. Emple then realizes why Holmes texted him so much.

S03E03-Ledesma arrested
He was arrested a little over an hour ago.
In order to protect Emple from arrest from the FBI for his activities as "Mo", Holmes has arranged for suspicion to be cast on a cyber-terrorist he learned of when working for MI6. The NYPD think that Emple was used as bait to draw Ettinger out. Grateful, Emple thanks Holmes, who praises Emple's work. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Kitty that Keswick's interest in the building was due to a valuable mural that was painted over in the lobby. Kitty indicates she's going to a support group meeting and knows Watson put Holmes up to insisting she go to one. Kitty asks for Watson's on-going help as she works through her issues. Later, Kitty attends her first meeting and hears a hopeful message from one of the attendees.

S03E03-Kitty help from Watson
I want every bit of what's he offered me.



My reasons for preserving you are entirely selfish, Harlan. You are a tremendous asset. I have little doubt I will need your help again in the future.

— Holmes