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This is a list of songs that have been featured in Elementary.

Episode Title Song Artist Notes
1 Pilot "Young Blood" The Naked and Famous Watson wakes up and goes running.
"Watching the Detectives" Elvis Costello Lucy Liu starred in the 2007 film Watching the Detectives. It was Jonny Lee Miller's idea to use it.
2 While You Were Sleeping "Only Games Ft. Aoka" Castlebed At the bar where Watson meets her ex-boyfriend Ty Morstan.
"Bloodline" James Mathé At episode end.
"Partita No. 2 in D Minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1004" Conrad von der Goltz Played on violin by Sherlock Holmes.
3 Child Predator "Outta My System" My Morning Jacket At episode end.
4 Rat Race "The Silver Lining" Gold Leaves At episode end.
5 Lesser Evils "Travelin' On" Norah Jones At episode end.
6 Flight Risk "Screen" Brad At episode end.
7 One Way to Get Off "Feather On the Clyde" Passenger At episode end.
8 The Long Fuse "Money for the Weekend (Pocket Full of Shame)" Alberta Cross At episode beginning.
"Calm the Storm" Graffiti6 At episode end.
9 You Do It to Yourself "The Long Haul" Black English At episode end.
10 The Leviathan "Medicate or Stimulate" Minutes til Midnight At episode beginning.
"Of Foreign Lands and People" Robert Schumann Sherlock plays piano.
"Symphony No.9" Ludwig van Beethoven Holmes is listening while lying on the couch.
"Shine a Light" The Rolling Stones At episode end.
11 Dirty Laundry "Arise, Awake" Paul Banks At episode end.
12 M. "Me and the Devil" Gil Scott Heron At episode end.
13 The Red Team "Broken" Jake Bugg At episode end.
14 The Deductionist "Bom Bom" Sam and the Womp At the episode beginning as the two strippers entice Holmes.
"Hand of Doom" Black Sabbath Howard Ennis arrives at the hospital.
"Square Circles" ft. Matisyahu Moon Taxi At episode end.
15 A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs "Forty Five" Bootstraps At episode end.
16 Details "No Man Is an Island" Losers Holmes does a ballistic test by shooting into his practice dummy Bob.
"Exit for Sale (Losers Theme)" Dr. Dog At episode end.
17 Possibility Two "La vieille chanteuse" Claire Diterzi Holmes tries to figure out the molecule model.
"Prelude In B Minor, Op. 28, No. 6" Frédéric Chopin Played on the piano by Mrs. Dunwoody.
"New Alphabet" Eels At episode end.

Déjà Vu All Over Again

"24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op. 1: Caprice in C Major, Op. 1, No. 11" Niccolò Paganini At episode beginning.
"Line of Fire" Junip At episode end.
19 Snow Angels "Penny" Hanni El Khatib At episode end.
20 Dead Man's Switch "Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude" J.S. Bach Holmes and Watson arrive at Ken Whitman's, Alfredo's sponsor.
"Two Trains" Yo La Tengo At episode end.
21 A Landmark Story "Singin' the Blues" Bix Beiderbecke Holmes burns a doll in the fireplace.
22 Risk Management "Overture to Don Giovanni" Mozart At episode end as Holmes and Watson find Irene.
24 Heroine "Start Anew" Beady Eye At episode end.

