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Whatever you decide, you must understand that you will always be special to me. You will always be my friend.

— Holmes to Kitty, "The One That Got Away"

Kathryn "Kitty" Winter was Holmes' protégée. She worked with Holmes in London and moved with him to New York. For a time, Kitty helped Holmes with his cases and learned his methods.



Five years before making Holmes' acquaintance, Kitty was kidnapped, raped and tortured by a male perpetrator from whom she escaped. Afterwards, she lived under a new identity and worked as a transcriber. Her ordeal drove her to help others and in doing so, she tried to assist on cases with Scotland Yard with little success, until she met Holmes.

Season 3[]

S03E01-Watson single sticks Kitty

"Those were single stick moves."

Eight months after Holmes left for London, Watson has her own detective practice and a boyfriend, Andrew. While meeting Andrew for lunch, she notices a young woman watching her whom she confronts. Later, Watson notices the woman following her. Watson surprises her and they fight with single sticks. Watson defeats her and she identifies herself as Sherlock's new protégée. At the Brownstone, Holmes rebukes Kitty for following Watson, but she couldn't help being curious as Sherlock always talks about her. At a hotel murder scene, Holmes tells Watson about Kitty. Later, Holmes calls Watson to the Brownstone where he and Kitty show Watson how the hotel murder was committed. After the culprits are arrested, Watson comes to the Brownstone and tells Holmes that she is fine with him and Kitty working with her and the NYPD. Kitty catches up with Watson outside, thanks her and asks why she became a detective.[1]

S03E02-Holmes Kitty take pains

"Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains."

At the 11th Precinct, Captain Gregson interviews Kitty. Kitty takes photos of a murder scene with Detective Bell and recoils when he touches her arm. Kitty accompanies Holmes and Watson to question Assistant US Attorney White, but her rudeness ends the interview. She's jealous of Watson's rapport with Holmes, who scolds her. Kitty sulks as a witness is questioned about White at the precinct. Watson asks Holmes about Kitty's background when she can't find any record of her further than five years ago. Later at the Brownstone, Kitty watches Holmes and Watson work and, feeling excluded, she lashes out and is dismissed to bed. Holmes tells Watson about Kitty's trauma and gives Kitty's file to Watson. A comment Kitty made helps Holmes deduce the murderer's motive who is arrested. He praises Kitty and warns her that "taking pains" is part of their work. Watson talks to Kitty about her file which she hasn't looked at but Kitty wants her to.[2]

S03E03-Kitty help from Watson

"What do you say Watson, will you help me?"

After Watson arrives at the Brownstone, she and Kitty watch Holmes argue with Phil Simms. Watson asks her to follow a real estate magnate and discover why he's interested in investing in an old building. Kitty isn't interested, but Holmes makes her take the case on. Kitty reports her findings at Watson's apartment and doesn't care that Watson hasn't talked with her about her file. She gets Harlan Emple settled at the Brownstone and lets slip that Holmes has used another mathematician than him. She reads Emple's "Mo Shellshocker" blog and encourages Holmes to read it which results in Holmes solving who is murdering mathematicians. Watson tells Kitty details on the real estate magnate. Kitty tells Watson that she's going to a support group meeting and knows that Watson pushed Holmes into convincing her to go. She asks for Watson's help with her recovery.[3]

S03E04-Watson Kitty look

"What is it we're looking for?"

Kitty refuses to bring Clyde to Watson's and listens as Edwin Borstein tells Holmes that his company has invented a true artificial intelligence (AI) which was illegally copied. She accompanies Holmes as they visit the AI, "Bella", and watches as he spends hours questioning it, trying to determine if it is AI, leaving Kitty and Watson to find the thief. They find where the thief watched the AI company and get DNA from his cigarette butts. Holmes recognizes a sketch of the thief and is able to have the illegal copy deleted.

S03E04-Mason Kitty Watson Holmes

Kitty listens to Mason explain the "Button-box."

