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Pretty sure that's a Yun family trait. Not knowing when to quit.

— Lin to Joan, "Art Imitates Art"

Lin Wen is the half sister of Joan Watson and Oren Watson. She works in real estate and decided to seek Joan out when her life was endangered. She pretended to know Mycroft Holmes and claimed to be in a relationship with him.


Season 4[]

Lin presents herself as a victim of a robbery at a poker game she was hosting and claims she heard of Holmes and Watson via Mycroft. She was framed as the robber and grazed by a gunshot. She begs Holmes and Watson not to go to the police and to protect her. After Watson sews her arm, Lin claims that Mycroft was her lover at the same time Watson was. Watson chastises Wen for using a phone to call her mother and insists they have to go to the police station as the lookout at her poker game was found murdered. After arranging a plea bargain, Wen co-operates with the police and gives information on a video that was found of the poker game.

S04E19-Watson Lin Wen
A murder changes things.
While reviewing the video, Lin inquires about Watson's personal life and posits that they were both with Mycroft at the same time. On the laptop, Agent McNally interrupts, warns them to stop investigating and erases the laptop's contents. Holmes and Watson continue investigating and discover the game was robbed by Turkish spies. Lin is tired of waiting and leaves the Brownstone against Watson's advice. Watson confronts Lin at a condo she is showing and Lin confesses she didn't know Mycroft. Through social media, Watson found Lin's mother's postings and states that Lin is her half sister.[1]

Lin Wen
Admit you're my half sister.
Walking outside the condo, Lin admits she's known Watson was her half-sister for two years. Lin's mother came to the US in 1980, became pregnant with her until her father became schizophrenic and left. Lin only came to Joan because she was desperate for help and doesn't want to see her again. After Joan calls Lin's mother, Lin shows up at the 11th precinct. She angrily lies that her father came back five years after he left, that he hated Watson's family and to leave her and her mother alone. Later, Lin shows up at the Brownstone and apologizes to Watson, admits that she lied about her father and that it's OK for Watson to call her Mom. Watson meets Lin later and says her Mom invited Watson for tea but Watson wants to wait until Lin and her can see her Mom together.[2]

S04E20-Lin apologizes
I came to apologize.

Season 5[]

Lin vouches for Shinwell and gets him an apartment.[3] While eating with Joan and Clyde at the Brownstone, Lin mentions that she saw Shinwell outside his apartment with a questionable person. Joan believes this may be a parole violation and has Lin come to the station to identify the person. Joan questions the person, "Tall Boy", who tells Joan that it was Shinwell's idea to meet.[4]

S05E07-Lin Wen
What's your sister doing here?

Season 6[]

Joan and Lin meet at the funeral of their biological father and make plans to have lunch together. The next day, Joan meets Lin who can't stay and eat as she has to work. She gives Joan a letter in a sealed envelope that their father wrote with Joan's name on it. Lin is disappointed that his father didn't leave her anything. Joan throws the letter away, fearing that it would contain hurtful ramblings as her father suffered from schizophrenia. Holmes gets it from the trash and says the clues as to how the letter was written indicate he was lucid when he wrote it and it could solve a big mystery in Joan's life. Later, Joan meets Lin at their father's grave and tells her the letter is about Lin, saying wonderful things about her to Joan. Joan believes that their father wanted them to meet and be sisters.[5]

S06E02-Joan Lin hug by grave
He remembered you.
Lin drops by the Brownstone and discovers Joan working on the murder of her past therapist Dr. Candace Reed. She tells Lin that she looked at Reed's file on her and that Reed thought she'd be a good mother. Reading this makes Watson realize she might have missed out on something. This troubles Watson but with Lin's help, she's able to see that many conclusions could be drawn from examining her strengths. Watson decides to explore adoption.[6]

S06E04-Watson and Lin
I don't care what you saw in that file.


  • She lives at 849 Broome Street, apartment 2D in Manhattan.
  • After Sherlock receives an expensive condo from his father Morland, Watson suggests that Lin sell it and plans a dinner with her and Detective Bell, hoping they will date.[7]
  • Lin refers Derek Clay to Joan in order to find Mara Rodriquez.[8]



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