Episode Title Song Artist Notes
1 Step Nine "Hello" Oasis Holmes and Watson ride a cab to New Scotland Yard.
"The Sun Never Shines on Closed Doors" Flogging Molly Sherlock surprises Lestrade at the John Harrington Pub.
"Follow Follow" Tunng At episode end.
2 Solve for X "Lightning Rod" Eric Doherty Watson meets Joey Castoro at the Court Square Diner.
3 We Are Everyone "The Load" Barbarossa Holmes reads a letter from Moriarty.
4 Poison Pen "Sleepwaker" Battletapes In the Pleasure Parlor.
"State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)" Jim James At episode end.
6 An Unnatural Arrangement "Heal" Tom ODell At episode end as Captain Gregson brings a dog to his wife Cheryl.
7 The Marchioness "Ante Up" Ages and Ages At episode end.
8 Blood Is Thicker "Unofferable" Half Moon Run At episode end.
9 On the Line "Time Is On My Side" The Rolling Stones As Captain Gregson talks to Coventry at a bar.
11 Internal Audit "Bad Boys" Inner Circle Holmes' ringtone for Alfredo.
12 The Diabolical Kind "The Crooked Kind" Radical Face Holmes helps bring Moriarty out of a building.
13 All in the Family "On the Other Side" The Rocketboys At episode end.
14 Dead Clade Walking "The Marriage of Figaro (Overture)" Mozart As Watson discovers Gay asleep on the library couch.
"Better Now" The Vespers At episode end.
15 Corpse de Ballet "Violin konzert Op 77, I. Allegro Non Troppo" Brahms The ballet dancers begin their rehearsal until the severed body drops onto the stage.
16 The One Percent Solution "Bad Day" Daniel Powter Holmes' and Watson's ringtone for Lestrade.
17 Ears to You "Bad Day" Daniel Powter Holmes' and Watson's ringtone for Lestrade.
"Confidence" The Dodos At episode end.
18 The Hound of the Cancer Cells "Walking With the Beast" Primal Scream At episode end.
19 The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville "Rudie Can't Fail" The Clash Dr. Fleming prepares to do an autopsy to an audience of medical students.
"Break the Walls" Fitz & the Tantrums On Watson's headphones as she makes a salad.
"Leave It Alone" Broken Bells At episode end.
20 No Lack of Void "Wrapped In My Memory" Shawn Smith At episode end.
21 The Man With the Twisted Lip "Never Be That Tough" Simone White Sherlock listens to Paige Dahl's music on the couch.
23 Art in the Blood "Escape Artist" Zoe Keating Sherlock dusts the mould jar for Mycroft's fingerprints.

Episode Title Song Artist Notes
1 Enough Nemesis To Go Around "Monsters" Angus Powell At episode end.
2 The Five Orange Pipz "Weatherman" Dead Sara Kitty paints a dresser in her bedroom.
"Everytime the Sun Comes Up" Sharon Van Etten At episode end.
3 Just a Regular Irregular "I'll Be Fine" The Sheds Harland solves Belpheger's prime equation on his blackboard.
4 Bella "Captive Bolt Pistol" Carcass In the 11th Precinct meeting room as Holmes listens to one of Edwin Borstein's CDs for clues.
"Baring Teeth for Revolt" Goatwhore Second song Holmes plays on the CD.
"Absorbing Black Ignition" Artificial Brain In the Brownstone as Holmes continues to listen to Borstein's CD.
"Exurgency" Zoe Keating Holmes tries to blackmail Isaac Pyke and continues to play as Watson surprises Andrew by joining him for his trip to Denmark and, Holmes questions Bella.
5 Rip Off "Time Is Dancing" Ben Howard Holmes tells Kitty that he's ripping up the NDA he made her sign and encourages her to keep a memoir of their work.
6 Terra Pericolosa "Losers Baby" Brett Detar At episode end.
7 The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction "Titus Andronicus" Titus Andronicus In Kitty's room as Holmes comes in to congratulate her on her work.
"Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68, "Pastoral": I. Allegro ma non troppo" Beethoven Kitty changes the CD from the above song to this one.
8 End of Watch "Iron Sky" Paolo Nutini Niko Buros is led by Detective Bell through the cordon of police officers.
9 The Eternity Injection "Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: I. Prelude" Bach Watson discovers Holmes on the floor contemplating eternity.
11 The Illustrious Client "Gonna Get Stung" Spooky Halloween Players Holmes listens to bee sounds.
12 The One That Got Away "Run Me Out" Zola Jesus Kitty returns to complete her training with Holmes.
15 When Your Number's Up "Cat and the Dog Trap" Yusuf (Cat Stevens) Watson tells Holmes that she's claiming the basement as her work space.
16 For All You Know "Dark Hopes" Barbarossa Holmes tells Oscar that he's reserved a spot for him at Hemdale.
17 T-Bone and the Iceman "Let's Rock" Qulinez Allie Newmeyer drives her SUV and crashes it into a van.
"Animals" Maroon 5 At the ice rink as Holmes and Watson wait for the rink manager.
"Northern Sky" Nick Drake Holmes tells Watson how he persuaded her mother Mary to submit to a doctor appointment.
18 The View From Olympus "Lampshades On Fire" Modest Mouse In Galen's car as he is rear-ended.
"Live Forever" Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors Holmes tells Agatha why he won't impregnate her.
19 One Watson, One Holmes "I.O.U." Fol Chen Holmes watches Clyde's reaction to music and figures out the identity of Sucking Chest Wound.
22 The Best Way Out Is Always Through "Way She Moves" Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts At the bar where Marcus confronts Shauna.
24 A Controlled Descent "Leaves Like Grass" Woods In the diner where Holmes meets Oscar and listens to his demands.
"Beekeeper" Keaton Hensen Holmes grabs the heroin kit and walks into the tunnel.

