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You kill me now, and you'll be killing the best clue you ever had.

— Moran to Holmes

M. is the twelfth episode of Elementary's first season and the 12th episode overall.


Holmes is reunited with "M.", a British criminal who appears to have followed him to New York. Meanwhile, Watson has reservations about leaving Holmes and taking on a new client.


A tall, burly man is watching an Arsenal soccer match as he assembles a tripod device. Once done, he pulls a bound and gagged man to the tripod, hangs him upside down on it and cuts his throat. At the Brownstone, Watson comes downstairs to see Holmes has been brought his beehives down from the roof. He states that he's considering converting her bedroom to an apiary since she's leaving. She says they need to find time to review their time together, but are interrupted by a call from Captain Gregson. At the murder scene, Gregson says the apartment belongs to Ian Vickers, an accountant. A large pool of blood is in his living room but his body is missing. Holmes describes how Vickers was killed and that he knows this as he unsuccessfully investigated a series of murders with the same MO in London.

S01E12-Holmes briefing on M

"Do not be fooled."

Holmes briefs an NYPD task force, explaining that "M" has killed thirty-six other victims, of varying ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. There's no pattern to the killings, making it impossible to make predictions. The MO is the same as Vickers' killing and the bodies are dumped in the ocean where, some were recovered. The killings happen in bunches and M leaves a note at each scene. Holmes provides his files for the task force. In a meeting room, Watson finds Holmes oddly chipper given the circumstances. He explains that his drug use in London rendered him useless in the investigation but now he has a second chance. Gregson asks Holmes if he thinks it a coincidence that M has shown up in NYC since Holmes started living there. Holmes isn't concerned but Gregson assigns police to protect him and Watson. As Watson leaves for an appointment, Holmes approves as he's going to have to learn to work by himself again.

Watson meets her therapist, Dr. Candace Reed, who is concerned that Watson is having trouble moving on from Holmes. Watson admits that she finds his work fascinating and will miss their time together. Her therapist reminds her that, short of Holmes relapsing, she will have to move on. In an upscale New York hotel suite, a young woman showers and dresses, while M approaches her from behind. A prostitute, he pays her and rebuffs her attempts to stay. He watches another Arsenal soccer match while she leaves and then he receives a coded message on his phone. He begins to create a message from a set of cut-out letters. Watson meets Holmes at the Morgue, to examine Ian Vickers' body which has been recovered from the sea. As they converse, Watson admits that she will miss working with him. They return to the Brownstone where Holmes discovers one of M's letters taped to their computer.

Gregson examines the letter while Holmes explains that M slipped past the assigned police by picking the lock on the back door. Holmes refuses re-location to a safe house and Watson says she'll stay too. The police leave and Watson sees Holmes looking at one of Morland's properties which he says he's considering moving to. After Watson goes to bed, Holmes removes a book from a shelf and opens it to reveal a hidden camera. He views the footage and gets a clear picture of M. The next day, as M is staking out a woman, a street hustler, Teddy, offers to sell him some stolen goods. M rudely shoves him away, but loses sight of the woman he was tracking. Teddy appears at the Brownstone and is let in by Watson as Holmes is out. After asking Watson if she's a hooker, he explains that a while back, Holmes caught him and a friend pick-pocketing but inside of turning them in, he recruited them to perform small jobs for him. Teddy shows Watson M's photo and says he's there to report what he's seen and get paid.

S01E12-Watson Holmes argue

"There's a clarity to my thinking that's frightening."

Watson looks at the photo and finds the hidden camera. That evening, when Holmes returns home, Watson angrily confronts him. Besides the invasion of privacy she can't believe he has youths like Teddy tracking a serial killer. Holmes explains that when examining the letter, he smelt soap and shampoo used by only one chain of New York hotels. He, Teddy and others each took one of the hotels until M was found. Why he didn't involve the police is that he intends to capture and kill M. He opens up about Irene and what she meant to him. He also explains that M killed Irene and after he couldn't catch him, M was the reason for his copious drug use. Watson appeals to Holmes to not pursue vengeance, without success. He warns her not to follow him, but she says that as soon as he leaves, she'll go to Gregson. He's not dissuaded and leaves. Holmes corners Teddy at his home's dumpster and offers him cash in exchange for Teddy's info on M.