After Borstein is murdered, seemingly by Bella, it is brought to the Brownstone where Mason examines it and explains the threat of AI. At the 11th Precinct, Kitty watches as Mason uncovers a program on one of Borstein's CDs which triggered his fatal epileptic seizure. Kitty reports on a suspect who created the CD which results in Holmes identifying a visitor to the suspect's apartment whose professor could have created the program. Holmes is unable to bring the man to justice and later, Kitty watches as Holmes continues to try and prove that Bella isn't an AI.[4]

S03E05-Kitty Holmes at gym

"If you win, I'll give you 200 bucks."

Holmes has Kitty perform an experiment with Clyde and has her sign an NDA. She and Holmes visit a crime scene where a severed hand is found. Holmes finds the murdered man under a towed car and, in the Morgue, Kitty notices the victim is hairless. They visit the victim's store, talk to his employee Amit and find a hidden safe which contains a coded book. Later, Holmes explains the NDA to Kitty is due to Watson having written a book about Holmes and deduces the victim was smuggling diamonds. While at the 11th Precinct looking for criminals the diamonds could have been sold to, a briefcase is brought in which has a bloody set of handcuffs attached to it which after Kitty opens it, contains diamonds. Holmes deduces the victim's hand was ripped off by a weightlifter. Kitty, Holmes and Detective Bell find a suspect, Kazmir, at a gym, and Kitty watches as Holmes obtains his DNA by giving him a bloody nose while arm wrestling him.

S03E05-Kitty Gregson coffee

"How you feel shouldn't be her problem."

Kazmir confesses to the murder but can't identify who hired him, although he is able to identify other targets, one of whom is Amit. Kitty and Holmes question Amit, who reveals a confrontation between his boss and a diamond buyer. After Kitty learns that Captain Gregson's daughter, Hannah, was molested by her police partner, Kitty talks to him about it. Kitty also talks to Holmes about Watson's book on him. Kitty realizes that Amit is behind the murders. At the precinct, Amit confesses when Kazmir's attorney reveals she was part of the scheme. Captain Gregson learns that the policeman who molested Hannah is quitting as a result of Kitty talking to him. Gregson asks what Kitty said to him, but she won't say. Holmes rips up the NDA and says Kitty is allowed to write about her work with him.[5]

S03E06-Holmes Kitty library

"Her first hidden corpse. You must be so proud."

On Watson's return from Denmark, Kitty meets Watson at her apartment. Kitty indicates that she's made friends at a coffee shop, but Holmes has been keeping her from them. Holmes dispatches Kitty to a library where she finds stolen maps and a murder victim. Holmes deduces that the Bray map was the target. That evening, Holmes dispatches Kitty on an errand to Watson's, preventing her from seeing her friends. The next day, Kitty is at the scene when a fake Bray map and the thief is found dead. Kitty and Captain Gregson show the fake map to the Margaret Bray, head of her family's trust. While studying maps, Kitty gets a call one of her friends, Zachary, but Holmes tells her not to answer. In private, Watson scolds Holmes who tells her that his motive is to protect Kitty.

S03E06-Kitty knew

"I could tell you'd figured out about Zachary."

Holmes discovers the motive behind the map theft is that it may derail construction of a casino. Kitty, Watson and Holmes visit the casino head where Kitty gets him to co-operate by showing a video of his current casino's illegal gaming practices. The visit reveals to Watson who is behind the theft and murder. Kitty is present as evidence that Margaret Bray is the culprit is presented at the 11th Precinct. Kitty indicates that Bray had to bring the validity of the map in the library into question so that her family lands near the planned casino would be worth millions. At the Brownstone, Kitty returns with groceries and Holmes tells her that she deserves time with her friends and that him keeping her from them was to protect her. Kitty knew his motives and says it made her feel loved. As they put away the groceries, Holmes invites her and Zachary to a museum.[6]

S03E07-Kitty pretend victim

Kitty poses as a victim.

Bored, Holmes sends Kitty to see what Watson is working on. They help her with a serial missing persons case where the scenes smelled like nutmeg. This takes them to the FBI where they obtain the profile. Holmes deduces that the missing people have been taken by different culprits. Using a key from one of the victims, Kitty and Watson try many apartment doors and meet a lawyer who was having an affair with a victim. The victim learned of killings a client of the lawyer did which resulted in her death. The client, Carpenter, is serving life in prison and admits to being behind the killing. A new crime scene that smells like nutmeg leads Holmes to deduce the crimes are linked by a common murder scene cleaner who uses a nutmeg concoction. Holmes tries to find the cleaner by staging a killing using Kitty and posting photos on the dark web, but police arrest Holmes believing it to be a real killing.