Episode Title Song Artist Notes
1 The Past Is Parent "Boleron" El Sol Caracol Watson questions the restaurant manager.
"Family and Genus" Shakey Graves Sherlock meets Morland on the rooftop of the Brownstone.
2 Evidence of Things Not Seen "William Tell Overture" Gioachino Rossini As Ollie Tate watches a montage of videos.
3 Tag, You're Me "John Brown's Body" Traditional Holmes wakes Watson with the official fraternity song of Kappa Rho Pi, Oriskany Falls University Chapter.
4 All My Exes Live in Essex "Hello Bonjour" Michael Franti & Spearhead As Holmes and Watson test themselves getting out of handcuffs and Watson's phone rings.
"Friday" Rebecca Black Holmes watches hospital surveillance videos.
"Distance" Elijah Newman Watson ices her hand after her boxing match with Detective Cortes and Holmes makes a poultice for her swollen eye.
5 The Games Underfoot "Religion" Howard (US) At episode end.
6 The Cost of Doing Business "Little Green Apples" O.C. Smith On Ethan Paris' head phones as he walks into sniper fire.
7 Miss Taken "All We Do" Oh Wonder At episode end.
8 A Burden of Blood "Sound & Color" Alabama Shakes Holmes gives Detective Bell a cheque made out to Bell's mother as the bounty for catching Rollo Bastain.
9 Murder Ex Machina "Take Me Away" Zero 7 Sherlock and Bell arrive at the strip club "Obsess NYC".
11 Down Where the Dead Delight "Coal Miner's Daughter" Amy Rutberg and Jordan Gelber Sung by Nicole Slater and Dr. Eugene Hawes before the bomb explodes in the Morgue.
"Glory Glory" Rose Windows Holmes and Watson wait at the roller derby rink to speak to a member of the "Bombastic Brooklyn Bettys."
12 A View with a Room "Spiders" Night Riots Watson meets Fiona at a café.
"Leave" Luke Morris Watson meets Fiona again to give her an assessment on Fiona's new boss.
"Nightstand Drawer" Heather Maloney Sherlock goes to Fiona's apartment and she tells him what it would be like to date her.
13 A Study in Charlotte "Leave Me Alone" Fidler In Charlotte Koenig's house as Holmes and Watson enter and find her dead and covered in mushrooms.
"Could Be Home" Johnny Ashby Watson enters Trent Garby's florist shop to inform him that the fire in his Brownstone was arson and that Holmes and Watson would like him back as a neighbour and will pay for soundproofing.
15 Up to Heaven and Down to Hell "Prima che il vento" La Metralli Gregson and Paige are on a date eating gelato and Watson runs into them.
"On the Other Side" Phillip LaRue Gregson waits in a café with Watson for Paige to return to the bookstore she works at.
16 Hounded "Stories" Big Little Lions Dr. Hawes stops by the Brownstone and tells Holmes he's taking medical leave to deal with the PTSD he's experiencing since the explosion in the Morgue.
17 You've Got Me, Who's Got You? "Back Home" Daniel Spaleniak At episode end as Watson blackmails Emil Kurtz.
18 Ready or Not "Aerial Ocean" The Pines At episode end as Sherlock explains to Fiona why he's being careful with her and she bluntly proposes they have sex.
19 All In "E-Pro" Beck Used by Sherlock to drown out any conversation as the NSA may be listening in as he speaks to Watson and Lin Wen.
"Pis Pisla" Nilgul Holmes and Watson question the two Turkish spies Murat and Vural Celik in their shop.
20 Art Imitates Art "Physical" St. Lucia On Phoebe Elliot's head phones moments before she is shot from a car.
"Build Me Up Buttercup" The Foundations Plays from the car that is used to shoot Phoebe.
"In the Light" The Lumineers At episode end as Watson tells Lin Wen that her mother called her and invited Watson to tea.
21 Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing "Exurgency" Zoe Keating Sherlock finds Butch Callahan's camera in a dumpster.
"Ofai Tere" Claudine Sherlock views the evidence wall of Jared Talt.
22 Turn It Upside Down "Turn the Beat Around" Vicki Sue Robinson Sherlock takes the DANTE survey.
23 The Invisible Hand "Concerto for Organ and Orchestra No. 13 in F Major, Op. 4 "The Cuckoo and the Nightingale"" Handel At Allison Pitzker's funeral as Sherlock meets Joshua Vikner.
24 A Difference in Kind "Hello Night" Zoe Keating Morland speaks to one of his security men while on the balcony and later as he shaves and accepts an offer on the phone.
"Again" Lee Dewyze At episode end as Sherlock and Watson visit Morland's penthouse, he tells her that he owns it now and thinks she should move in.

