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She was born well before I met you. An indiscretion at the start of my career.

— Moriarty to Holmes about Kayden, "The Diabolical Kind"

Kayden Fuller is the biological daughter of Jamie Moriarty and Joshua Vikner. She was secretly given up for adoption to a rich family and raised by Allison and Max Fuller.


Season 2[]

After one of Moriarty's former lieutenants, Devon Gasper, learns that Kayden is the biological daughter of Moriarty, he kidnaps her. While publicly making a ransom demand, he secretly sends Moriarty messages in a newspaper demanding a dossier she maintains with secret information. Although Kayden is terrified, Devon is kind towards her, keeps her in a nice room and teaches her how to play cribbage. After Devon learns Moriarty is working with the NYPD to find Kayden, Devon has Kayden plead on the phone to be found, which angers Moriarty. Later, playing cribbage with Devon, they hear shots and he tells Kayden to get under the bed. Moriarty kills Devon and his men and later when Holmes meets her, she says that Kayden has been re-situated.[1]

S02E12-Kayden on bed
I'd very much like to get to know you.


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