S03E07-Kitty smells

"Smells like pumpkin pie."

Holmes discovers the cleaner, Woodbine, was a student of a crime scene cleaning college. After being led to his apartment by a superintendent, they confront him in his apartment and when he leaves to call his lawyer, Kitty breaks into a locker and finds his nutmeg concoction. However, there's no other evidence on Woodbine so a former gangster is convinced to admit he used Woodbine's services. Police break into Woodbine's apartment but the only trace of him is an artificial knee ligament in the sink and the smell of nutmeg. Kitty discovers a photograph of Carpenter on the day of his sentencing and sees the superintendent is Carpenter's son who Woodbine taught how to use the nutmeg concoction. The son killed and disposed of Woodbine so that he provide information about the many murders he cleaned up. After Carpenter confesses and his son is arrested, Holmes congratulates Kitty as she listens to loud music in her room. She changes the music to a classical piece that she once played on clarinet.[7]

S03E08-Holmes Kitty photos

"See if you recognize anyone."

Kitty examines the murder scene of Officer Flynn and at the 11th Precinct, attends his final call. Watching the radio car video, Kitty notices the shooter didn't touch Flynn's pistol which was found to be fake. She also notices the killer has a glass eye. She offers to take care of the creator of a web site who is posting things Holmes said in support group. Even though Holmes says no, she tracks down where the photos on the site were taken and shows them to Holmes who again, says he'll take care of it. Niko Buros is discovered to be the killer who Flynn was selling pistols from the police armoury to in order to buy pills. After a second officer is killed, no connection can be found between the two murdered officers. Flynn's pill dealer is questioned and Holmes deduces that Buros is killing the officers so that the police would be at the funeral allowing Buros to rob an under-manned armoury which Buros does. Kitty tells Holmes the web site has been taken down. Examining photos from an ATF raid on Buros' warehouse allows Holmes, Watson and Kitty to deduce Buros is smuggling the guns in furniture transported on a cargo ship. Buros is found and arrested.[8]

S03E09-Kitty picks lock

"Would you two mind?"

At the Brownstone, Kitty listens with Holmes as a former work mate of Watson's, Shauna Milius, gives details on the disappearance of Marissa Ledbetter. At the 11th Precinct, Kitty informs Watson that Marissa was paid $150,000 by Pergatorium, Inc. Sherlock texts them to a dumpster where Marissa's body is found. Kitty is sent with a list of five dosages found on Marissa to the hospital where she worked. After finding the body of Chris Jacoby (whose DNA was under Marissa's finger nails), Kitty reads a journal he kept. They find Jacoby also received $150,000 from Pergatorium. At the Morgue, Kitty listens as Dr. Hawes reports that Jacoby had recent brain damage. Holmes deduces that a drug trial is responsible, Jacoby is one of five test subjects and was murdered to keep the trial from being exposed. She assists once a list of all payments made by Pergatorium is sent to them from Everyone. After Holmes uncovers one of the trial subjects, Louis Carlisle, she helps question his employer and later, she breaks into an apartment where Louis is hiding. She isn't seen for the rest of case.[9]

S03E10-Tess hugs Kitty

Kitty accepts physical contact.

Kitty agrees to help Miranda Jantzen, a woman from her support group, find her oft-missing daughter Tess. Kitty examines her laptop and asks around her school with no success until Lexi, one of Tess' friends tells her that a week prior, Tess told her that a man in a white Jaguar was following her and gives her the license plate number. The Jaguar owner, Grant is brought to the 11th Precinct for questioning but has an alibi for the day Tess spotted his car. Kitty notices that Grant has a "queer left thumb". Kitty finds Tess at Lexi's aunt's apartment. Tess gave Lexi Grant's license number to deflect any inquiries as to her whereabouts. Kitty knows Grant is her father as they both have club thumbs. Tess ran away as she discovered Grant was her mother's rapist. Tess wants to expose Grant's crime but Kitty convinces her to not put her mother through the trauma and they hug. Sherlock is called to a crime scene where a murdered woman bears the same back mutilations as Kitty.[10]

S03E11-Kitty scars

"Because I got these in London."