Episode Title Song Artist Notes
1 Folie a Deux "The War" SYML At episode end.
2 Worth Several Cities "Paper Moon" Miner At episode end as Shinwell watches his daughter Chivonne and tells Watson that it's not the right time to meet her.
3 Render, and Then Seize Her "Higher Love" Steve Winwood Kenneth Tolan records a kidnapping on his phone and is shot.
"Gimme Some Lovin'" Steve Winwood Holmes wakes Watson by playing this on his violin.
"Higher Love" James Vincent McMorrow At episode end as as Holmes tells Captain Gregson that he's convinced Paige to marry Gregson.
4 Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling "Frankenstein" The Edgar Winter Group Watson and Detective Bell question a waitress in a diner frequented by Russell Cole.
"Side by Side" Draxculas At episode end as Captain Gregson gives a speech congratulating the Major Cases unit on their citation.
6 Ill Tidings "Someone Has Always Got Someone" Brendan Losch At episode end as Holmes recites Watson's quote before accepting the video chat with Fiona.
7 Bang Bang Shoot Chute "Someone Has Always Got Someone" The Bones of J.R. Jones At episode end as Shinwell tells Watson to leave him alone and get out of his apartment.
8 How the Sausage Is Made "The State of Mind" Caveman At episode end.
9 It Serves You Right to Suffer "Weight" Lee Dewyze At episode end.
10 Pick Your Poison "Bones of Man" Equador At episode end.
11 Be My Guest "Quando Quando Quando" Engelbert Humperdinck At episode beginning as Preeda prepares cereal for Ryan Decker.
"People Are Human" Layup At episode end.
12 Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown "No Trip" Natural Child Marcus waits at a bar for Chantal and then is accosted by Roy Booker.
"Bloodline" Mark Lanegan Marcus confronts Booker about being at the bar and blackmails him to leave Chantal and him alone.
13 Over a Barrel "Updraught" Zoe Keating Holmes and Watson enter the diner where Jack Brunelle is holding twenty hostages.
"Con la Ultima Balla" Qbanito Holmes and Bell meet with Maynor Palacio, leader of the Santo Matón gang.
"Tropics (Erase Traces)" My Morning Jacket At episode end as Watson shaves Holmes' head in order to pay his debt to Everyone.
14 Rekt in Real Life "You and Everyone Else" The Rocketboys At episode beginning.
"Baring Teeth for Revolt" Goatwhore Watson tries to stay awake while scanning through social pictures posted by Tendu.
"I Was Guilty" Power Steering At episode end.
16 Fidelity "One Thing Leads to Another" The Fixx The melody done by electronic barking dogs plays as part of "Sherlock's Surveillance Defeating Mix."
"Whatever Wherever" Band of Horses At episode end as Kitty leads Holmes into St. Marks church for Archie's christening with Watson and Margaret.
17 The Ballad of Lady Frances "Body Fit" Mylos Episode beginning as Holmes and Shinwell "chess box."
"It's So Hard" The Frost Cosmo takes the Lady Frances out of the guitar case and talks to his killer.
19 High Heat "Nothing but a Fight" The Palace Steps At episode end as Holmes shows Watson that NYOOPI has been renamed ESOOPI, that all members have to take a test of his own design and that she'll be the first to take the test.
20 The Art of Sleights and Deception "Adore" Amy Shark Marcus enters Chantal's apartment and finds her unconscious and beaten on the floor.
21 Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing "Light the Way" River Matthews At episode end.
22 Moving Targets "Cross My Mind" Allie Mobster Phil Righetti is questioned in "The Glitter House" strip club.
"Love & Hate" Michael Kiwanuka At episode end as Watson finds Shinwell dead in his apartment.
23 Scrambled "Low" Bonfire Nights At episode end as Holmes talks to May.
24 Hurt Me, Hurt You "Stove Top" Dave East Holmes rides in a car and meets with Halcon.
"Griptide" Barbarossa At episode end as Holmes waits in a doctor's office and his imagined mother May visits him.

