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Same old Sherlock Holmes.

— Kathryn Drummond, "The Deductionist"

Kathryn Drummond is an FBI Agent who profiles serial killers. Her career was made when she profiled and caught Howard Ennis who killed 13 blonde women before being caught by Drummond in 2005. She wrote a book on him called "Profiles in Terror" which Ennis took great exception to. Holmes worked with her when an American serial killer came to London.


Season 1[]

Howard Ennis escapes when he is temporarily released from prison to donate a kidney to his sister Patricia. FBI profiler Kathryn Drummond becomes involved having caught Ennis in 2005. Holmes introduces Watson to Drummond and their acrimony is obvious to her as Drummond chides Holmes for his drug abuse and Holmes points out Drummond was sued for libel by Ennis for allegations she made in her book about him. Patricia is glad Kathryn is on the case and says Howard has to be stopped. While Holmes studies a star map overlaid on NYC, a clue Ennis left, he admits to Watson that he and Drummond were sex partners. He thinks Ennis' clue is a misdirect and is surprised when Drummond agrees. Ennis enters a store and shoots two people before forcing a blonde woman to take his picture while he holds a newspaper. He leaves her alive even though she's the type of woman he murdered in the past. Embarrassed, Drummond tries unsuccessfully to explain Ennis' actions.

S01E14-Gregson Holmes Drummond
Ennis had to know we'd break the code.
Watson discovers why Holmes detests Drummond so much; it is because of an article she wrote on him years ago called "The Deductionist" in which she profiled him. Holmes says that Drummond wanted to learn his methods but this was a cover for gathering info for her article. The betrayal was difficult for him to take but not as much as her correct prediction of his drug use. Ennis calls Captain Gregson but Holmes has already deduced that Ennis' actions are meant to humiliate Drummond. Ennis compliments Holmes and explains that Drummond's allegations that attributed Ennis' killings to abuse by his father weren't true. He blames Drummond for his father's suicide and says he'll stop killing if he's given Drummond. Ennis' call is traced to a warehouse filled with trophies from past victims.

S01E14-Mannequin scene
This room represents who he was, not who he is.
Drummond believes there's a clue there to Ennis' next actions while Holmes insists Ennis is showing them his past and proving he can become "profile-proof." Outside the warehouse, Holmes confronts Drummond about the sexual abuse allegations in her book. She's evasive about the source and justifies her actions by saying that abuse was a factor in all cases she's dealt with. Holmes points out that she's spurred Ennis on to commit eight murders since his escape. Vandalism at Patricia's house reveals to Watson that she induced kidney illness and is working with her brother. Drummond doesn't know about Watson's finding as she visits Patricia in the hospital. While Drummond admits that she made up the source for the allegations about her father, Patricia stabs her. Holmes indicates that Drummond will survive.[1]

S01E14-Drummond stabbed
She's working with her brother.


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