In her home, the woman M was tracking, Melanie Cullen, is watching TV when her dog growls and runs to the door. She finds her dog eating a wiener, notices her door ajar and when she turns for the phone, she's attacked from behind by M and dragged off. At the precinct, Gregson is furious at Watson's news. Watson shares what Holmes has deduced about M but that he's not likely at his hotel as Holmes may have already abducted him. At Cullen's, M is preparing his tripod device and watching another Arsenal game while Cullen struggles, bound and gagged on the floor. Holmes appears, sneers at M and his favorite team and then knocks him unconscious with a telescopic baton. M regains consciousness in handcuffs, strung up by his wrists against a scaffolding in an empty loft. He sees Holmes preparing his tools, is surprised Holmes would go beyond the law and asks what Holmes has against him. Holmes mentions Irene but M has difficulty remembering her. When he does, he says he didn't kill her.

003 M

"I'd hate for our fun to be over too soon."

M claims, he was in prison in Brixton Prison for six months when Irene was killed. He was surprised when he saw on the news a killing that followed his MO. He asks if Irene and Holmes were together but Holmes says M is lying to avoid death. M is defiant so Holmes punches him in the stomach. Gregson and Watson interview Melanie Cullen at the hospital where she describes what happened and that a man rescued her. She never saw her rescuer's face, but noticed his shoes had chalk dust on them. Watson remembers Morland's property that Holmes said he was considering moving to was being renovated. Holmes must have been there earlier, preparing it for M. At the loft, Holmes has been punching M. M wonders how Holmes got to NYC so quickly as he thought he was still in London. When Holmes mentions the letter left at the Brownstone, M is confused as he didn't know it was Holmes' place.

Still confused, M insists he's an assassin with an employer. Holmes still doesn't believe him so M tells Holmes to look at his phone for the messages from his employer. He also says his name is Sebastian Moran and to look up the news articles about his imprisonment. The messages are encoded but as Moran persists, Holmes find the news article proving he was in jail when Irene was killed. Moran insists that his employer is the one who killed Irene, not him. He appeals to Holmes that they've both been tricked and mentions his employer's name, Moriarty. Bell and Gregson have found Morland's property's address and close in. M sees he's been betrayed by Moriarty and swears to get even. He admits to all the other killings but not Irene's. In a fury, Holmes seizes a spike from his table and holds it to Moran's temple. Moran is resolute and warns Holmes that if he kills him, he'll be losing the best clue he has to who really killed Irene. Holmes lowers the spike and then stabs it into Moran's stomach.

Gregson and an ESU team storm into the loft but find it empty. Gregson gets a call from Bell that Holmes just brought M to the precinct. Under interrogation, Moran stubbornly insists that Holmes did not abduct him. He lured Holmes to Cullen's who then followed him to the loft, where Moran attacked him. Holmes stabbed Moran in self-defense though by some miracle, he missed every major organ. Watson watches the interrogation and leaves to be with a shaken Holmes who is in Gregson's office.

S01E12-Holmes w Moriarty card

"He's the one that killed your precious Irene."

She knows Moran is lying and that it would be impossible to inflict his stomach wound in a struggle. Holmes explains that Moran believes that Holmes is the best chance of bringing Moran's employer to account for selling him out. He also tells Watson that Moran didn't kill Irene. Gently, Holmes apologizes for lying to Watson and that he's going to miss working with her. Watson calls Morland's office and leaves a message that she'd like to stay his sober companion longer. The next morning, Watson receives a text refusing to extend her contract but she lies to Holmes that she has been extended. Holmes takes down his evidence wall and replaces it with one word, Moriarty.


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I'm rarely conflicted about the decisions I make. That's the beauty of deductive reasoning, I suppose. It makes a science of almost everything. Not this.

— Holmes to Watson


  • First mention of Moriarty, first time Captain Gregson visits the Brownstone and the first time one of Holmes' Irregulars, Teddy, is seen.
  • Holmes begins to wear his "uniform" from this episode forward consisting of collared shirts buttoned up and a pea coat with a button on the lapel.
  • The character of Sebastian Moran is based on a character of the same name from the original Holmes canon.
  • Vinny Jones, the actor who plays Sebastian Moran did play English football at the highest level for several teams including Chelsea and Wimbledon, but not for Arsenal.
  • Holmes quotes the work of statistician William Winwood Reade to Moran. The original Sherlock Holmes likewise quoted Reade's work to Dr. John Watson in Arthur Conan Doyle's novel The Sign of Four.