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I might be this extraordinary detective, but you are an extraordinary man. And that's a far more precious thing.

— Holmes to Detective Bell, "Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing"

Marcus Bell is a detective for the Major Case Unit at the NYPD's 11th Precinct. Targeted by drug gangs as a youth, he resisted working for them, although his brother, Andre, succumbed and spent time in prison. Bell worked in the Vice Unit before joining Major Case and briefly left the 11th Precinct to work for the Demographics Unit. He later applies to become a US Marshal. He became captain of the 11th after Thomas Gregson retired. Bell is portrayed by Jon Michael Hill.


Season 1[]

You've done excellent work over the years. Made a lot of enemies. There's no shortage of people who would like to see you dead.

— Holmes, "Details"
S01E16-Marcus finds Andre

Marcus Bell Season One/Gallery

Bell is introduced to Holmes by Captain Gregson at the murder scene of Casey McManus. Initially, Bell finds Holmes' deductions crazy. As Bell assists Holmes on various cases, he continues to disagree with Holmes' assertions but over time, he realizes how much he can learn from him. Bell is involved in finding a bomber, Heather Vanowen, whose bomb was set off years after she planted it. He and Holmes solve the murder of Trent Annunzio and show that Trent arranged his own murder and attempted to frame his teaching assistant. Even though Holmes is suspended, Bell helps him work a case of an Army war game team whose members are being murdered. Targeted by a drive-by shooting while in his car, Bell becomes a suspect when the car's owner is murdered. Unable to investigate the case, Marcus' brother Andre becomes involved, is shot and is found by Marcus. Holmes discovers that a past girlfriend of Marcus, Officer Paula Reyes, is responsible for the shootings and attempts to frame Marcus as retribution for him reporting police corruption. He arrests employees of a dry cleaning store that Watson uncovers was a front for smuggling and human trafficking. Bell is involved in pursuing Irene Adler's kidnapper and foiling an international plot of Moriarty.

