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Agent Mallick does not exactly play well with others.

— Watson, "Fit to be Tied"

Special Agent Kim Mallick works for the FBI as an investigator. She's aggressive and adversarial.


Season 6[]

Mallick appears at the scene of the strangling murder of Rachel Garner which matches Michael M.O. and wrongly accuses Captain Gregson of not sharing information. She chastises Holmes for using Everyone in tracking Michael and insists on running the case by the book. After Holmes questions Michael in the box, she criticizes his technique and insists on progress reports from Detective Bell and Watson. After Holmes discovers evidence that Michael didn't kill Garner and that someone close to the case did, Garner softens and offers her co-operation. After Michael attacks Watson, the FBI finds Michael dead in a garbage dump. Mallick is at the scene and relays to Gregson that Watson is the prime suspect and must surrender herself.[1]

S06E20-Gregsons office
You pushed too hard.
Mallick reveals to Watson that when Michael was murdered, he was leaving a voicemail and he cried out "Joan" while being killed. She's convinced Watson is the killer and excludes her and Holmes from any official avenues of participating in the investigation. Independently, they discover the murder scene and that a woman was the killer. Holmes speculates the killer may be Mallick who is trying to frame Watson. Mallick joins agents questioning Detective Bell and when he gives glowing testimony of Watson, Mallick threatens to have the FBI investigate all past cases he's worked on with Watson which she implies would ruin Bell's chance of joining the US Marshals. Bell meets Holmes and warns him Mallick will do anything to pin the murder on Watson. Mallick has Watson brought in and tells her Holmes confessed to the murder but that a deal was worked out between the UK and US that involved MI6. Holmes is in England and can't return to the US. Mallick condescendingly tells Watson her partnership is over and that she got away with murder.[2]

S06E21-Watson and Mallick
Sherlock Holmes isn't America's problem anymore.


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