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I'm sorry Morland. I'm very sorry.

Lukas Muller is an Interpol Agent who assists Morland Holmes without his superior's knowledge.


Season 4[]

Muller secretly provides Morland with critical information. This allows Sherlock Holmes to identify the hirer of a sniper, a partner of Dynastic Energy. Morland has an ulterior motive as he wanted the partner removed. Agent Muller flies to NYC and blackmails Morland to which he responds with a threat that terrifies Muller and sends him away apologizing.[1] Sherlock tries calling Muller to find out more about the attempt on Morland's life but Muller won't return his calls. When Muller visits NYC, Sherlock surprises him in his hotel elevator and is puzzled when Muller won't tell him anything and is scared of Sherlock.[2]

S04E06-Muller on screen
Nobody here at Interpol knows what I've done.

S04E10-Muller Holmes
Please leave me alone.


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