Appearances in Season 1
"Pilot": Detective Bell does not appear in this episode.
"While You Were Sleeping": At the murder scene of Casey McManus, Captain Gregson introduces Holmes to Bell. After examination, Holmes proclaims there were two separate crimes, a theft and a murder which Bell is skeptical of until Holmes reveals the thief. At the 11th Precinct, the thief confesses to robbery but not murder which Bell disbelieves. Holmes forcefully shows Bell that thief is being truthful, to the point that Watson distracts Holmes. The thief provides a description of the murderer which Bell identifies is a woman, Yvette Ellison, who has been in a coma since before the murder. Bell is at the murder scene of Anna Webster, who Holmes notes had the same medical condition as McManus, leading him to believe they are estranged siblings. Bell brings Yvette's twin sister, Rebecca to the precinct for questioning. Bell participates in a ruse with Holmes to trap the murderers, Yvette and her doctor, who is inducing comas in Yvette. Gregson invites Holmes for drinks, which he declines and Bell thanks Holmes for his help on the case.
"Child Predator": Bell accompanies Gregson and Holmes to the home of the Castillo's, whose daughter Mariana has been kidnapped, and watches him stop a TV new crew from filming. After a witness provides a description of a van leaving the scene after Mariana's kidnapping, Bell searches a street near the Castillo's with Holmes and Watson where Holmes identifies the van from markings it left when it sideswiped a car. Bell is part of the team that captures the van and its driver, Adam Kemper, first victim of the kidnapper. Bell tries questioning Adam at the precinct but Adam won't speak to him. After Holmes tracks down the kidnapper, Samuel Abbott, Bell, Gregson and Holmes watch as an ESU team break into an apartment.
"The Rat Race": Hired to find a missing executive, Peter Talbott, Holmes discovers dead in his condo of an apparent heroin overdose. Holmes assures Talbott was murdered which Bell totally disagrees with. Bell, Gregson and Holmes question Talbott's wife, Alyssa, who insists Peter never used heroin and she mentions another executive at Peter's company died of an apparent accident.
"Lesser Evils": Certain an angel of death is operating at a hospital, Holmes has Bell assist in questioning Dr. Cahill. Bell appears extremely nervous and Bell is confused when Holmes ends Cahill's questioning. Holmes explains to Bell why he dismissed Cahill.
"Flight Risk": Investigating a deliberate plane crash which killed several lawyers, Bell discovers they were working on a class action case against a company called Carmanto Foods. Bell recovers security video from the owner of the plane's charter company, Charles Cooper. Bell and Holmes question Carmanto Foods executive Ed Hairston who was a whistle blower against his company. Leaving Hairston's office, Holmes shows Bell evidence that he's not the killer. Bell is part of the team that finds evidence that Cooper arranged the plane crash and killed an employee.
"One Way to Get Off": After a wealthy couple, the Myroses, are killed in the manner of a convicted serial killer Wade Crewes, Bell reports that a disgruntled contractor named Walsh had a record and was fired by the Myroses. Questioning Walsh at his home, Holmes discovers he's keeping a woman captive but she alibis him for the murders. After an ex-con named Victor Nardin is captured with evidence he committed the murders, Holmes shows Bell that Nardin was framed.
"The Long Fuse": Bell attends the scene of a bomb explosion in a web design company. Bell interrogates Rennie James, who was found to have dialed the pager # that set off the bomb but Holmes proves that James didn't plant the bomb. Bell and Holmes question and catch a serial bomber, Edgar Knowles, but Holmes later shows that Knowles didn't plant the bomb at the web company. Holmes finds the body of Pradeep Singh, who used to work at the company that occupied that office space before the web company did. Finding a safety deposit key, Bell finds a CVR tape in the box. He visits the Brownstone for the first time and borrowing a VCR machine, sees that Pradeep used the video to blackmail his boss, Heather Vanowen. Bell is part of the team that presents evidence to Vanowen that she's guilty of planting the bomb and, arrests her.
"You Do It to Yourself": Bell invites Holmes and Watson to the murder scene of a man who was shot in the eyes who Holmes quickly identifies as Garrison University professor Trent Annunzio. He questions Trent's wife, Jun, and with Holmes speaks to Trent's T.A., Brendan O'Brien. In Trent's office, Bell recognizes that he was a gambler from mahjong tiles that are given to loyal customers of underground Chinese casinos. With Holmes and Watson, they find the casino Trent was murdered at and are able to obtain video of him being shot. Bell finds Trent's shooter, Raul Ramirez, who offers to trade information for special consideration. He claims he was hired by someone, who called or texted him, to shoot Annunzio in both eyes when he was leaving the university. Bell is part of the police team that arrests Brendan O'Brien after finding a burner phone at his home used to call Ramirez. Although Holmes believes Brendan is being framed, he confesses to Bell. After Holmes discovers evidence that Brendan and Jun were having an affair, Bell questions her with home and brings her to the precinct. Later, Holmes shows Bell and Gregson evidence that Trent arranged his own shooting.
