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Your're such a strange man.

— Bunsch to Holmes, "On the Line"

Lucas Bundsch is a serial killer. He owns a recording studio in Tribeca.


Season 2[]

Holmes and Watson investigate a suicide by Samantha Wabash staged to look like a murder. Before she shot herself, she dialed 911 and said Bundsch was about to kill her. Samantha's sister was abducted and killed six years before hand but Bundsch was never arrested. Bundsch passes a polygraph but the more Holmes looks into him, the more he is convinced Bundsch is guilty. Bundsch toys with Holmes and Watson, giving them false leads until Holmes confronts and punches him. A restraining order is placed on Holmes tempting him to frame Bundsch which Watson prevents. Holmes deduces that Bunsch keeps his victims in a secret room in his recording studio, two victims are rescued and Bundsch is arrested.[1]

S02E09-Bundsch green
He had deodorant on his hands.

S02E09-Holmes punches Bunsch
I'm an angry man thanks to you.


  1. Season 2, episode 9: "On the Line"