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Please don't misunderstand me, Holmes, I...you're quite brilliant. I only wish you'd been with Lestrade the night Mary was killed. Maybe the real killer would be in prison and the inspector would still have his job.

— Lawrence, "Step Nine"

Lawrence Pendry is the socialite murderer of his wife Mary and one of the worst foes of Inspector Gareth Lestrade after Lawrence's father Warren smeared Lestrade to ruin the case against Lawrence.



Lawrence had a 3d-printer he used to craft a plastic gun, which he loaded with a bullet he used to shoot his wife dead and kill her with the bullet lodged in her brain. In only eight minutes, Lawrence disassembled the gun and ropped it in acetone in a jar to melt it, placing it in his fridge to make it look like milk, despite his lactose intolerance and Mary being vegan. The nail that was used as a firing pin was placed back on the wall above the fireplace to hang the mask it was used for. Lawrence used the ruse of a robbery, the small time frame, and a 911 call as his fake alibi. Gareth Lestrade found Lawrence suspect immediately and stressed investigating him to finger him for Mary's murder, despite no murder weapon and little window for disposal. Lawrence's father Warren, a media mogul, used his papers to publicly smear Lestrade's career for over a year before he died of a heart attack, throwing out the investigation against Lawrence.

Lawrence Pendry Plastic Gun
The missing cupboard necessity.

Season 3[]

Around one or two weeks after Warren's death, on the day of the funeral, Lestrade disrupts it while drunk by first slandering Warren in front of the crowd, then pulling a toy grenade to scare everyone into hearing his statement. He again accuses Lawrence of Mary's murder and hisses at Warren's coffin his chastizing over his life being ruined by Warren's studies. Lestrade swears to have Lawrence arrested, grumbling to Warren's body that the fight if far from over. Holmes and Watson are called to London by Scotland Yard to consult in Lestrade's capture after they finish their own case. Pendry arrives for an early update, meeting Holmes for the first time while complimenting his talents and again denying his guilt, lamenting Lestrade, who's stalking him, should've kept his job better. When Holmes finds Lestrade, he reluctantly agrees to capture Lawrence when realising the "milk" canister in the refridgerator is all wrong. Holmes and Lestrade craft a suicide note revealing Lestrade's desire to "kill" Lawrence, to gain Lawrence's agreement to search the house for "increased security" reasons. Sherlock notices the mask above the fireplace with the smoldering nail is lower than one of the others and finds the evidence, tacking the mask up before leaving, not realizing Lawrence knows they're onto him.

Lawrence Pendry Funeral
Scam interrupted by the alarm.

Lawrence Pendry Mansion
"When I tell him that I almost caught his enemy."

Holmes reconvenes with Lestrade and reveals the evidence of the murder he's found. With little to go on they have in possession, since the evidence is still at Lawrence's house, Lestrade finds Lawrence's accomplice, Nicholas Gunn, his handyman who bought the 3d printer for the gun. Lestrade and Holmes arrive at Gunn's apartment, demanding to see if he's there insistent on questionning him. When they turn on the lights, they see he's been stabbed in his heart with a kitchen knife in front of an open fridge. Holmes realizes Lawrence was eliminating evidence after the previous questioning, finding the apartment meticulously cleaned with little traces of evidence He brings Watson in to examine the scene.

Lawrence Pendry Stabbing
"I obviously riled Pendry. He decided to tie up loose ends."
Watson realizes Gunn could've phsically overpowered Lawrence and that Lawrence was right-handed, yet Gunn was killed with a left-handed stab. Holmes sees a hole in an apple ad bites into it, pulling out a shred of plastic revealing Lawrence still has a printer and made another gun. Holmes brings this to Scotland Yard for a warrant on Lawrence. Appearing at Lawrence's mansion, he knows Lawrence changed the nail but say he realized he stabbed Gunn because he printed one with a longer barrel, which exploded from the wrong specs that didn't fit the physics of firing the bullet. Lawrence stabbed with his left hand because his right was badly wounded. The warrant was to check his hand to see his marks, and they matched. Lawrence was immediately arrested for Nicholas' murder, and Lestrade, who reported to Scotland Yard, gave his thanks to Holmes, who told him to not take all the credit and relish in the fame, which is what usually got him into trouble.[1]

Lawrence Pendry Apple
Gnawing on new evidence.

Lawrence Pendry Arrest
"You can tell your solicitor."


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