"The Leviathan": At the scene of murdered safe cracker Justin Guthrie, Holmes finds a stolen diamond in a glass vase filled with multicolored decorative rocks which he shows Bell and Gregson. Suspecting Alex Wilson killed Guthrie, Bell and Holmes visit Wilson's home but find he's been dead for days. A blood sample at Guthrie's reveals a DNA match to an Army Chaplain named Audrey Higuera. Visiting her home, Bell reports that she's been overseas for months.
"Dirty Laundry": Bell is at the scene of a murdered hotel manager, Teri Purcell, and questions her husband, Oliver, at his home. Discovering that a charity head, Geoffrey Silver, visited Teri at her home often, Bell questions Silver who has an alibi. Bell tells Holmes and Watson that a prostitute problem existed at Teri's hotel. After it's discovered that the Purcells were Russian agents, Bell takes their daughter Carly to see Oliver in custody.
"M.": As Holmes briefs a police task force on serial killer Sebastian Moran, Bell offers to warn the Coast Guard to be on the lookout for Moran's victims in local harbors. After Moran leaves a note at the Brownstone, Bell confirms that police posted there didn't see anyone enter. Later, believing Holmes captured Moran and is planning to kill him, Bell helps track down properties Holmes' father Morland Holmes owns. Bell reports that Holmes brought Moran to the precinct and when questioning Moran with Gregson, hears his testimony that Holmes didn't kidnap him.
"The Red Team": After Holmes finds conspiracy theorist Len Pontecorvo dead, Bell examines the scene and reminds Holmes that he's supposed to be taking a break from working with the police. Bell believes it's a suicide, but Holmes points out several clues that indicate Pontecorvo was murdered and that he texted the M.E. Bell tells him to not work the case which Holmes agrees to, right after examining the rest of the home. Believing that members of an Army war game team are being murdered, Holmes calls Bell to report that Carlo Anillo was poisoned but Bell tells him that they have the man who killed Len in custody. Later, Bell calls with confirmation that Anillo was poisoned and Gregson summons Holmes to the precinct. When two policemen are shot with a booby-trapped gun at Walter McClenahan's, Bell and Gregson review the scene, find many weapons and that the shotgun was loaded with rock salt. Bell calls Holmes to the scene of McClenahan's murder where Holmes tells him he knows who the killer is. Bell is at a motel where the killer, Harold Dresden, takes a policeman hostage and Holmes is able to convince him to give himself up.
"The Deductionist": After Holmes traps two robber prostitutes, Bell arrests them. When convicted serial killer Howard Ennis escapes and begins murdering, Bell calls Gregson to the phone at the 11th precinct when Howard calls. In a hospital where Howard's sister Patricia is suffering from kidney disease, Bell leaves Patricia alone with FBI Agent Kathryn Drummond not knowing that Patricia is working with her brother. A call from Holmes alerts Bell too late to stop Patricia from stabbing Drummond.
"A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs": As Holmes helps his former drug dealer Rhys Kinlan find his kidnapped daughter Emily, Bell provides information on Emily's step father, Derrick Hughes, to Holmes. After DEA Agent Xande Diaz attacks Kinlan and Watson, he's questioned in "the box" at the precinct by Bell and Gregson.
"Details": Bell drives home while leaving a voicemail for Captain Gregson. A car pulls up behind him honking, so Marcus waves the car around him. When the car pulls alongside, the driver opens fire with an MP5 machine pistol. Marcus ducks, but distracted, he runs into a construction site and his car flips and crashes. In the 11th Precinct garage, Gregson, Holmes and Watson examine the wreckage of the car and Marcus says the shooter was a former drug kingpin, Curtis Bradshaw, whose gang Marcus broke up. Left off the investigation, Marcus runs into Officer Paula Reyes, an ex-girlfriend, who expresses relief that he is okay. Marcus checks in on his elder brother, Andre who's just been released from prison and brings him clothes and food. Andre heard about the shooting and insists that he should be looking out for Marcus. After Bradshaw is discovered murdered, Holmes finds evidence that Marcus is being framed for his death. At Marcus' apartment, Gregson puts Marcus on administrative leave and Holmes finds the murder weapon hidden in his bathroom, but doesn't tell anyone. Andre meets Marcus outside the restaurant he works at to let him know he reached out to his old gang and has a suspect who may be the source of the MP5. Marcus is furious that Andre has violated his parole terms while Andre is equally angry that Marcus won't accept his help. Holmes shows Bell the pistol found at his house and other evidence that he's being framed. Marcus calls Andre to the precinct and after accusing him of the frame-up, Andre punches him. Later, Marcus knocks on Andre's door to apologize. There's no answer but hearing the TV, he enters to find Andre laying on the floor, shot. He calls for an ambulance and sees Andre has written in his blood "Was Not Marcus" on the floor. While waiting at the hospital for Andre to come out of surgery, Marcus tells Holmes about his role in revealing police corruption which leads Holmes to find evidence that Reyes is behind the shooting and frame-up. Reyes admits to her crimes and while watching a news report of her arrest, Marcus apologizes and Andre says that despite their fight and him not seeing the shooter, he knows Marcus would never hurt him.
