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The upside was that I learned a lot about how to deal with people like him. So when I left medicine, companionship seemed like a pretty natural fit.

— Watson about Danow, "You Do It to Yourself"

Liam Danow is a drug addict who was Watson's ex-boyfriend. She met him when she was a doctor, his head was smashed when he defended a woman who was mugged. They became lovers and he turned to drugs later. She unsuccessfully tried to help him but learned much about being a sober companion in the process.


Season 1[]

At Rikers Prison, Watson meets Danow, a recovering addict. He's been arrested for a hit-and-run that he swears someone else committed with his car. He admits that he was high that night, but would have remembered. He asks Watson to help with her friend at the D.A.'s office, but she refuses. As she leaves, he asks if she treats all her ex-lovers this badly. Watson discusses Danow's case with Holmes and believes he's innocent and his car was stolen. At Rikers, Watson shows Liam the crime scene photos of his car. He apologizes for his unkind words and she asks him why he keeps repeating his past mistakes and using drugs. Liam notices that the keychain Watson gave him is gone. Later, Watson shows Liam a news article in which his car thief has been arrested which clears him of the hit-and-run. Liam is grateful, but Watson says she won't bail him out anymore. She's made an appointment at a rehab clinic and leaves it with him.[1]

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