As Kitty returns from a run, Holmes tells her about the murdered woman with the mutilations, that her abductor is in NYC and that he is there for her. Holmes dissuades her from being part of the case but she insists that she's ready. While consulting with an inept detective on the murdered woman's case, Kitty becomes angry and shows him her scars. A lead on a brothel runner who is suspected of being the murderer, Simon de Merville, results in a raid on his brothel where a brand like the one that scarred Kitty is found, but Simon escapes. Kitty and Watson interview one of the women forced to work at the brothel. As Kitty listens to her story she identifies with her trauma. Simon's sister, Violet, is questioned and admits she helped Simon but doesn't know where he is. Kitty goes to Violet's apartment and coerces her into helping locate Simon.

S03E11-Kitty listens to Gruner

"de Merville didn't hurt me, he did."

Simon is found burned to death in a boat that used to be located in a driveway in the house beside the brothel. Gregson calls Holmes to his office and reports Violet came back to the station to complain that Kitty beat her into co-operating with the police. Gregson suspends her association with the NYPD. Kitty views Simon's body in the morgue and determines he wasn't her abductor as his fingers shown no damage as Kitty broke several of his fingers when escaping. Holmes believes she's in denial and wants her abductor to be alive. Kitty is waiting at Watson's apartment and hears her talking on the phone to her new boss Del Gruner. She asks frantically who Watson was talking to and after listening to a video of Gruner, she breaks down and identifies him as the man who abducted her.[11]

S03E12-Kitty Holmes at Scotland Yard

"He's going home tonight because of you."

In a flashback 8 months previously, Kitty is at Scotland Yard giving her unwanted input on the disappearance of a young boy, Latif. The detective she speaks to isn't interested in her insights, she walks out frustrated and meets Holmes for the first time. In present day, Holmes believes Watson was hired by Gruner to gather intel on Kitty and that he framed de Merville. In a flashback, Holmes goes to Kitty's apartment about Latif and asks if she wants his help in finding him. In present day, Kitty tells Holmes she wasn't ready to go after Gruner and is leaving for London. Later, she texts Holmes that she's landed at Heathrow but actually, she is waiting for Gruner outside his home. In a flashback, Holmes calls Kitty to Scotland Yard and she's sees that Latif has been found using some of her insights. Holmes offers to train her as a detective. In present day, Kitty is testing the "nutmeg concoction" on a piece of meat.

S03E12-Gruner and Kitty with poker

"You're going to die quite horribly."

In a flashback, Holmes teaches Kitty how to open a chain lock using an elastic. She becomes frustrated, they argue and she quits. In present day, Gruner is tied to the murder of woman who he kept alive for a year to give birth to his son. Gruner's home is searched but he isn't there. Holmes notices an elastic on the floor near a back door with a chain lock. In an abandoned warehouse, Gruner is tied to a chair while Kitty heats up an iron poker. Gruner says that he hurt the women after Kitty much worse because of her. They are interrupted by Holmes and Kitty knocks him out. She leaves to talk to Holmes who was hoping to find Gruner before she did to spare her confronting him. Holmes says that Kitty saved him in London and that whatever her decision with Gruner, he will always be her friend.

S03E12-Kitty at airport

"Do you think I did the right thing?"

Kitty returns and tells Gruner that she isn't going to kill him but that it's time to take his mask off. Gruner is found by the police with his face badly burned. In hospital as Holmes, Watson and Captain Gregson watch Gruner, Gregson indicates that he will have to go after whoever burned Gruner. Holmes' phone rings - it's Kitty calling him from the airport. She asks for Holmes' approval for what she's done and thanks him for everything. She indicates that she wants to find a career where she helps people and may call him for help. Indirectly, she says that she loves him. In a flashback 6 months previously, a crying Holmes hears a knock at his door. It's Kitty, who apologizes and wants to continue her training. He tells her to come back the next day. Holmes is strengthened and takes a pack of heroin and throws it into a fire.[12]

Season 5[]

S05E15-Kitty Holmes Watson kitchen

"What if the killer is that good?"