"Possibility Two": At a crime scene, two security guards are lying next to each other in a parking lot, shot dead. Watson, in her new role as Holmes' apprentice, attempts to reconstruct what transpired while Bell looks on. At the home of Gerald Lydon, who believes he was poisoned by a hereditary disease, CAA, Gerald murders his butler, Crabtree, but claims not to remember doing it. Bell keeps Gerald's sons from entering the crime scene while Holmes speaks to him. As Holmes investigated the possibility of CAA being induced in Gerald, Bell accompanies him and Watson to Watt Helix, a genetics company and questions Dr. Kademan. He returns later when Kademan is found murdered and questions Kademan's fiance, geneticist Paul Reeves who suspects that an ex-convict, Benny Cordero, who participated in Kademan's research and threatened her may have killed her. Bell and Gregson question Cordero in "the box" but are forcefully interrupted many times by Holmes that Cordero didn't have the intelligence to be behind poisoning Gerald with CAA. When Cordero's blood is a match for DNA at Kademan's murder scene, Bell tells Holmes. However, Cordero produces a filmed alibi. Bell is part of the team that extracts a confession for Kademan's murder from Reeves. Later, he arrests employees of a dry cleaning store that Watson uncovered was a front for smuggling and human trafficking.
"Déjà Vu All Over Again": During the case of a subway pusher and a missing woman, Callie Burell, Bell helps Holmes question a street busker and pickpocket, Thaddeus. He part of the team that shows evidence to the missing woman's husband, Drew Gardner, that he recreated a subway pushing incident to provide a reason for Callie's disappearance.
"Snow Angels": After a murder and robbery are committed during a snow storm which causes a city-wide black-out, Bell tracks down one of the criminals, Elle Bastien, in hospital and matches a fake hair on her coat to hair from a wig found at the crime scene. When Holmes finds evidence that the robbery was part of a larger plot to rob a large government cash depository, EROC, Bell is unsuccessful at getting Bastien to admit to her part in the plot. After EROC is robbed, calls Bastien made on a burner phone lead Holmes to believe that the robbers are planning to bring the money to a race track manager's house in an ambulance. When a ambulance arrives at the manager's house, Bell, Holmes and Watson discover no money inside it. After Holmes finds that a FEMA official working at the precinct is part of the plot, he devises a ruse that results in the official trying to break Bastien out of the precinct where Bell and police arrest them.
"Dead Man's Switch": With Holmes in pursuit of a blackmailer, Bell calls Holmes to report that an address of the blackmailer's accomplice was fake.
"A Landmark Story": After Holmes captures Daniel Gottlieb, Bell listens to his confession in "the box."
"Risk Management": Bell tells Gregson that Daren Sutter, from Sutter Risk Management, has arrived at the precinct to confess to the murder of Wallace Rourke. Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson show Darren's wife, Katie, evidence that she tricked him into believing that Rourke killed his sister decades before.
"The Woman": At the mansion where Irene Adler was found, Watson meets with Gregson and Detective Bell. Watson examines pigments Adler was using in her paintings and discovers a rare sample that only a few shops in NYC sell. Finding the buyer may result in discovering who was holding Adler. Watson's pigment tip leads to Duane Proctor who was imprisoned for a weapons assault. Bell, Gregson and a police team question Duane's brother Isaac and leaving him with a detective, question Duane outside. Hearing shots, they find Isaac has shot the detective and fled. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell interrogates Duane who denies knowing why Isaac has a weapons cache and shot the detective. Bell, Gregson and Watson watch surveillance video from the Brownstone in which Isaac leaves a flower on Irene's bed.
"Heroine": Trying to stop an international plot by Jamie Moriarty, Bell, Holmes and Watson stake out a ship belonging to Christos Theophilus. When Theopolius arrives and loads a crate into his SUV, Bell and the police close in on Theopilius, but the crate only contains two lemurs. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell questions Theopilius who insists the lemurs are meant for an animal farm his daughter Alethea and her husband Chad Lerberg run. At the farm, Lerberg confesses that Alethea was kidnapped and Theophilus was dealing with the ransom demand. Bell shows Holmes and Watson emails from the kidnapper to Theophilus. Bell is an unwitting player in a ruse Holmes plans to trap Moriarty in which he fakes a drug overdose.