Episode Title Song Artist Notes
1 An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains "Some Beast Will Find You by Name" Adam Torres At episode end as Holmes calls Michael to meet while Michael is burying a body.
2 Once You've Ruled Out God "These Memories" Hollow Coves At episode end as Watson meets Lin at their biological father's grave and tells her about the letter he wrote her.
3 Pushing Buttons "Omen" Justin Halpin At episode end as Michael asks Holmes to find Polly Kenner.
4 Our Time Is Up "All I Ever Wanted" Aquilo At episode end as Watson makes an appointment with an adoption attorney.
6 Give Me the Finger "Hate Street Dialogue" Sixto Rodriquez At episode end as Michael sits in his car outside Hannah's home. He hears her scream upon finding her roommate Maddie dead and then drives off.
7 Sober Companions "Shrug Life" Benny Boy In the jewelry store as Watson and Bell search for purchasers of earrings found on Maddie Williams.
"Nervous Disintegration" Bastien Balders Holmes enters the club to buy heroin.
"Hallelujah" Reuben Dark At episode end as Michael talks on the phone with Holmes.
8 Sand Trap "Troubadour" Scars on 45 Watson has breakfast with Kelsey.
9 Nobody Lives Forever "Wild Wind" The Wilderness of Manitoba At episode end as Sherlock tells Joan that Mycroft is dead.
12 Meet Your Maker "Sticking Around" Nik Ammar, Mike Reed Holmes and Watson arrive at the Makermagic Fest.
"Revolving Door" Tim Fagan At episode end as Detective Bell tells Holmes that he put in his application for the US Marshals.
13 Breathe "Plans" With Lions At episode end as Holmes discusses what Watson's child will call him.
14 Through the Fog "Only Time" Enya At the episode beginning as Holmes and Watson file Clyde's claws.
"Hold On" Wildwood Kin At episode end as Joan and Mary discuss care for Mary's Alzheimer's.
16 Uncanny Valley of the Dolls "Ring My Bell" Anita Ward Gwen Haeny's ringtone and plays at episode end.
17 The Worms Crawl in, the Worms Crawl Out "Unnatural" Bonhom At episode end as Holmes realizes Michael Rowan arranged the theft of his medical records.
18 The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz "Town Called Malice" The Jam At the episode beginning as Holmes practices conducting an orchestra.
"Sinking Sun" Mt Warning At episode end.
19 The Geek Interpreter "All In All" Tim Hart At episode end as Holmes asks Athena out.
20 Fit to be Tied "Private Eyes" Hall & Oates Sung by the singing telegram man who brings Watson balloons from Everyone.
"The Killhersong" Wieb Zigtema At episode end as Holmes receives a call from Gregson that Michael is dead and Watson is the chief suspect.
20 Whatever Remains, However Improbable "It's Only Love Doing Its Thing" Barry White Plays as Watson shows Holmes' bees on-line for Everyone.
"This Is the One" The Stones Roses At episode end as Holmes and Watson have set up practice in London.

Episode Title Song Artist Notes
1 The Further Adventures "Wilderness" The Doppler Shift At episode end as Holmes and Watson hear from Detective Bell that Captain Gregson has been shot.
2 Gutshot "99" Elliot Moss At episode end as Holmes turns himself into the FBI.
3 The Price of Admission "Ertra, Ertra, Ertra" National Anthem Holmes wakes Watson by playing the national anthem of Eritrea.
4 Red Light, Green Light "Perfect People" The Walls Group Plays as Jarius Jackson's truck is run into by a van.
"Bad Feeling" Reuben and the Dark At episode end as Patrick Meers meets Holly in prison.
7 From Russia with Drugs "Find a Home" Chase McBride At episode end as Detective Novacek tells Gregson she reported Captain Dwyer for sexual harassment.
8 Miss Understood "Places" Portair At episode end as Holmes helps Cassie find her identity.
9 On the Scent "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" Steely Dan Plays as Caroline Gibbs hears her dogs barking.
"Change" Daniel Spaleniak At episode end as Odin Reichenbach talks to Antonia in a limo.
10 The Latest Model "Rocksteady" The Bloody Beetroots Plays as Holmes wakes Watson.
"Skull & Bones" A.A. Bondy At episode end as Odin tells Holmes and Watson that Wesley Conrad killed his parents and then himself.
13 Their Last Bow "Optimist" Zoë Keating As Holmes talks to Agent McNally at the cemetery and then as he returns to the Brownstone.