Kitty returns to the US at a funeral for Cy Durning, an English barrister that Holmes and she worked with. She shows Watson and Holmes that Cy and others that were involved in the pre-trial for a case they solved have all died. She suspects they were killed and that she and Holmes could be next. Kitty and Watson visit Captain Gregson to get access to Cy's file while Holmes visits the defendant in the trial, Eli Kotite. At the 11th Precinct, Kitty tells Watson she's working for a group that fights human trafficking, doesn't want to the stay at the Brownstone and leaves when she receives a text. Watson thinks they should question the ME that did the autopsy on the barrister and, tells Holmes that she's suspicious of Kitty's motives, given her mysterious behaviour.

S05E15-Watson Archie Kitty

"Between him and Margaret, I have everything I need."

After Cy is mysteriously exhumed and burned, Kitty and Watson question the ME who doesn't believe murder was the cause of death even when evidence is presented to her. Kitty is intimidating but Watson has her back down. Kitty leaves again so Watson tracks her to where she is staying and breaks in when Kitty leaves. After a struggle with an older woman, Margaret, she discovers Kitty's secret, she has a baby boy named Archie. Kitty has decided to stop being a detective so that she can be a mother and a counsellor but is afraid to tell Sherlock. Kitty and the team question the ME at the precinct but she still doesn't admit to wrong-doing. Later, she introduces her nanny Margaret and Archie to Holmes who is surprised but is interrupted by a call from Kotite who wants to meet. Before Holmes can meet him, Kotite is found dead having fallen off his balcony. As Holmes, Watson and Kitty return to the Brownstone, they find it being raided by soldiers and Holmes is placed under arrest by DIA Agent Anson Gephardt.[13]

S05E16-Holmes Gregon Kitty Watson

Looking at the Fidel Files.

After Holmes is released and tells Watson and Kitty that Gephardt is the murderer, he theorizes that Gephardt killed those at the pre-trial because something was said there that impacts national security. While waiting to speak to the head of the law firm of the barrister, Kitty tells Holmes her future plans. They discover the barrister was schizophrenic and while off his meds, he ranted at the pre-trial about a bomb in Venezuela. Kitty and Watson re-visit the law firm head and prevent him from being murdered when Kitty kicks him in the groin to avoid bullets. Later, he confesses that Gephardt's work resulted in him obtaining the "Fidel Files", a treasure trove of intelligence. He provides them with a copy of the files.

S05E16-Holmes Kitty St Marks steps

"You're family."

Gephardt posts the files on the internet while Holmes and Kitty are examining them. Kitty confronts Holmes about being frosty towards her since he learned she's giving up being a detective. However, Holmes is upset that Kitty never contacted him once in the two years she's been gone. Kitty did it to protect Holmes but he's still hurt. They discover a video in the files that Gephardt placed of a nuclear bomb program in Iran with which he hopes to start a war with Iran. Several federal agencies find Gephardt at his mother's house and he is shot twice in the shoulder. Holmes realizes from the name of a dog in the house that Gephardt made the bomb video in his mother's basement and passes this onto to NSA Agent McNally. Kitty invites Holmes and Watson to Archie's christening in which they are made Archie's godparents.[14]

Season 7[]


"You aren't happy in London."

At 221A Baker St., Kitty talks to Watson while she builds an evidence wall of Lola Quinn and Archie plays. Watson complains about DCI Athelney Jones and that she misses Gregson. Despite Kitty's chiding, Watson won't admit she wants to go back to New York and confides that she gave up adopting a child, citing the dangers of being a detective and the incident involving Michael Rowan. Holmes sends Kitty to see tabloid owner Ruby Carville. Posing as a maid of Queen, Kitty can't get information from Carville about her relationship with Lola Quinn. Kitty also tells Holmes that Watson isn't happy living in London.[15]


  • Kitty was a very good clarinet player and turned down a place at the Royal Academy of Music.[7]
  • Kitty Winter is a character in the canon Sherlock Holmes short story, The Adventure of the Illustrious Client by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is further alluded to in an episode she appears in, titled "The Illustrious Client."



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