Season 2[]

I refer to most of the detectives here as not Bell.

— Holmes, "An Unnatural Arrangement"
S02E10-Bell in hospital long

Marcus Bell Season Two/Gallery

Bell is involved in the case of a mathematician who uses a math formula to change video surveilliance timestamps, providing her with an alibi for several murders. The poisoning case of Titus Delancy sees Bell question Mistress Felicia and several members of Titus' family and their nanny, Abigail Spencer. After Captain Gregson's wife, Cheryl shoots a gunman in her home looking for the Captain, Bell leads the case and eventually arrests archaeologist Beth Roney. After Holmes' inconsiderate behaviour results in a suspect, James Dylan, being fired from his job and paroled back to prison, Dylan confronts Holmes outside the precinct. While attempting to shoot him, Bell jumps in the way and is shot in the stomach. Complications from Bell's surgery results in impairment of his right hand. An inquiry's recommendation that the NYPD end its relationship with Holmes and Watson isn't accepted, partly due to Bell. Holmes apologizes and offers to pay for expert medical care but Bell refuses and tells Holmes not to visit him anymore. Deputy Commissioner Frank Da Silva offers Bell a job with the the Demographics Unit, NYC's counter-intelligence group. Initially angry with Holmes for indicating that Da Silva used the NSA to obtain information that resulted in the murder of a mobster, Holmes convinces Bell his calling is to be a detective, not a Demographics analyst. Da Silva is found to be corrupt and after his arrest, Bell returns to the 11th, reconciles with Holmes and is put back on active duty.

