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Maybe I think you should know the truth before we give you back to him.

— Marchef about Mycroft, "Paint It Black"

Marchef is a lieutenant in the French crime organization "Le Milieu".


Season 2[]

As Sherlock meets with Mycroft at Diogenes to demand that he stop pursuing a relationship with Joan Watson, Sherlock notices a member of Le Milieu at a table receiving a package and indicates that the same man was at the same table when he visited Diogenes a month previously. Sherlock tells Watson that the man, de Soto, is a high-ranking man in "Le Milieu" and that Mycroft is either ignorant or complicit in their dealings. Later as Watson visits Diogenes to talk about dating Mycroft, she notices de Soto and Marchef at their table. She discretely takes a picture of them. Watson finds a BOLO sketch of Marchef who was seen at a massacre and intends to warn Mycroft. Watson goes to Diogenes to find Mycroft and sees de Soto give an envelope to Marchef. She can't find Mycroft and follows Marchef outside to an alley. Marchef puts the envelope in a motorcycle carrying case and enters a building. Watson opens the case and discovers a photo of her. Marchef surprises her from behind, knocks her out with chloroform and kidnaps her in a van.[1]

S02E21-Marchef BOLO
Le Milieu was involved.
Watson wakes in a hideout where Marchef tells her that Mycroft is doing a job for Le Milieu in exchange for her freedom. Marchef's cousin, Jam, is brought in with a gun shot wound to the abdomen. Watson removes the bullet but warns Marchef that Jam needs to go to a hospital. Marchef indicates that despite Watson helping Jam, if Mycroft doesn't come through, he will still kill her. As Jam's condition worsens, Marchef tells Watson that it was Mycroft's idea to work with Le Milieu and when Watson insists Jam will die without medical treatment, Marchef shoots his cousin.

S02E22-Watson Jam Marchef
Take him to a hospital.
He then informs Watson that Mycroft and Sherlock completed the job and the exchange for her will proceed. Le Milieu meet with Mycroft who provides them with the list. Despite this, de Soto orders Mycroft and Watson's execution. After de Soto leaves, Mycroft unsuccessfully asks Marchef if he can do anything to stop the execution. He then asks for last words and when Marchef grants this, Mycroft says "paint it black". An MI6 team kills Marchef and the rest of Le Milieu present and moves in to secure the area.[2]

S02E22-Marchef gun at Mycroft


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