Appearances in Season 2
"Step Nine": In Washington Square Park, after Holmes and Watson capture Jeromir Tomsa, an assassin who had killed three US attorneys, Bell and Captain Gregson arrive, arrest Tomsa and try to understand how Holmes made his deductions to nab Tomsa.
"Solve for X": While Bell is at the scene of the fatal shooting of math tutor Felix Soto, near the scene of the shooting of Benny Charles, which sent him to the hospital, Holmes shows Bell that Soto has written complex math equations on one of his walls, which can only been seen in black light. Later, Bell calls Holmes that another mathematician, Cyril Nauer, has been killed with the same gun used to shoot Soto. After a bug is found at Nauer's home, Bell, Holmes and Watson visit the offices of Linus Roe, head of Roe Encryption Technologies who confirms that Nauer was close to solving a math problem, P versus NP, which would render encryption useless. Roe fingers math professor Tanya Barrett as a suspect and at the precinct, Bell is part of the team who questions her. Barrett provides an alibi which is confirmed by video. Barrett indicates that she had a bad break-up with Jason Harrison who Bell questions at the precinct. Harrison denies knowing Nauer or Soto but after shown evidence that he did know them, he asks for a lawyer. When Benny Charles wakes from his coma, he identifies his shooter as Barrett. Confused, as a video shows Barrett in a restaurant when Soto and Charles were shot, Holmes is able to show that the time stamp on the video was changed by using P versus NP and Barrett is arrested.
"We Are Everyone": Pursuing a government whistle-blower, Ezra Kleinfelter, Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson search the apartment of murder victim Vanessa Hiskie. Discovering Kleinfelter stayed with Vanessa and murdered her, Bell helps examine contents of a box Kleinfelter left behind. Holmes discovers that Kleinfelter will be on a private flight to Venezuela and is part of the team that tries to arrest him, but Kleinfelter threatens to reveal the identities of many US deep cover agents and is set free.
"Poison Pen": Bell is called to the poisoning murder scene of Titus Delancy, CEO of a large financial firm. Found dressed in a latex suit by Mistress Felicia, Bell takes her statement. Bell is able to pressure the seller of the latex suit into revealing who bought it. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Bell and Gregson question the latex suit buyer, Burt Jeffries, who admits to dressing Titus in the suit but not to killing him. Bell later confirms Jeffries was at work when Titus died. Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson question Titus' wife, Peri, and her nanny, Anne Barker, who were out of town with Peri's children, Zack and Graham, when Titus died. When Barker is revealed to have changed her name from Abigail Spencer and was acquitted of poisoning her father when a teen, Bell investigates her whereabouts when Titus died. He discovers that Peri had a PI investigate Titus who also found Spencer's true identity. Bell and Watson discover a hidden tablet in Titus' study with videos that show he was sexually molesting Graham. Bell reports that Spencer confessed to killing Titus even though circumstantial evidence shows that Graham poisoned him.
"Ancient History": As Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of Leo Banin, Bell confirms that money Leo borrowed from a loan shark was from an old bank robbery. He's at the scene when the body of Grigori Andrev is found near Banin's murder scene and delivers the news to Leo's wife Lara. He suits Holmes and Watson up in bullet-proof vests to question Andrev's partner in crime, Marko Zubkov, who they discover is recovering from a stab wound in the leg.
"An Unnatural Arrangement": After Captain Gregson's wife, Cheryl shoots a gunman in her home looking for the Captain, Bell questions a witness, ex-Army officer James Munroe. Bell arrives at the scene of a disturbed man, Dustin Bishop, who was obsessed with the Captain and shot himself in the shoulder. At the Morgue, Bell shows the Captain the body of Sam Clennon, a veteran who appears to have been killed by the same gunman who accosted Cheryl. Bell, Holmes and Watson question Clennon's mother who indicated that her son had an altercation with Jacob Esparza when in Afghanistan and that his commanding officer was Munroe. Warning the Captain that Munroe may be a target, he's found dead. Bell attends the scene and questions Esparza who proves that he wasn't Cheryl's attacker nor the murderer. After Holmes and Watson discover that Munroe's men were a protective detail for an archaeological dig in Afghanistan that uncovered valuable missing artifacts, Bell leads a team that searches the home of Beth Roney, leader of the dig. Nothing is found at her home but further work by Holmes and Watson result in Roney's partner confessing to the thefts and murders and she is arrested by Bell.
"The Marchioness": As Holmes and Watson investigation a case involving Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes and his ex-fiance Nigella Mason and a horse she owned, Silver Blaze, Bell reports that prints found at the stables where an attempt was made to poison Silver Blaze came back matching a a drug cartel shooting by an assassin known as "El Mechanico." A trap is set for Mechanico that results in Bell arresting him, however, his prints don't match those found at the stables. After Holmes and Watson are able to tie Mechanico to another murder, Bell and Gregson arrest him.
"Blood Is Thicker": After an unidentified woman is stabbed and falls from her apartment balcony onto a parcel delivery truck, Bell, Holmes and Watson are able to find her apartment and identify her as Haley Tyler. Bell discover that billionaire tech company owner, Ian Gale, was paying for Haley's apartment, that she was from Texas and has arranged for Haley's mother to come to NYC. Bell, Holmes and Watson question Ian's attorney, Alan Becker, who claims Ian is in Indonesia but Holmes is able to see from a video that it's an imposter. After finding that Ian was Haley's biological father, Bell meets Haley's mother at the Morgue where she accuses Ian's wife, Natalie, of killing her. Bell and Watson question Natalie who doesn't have an alibi but shows that she pushed for Haley to be included in Ian's will and didn't have motive. From prints at Haley's apartment, Bell brings in Haley's boyfriend, Ray McKibben. He denies killing her but admits to being in her apartment, tending to her as she was sick. He provides an alibi for her time of death which is confirmed by video.
"On the Line": After Samantha Wabash tries to frame Lucas Bundsch for her murder, due to being convinced that he abducted and killed her sister Allie, Bell has Bundsch undergo a polygraph test, which he passes. However, Holmes tells Bell that Bundsch used techniques to beat the polygraph and that he's a serial killer. Bell and Watson question Tim Spalding, whose wife Kathy was abducted. After Holmes punches Bundsch, Bell is called to the home of Jenna Lombard, who was abducted. Holmes and Watson arrive at Lombard's home where Bell tells them that they need to leave as Gregson has ordered that they be barred from Bundsch's case.
"Tremors": After a schizophrenic, Silas Cole, walks into the precinct with a shotgun claiming to have killed "the queen", Holmes is able to distract him and Cole is arrested. Bell questions him in "the box" but as Cole is off his meds, he can't give Bell cohert answers to his questions. Bell, Holmes and Watson visit Cole's home and discover he had a girlfriend, Rada Hollingsworth. They then discover Rada dead in her home, having been shot in the chest with the shotgun Cole brought to the precinct. Holmes does not believe Cole shot Rada and during his investigation, he questions James Dylan at his workplace. Holmes' loud assertions that Dylan is an ex-con are over heard by co-workers which results in him being fired and going back to prison. In retribution, Dylan approaches Bell and Holmes outside the precinct and while attempting to shoot Holmes, Bell jumps in the way and is shot in the stomach. Complications from Bell's surgery results in impairment of his right hand. Holmes faces an inquiry into his actions which results in a recommendation that the NYPD end its relationship with them. The police commissionaire asks for Bell's opinion and the recommendation isn't accepted. Holmes thanks Bell for saving his life, apologizes and offers to pay for special treatment for Bell's hand. Bell refuses and tells Holmes not to visit him anymore.
"Internal Audit": Back at the precinct, but restricted to desk duty, Bell becomes testy when Watson suggests he seek counselling. In Gregson's office, Deputy Commissioner Frank Da Silva offers Bell a job with the Demographics Unit, NYC's counter-intelligence group.
"The Diabolical Kind": At the firing range, Bell tries to aim a pistol but can't, due to the continued shaking of his right hand.
"All in the Family": At Demographics, Deputy Commissioner Da Silva assigns Bell and Detective Woszniak to Nemetz Oil recycling where a tip has been received. At Nemetz Oil, Bell questions a security guard who believes the tipster saw employees of Indian descent. Bell checks a storage building and surveys the oil drums. He finds a headless, handless body in a green barrel and calls for Gregson. Meeting Bell at the scene, he informs them there are no clues as to the killer nor the corpse's identity. Bell is icy towards Holmes so Watson excuses themselves. Holmes visits Demographics to obtain more information on the tipster from Da Silva and offers half of his and Watson's time to the unit which irks Bell. Holmes belittles Bell's new role as an analyst and leaves. At the precinct, Watson runs into Bell who wants her to persuade Holmes to not work at Demographics. Discovering that Da Silva requested information from the NSA which resulted in the murder of mobster Bobby Ferrara, Holmes and Watson inform Bell. Believing that Holmes is trying to frame Da Silva, Bell expresses his anger. Holmes berates Bell for taking a job as an analyst and relates that his calling is to be a detective. Later, Bell arrives at the Brownstone unexpectedly and tells them that he found evidence in Da Silva's office that he is corrupt. Bell and Holmes devise a ruse that results in Da Silva being caught trying to kill a mob boss. Bell returns to Major Case and reconciles with Holmes.
"Dead Clade Walking": After Watson and Gay find a rock with a valuable dinosaur skeleton inside it, Bell interrogates Diego Salcedo who admits to taking delivery of the rock and giving it to his best friend, Doug Newberg. A group of archaeologists whose reputations were threatened by the skeleton are brought to the precinct to provide a DNA sample which Bell supervises. Bell reports that a DNA sample from wheel-chair bound Andrew Donnelly matches that left at a murder scene.
"Corpse de Ballet": At a ballet company, where ballerina Nell Solange is found dead and cut in two, Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson question prima donna Iris Lanzer. He and Holmes question a past boyfriend of Nell's, exotic dancer Nicholas Orman, who has an alibi. After Iris is brought to the precinct and refuses to remain in NYC, Gregson has Bell arrest her. Bell tells Watson that Iris made bail and helps Watson find information on Army Sergeant Zeke Frebeaux. Bell calls Holmes and Watson to the precinct to report that the media received a voice mail recording that Iris left for Nell indicating that they were lovers. He later tells them that spyware was found on Iris' phone which was traced to paparazzi Jake Picardo. Picardo provides his motive and alibi to Bell, Holmes and Watson. Finding evidence that Iris' lawyer Nolan Sharp killed Nell, Holmes confronts Sharp in a courtroom bathroom. Bell and Gregson arrive and Bell arrests Sharp.
"The One Percent Solution": Bell and Watson watch Gareth Lestrade question bombing suspect John Bowden in "the box."
"Ears to You": Dealing with the kidnapping of Gordon Cushings' wife Sarah, after a ransom exchange goes wrong and Gordon kills the blackmailer's messenger, Bell and Gregson question Gordon afterwards. At the Morgue, Bell and Holmes examine the body of the messenger from which Holmes is able to deduce an addiction support group the messenger attends.
"The Hound of the Cancer Cells": At the precinct, Bell invites Watson and Holmes to a party to celebrate returning to full duty. He also asks for their help in locating a woman, Nicole Watkins, who witnessed a shooting by a drug dealer, Quame Martenz. Bell visits Nicole's teacher, Manny Rose, whose house she's staying at. Bell visits Rose to tell him that they'll build a case against Martenz without Watkins' testimony. Rose feels she should testify to ensure that a dealer as evil as Martenz is jailed. Rose arrives at the precinct to tell Bell that after he tried to convince Watkins to testify, she left to stay with relatives. He offers to testify using details he's learned from Watkins but Bell won't let him perjure himself. Despite all he's done for his neighborhood, Rose feels he needs to do more. Bell receives a phone call and heads to the Morgue where he finds Rose shot dead. Dr. Eugene Hawes explains that Rose shot Martenz and was in turn gunned down by his gang.
"The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville": At a funeral home, Bell watches as Holmes quickly solves how a mortician died and catches a thief who is pretending to be a corpse. Looking for a serial killer of women who bit them, Bell and Gregson question a number of ex-cons, who had dentures make at Newgate in "the box." After Holmes finds that the dentist's assistant at Newgate, Stan Divac, also had dentures made and has disappeared, Bell helps Holmes locate Divac through his dog. He and Gregson question Divac but Holmes indicates that Divac isn't the serial killer.
"No Lack of Void": After Apollo Mercer is found dead in a holding cell of apparent anthrax poisoning, Bell confirms that the medical examiner found a small bag containing anthrax in Mercer's stomach. From video surveillance, Watson finds the man who Mercer stole the bag from who Bell identifies as Charlie Simon. After questioning Simon's roommate, Coogan Burl, a storage unit is found to contain a lab that Simon grew anthrax in. Prints in the lab belonging to Eugene McIntosh result in Bell and Watson visiting the farm of his brother, Bart. Bart indicates he doesn't get along with Eugene and hasn't seen him in months. However, he provides an address in Queens Eugene might be at. After Eugene is shot by Bart at his farm, Bart is questioned by Bell and Gregson at the precinct who claims to have acted in self-defense. Bart is later arrested at his farm by Bell for using anthrax in a plot to poison his cows for the insurance money.
"The Man With the Twisted Lip": After Holmes discover that a drug dealer, Paige Dahl, is missing, at the precinct, Bell questions a man who Paige works for. He has an alibi for when Paige went missing and co-operates. Holmes and Watson find Paige and a man shot dead in a park. Bell arrives and identifies the man as Zach Pillar. From a card on Zach's body, Bell and Holmes question his psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Sutherland. He isn't comfortable revealing details of Zach's treatment but mentions that he worked for an aeronautics firm. After finding that Zach worked for a company that operated military drones and that he felt guilt over using a drone to accidentally kill CIA agents in Afghanistan, Sutherland is brought to the precinct and blackmailed into a confession by Bell and Gregson. As Sutherland provides details of what Zach told him of the operation, he's suddenly stung in the neck and dies by what Holmes identifies later as a mosquito-sized drone carrying poison.
"Paint It Black": Bell calls Holmes to report that he has some Interpol files that Watson requested but she never came to the precinct to pick them up. Holmes lies that Watson is fine, though she's been kidnapped by Le Milieu member Marchef, and hangs up.
"Art in the Blood": With Watson kidnapped and after being tased by his brother Mycroft, Holmes goes to the precinct to seek help. While talking to Bell, Holmes receives a call from Watson that she's OK and to come to the Brownstone. Later, after Holmes shows Bell and Gregson they've found the corpse of Arthur West had his arms removed in the Morgue, they are curious how Holmes discovered West's condition. Bell and Holmes question Arthur's wife, Marion, who initially indicates she doesn't know why Arthur's arms were cut off and taken. Later, without Bell present, she provides Holmes and Watson details.
"The Grand Experiment": At the precinct, Gregson and Bell tell Sherlock that they have the gun used to kill Arthur West and that Mycroft's fingerprints were found on it. They ask his location but Sherlock feints ignorance and says Mycroft is not the killer. Later, as Gregson talks to Sherlock they're interrupted by Bell who says a British national has turned up at the Morgue. While viewing Tim Sherrington's body in the Morgue, Gregson tells Bell to put out a Finest Message for Mycroft.

Season 3[]

No, the pleasure was mine and mine alone Marcus.

S03E08-Bell arrests Buros

Marcus Bell Season Three/Gallery

Bell and Watson investigate the murder of a star witness in the prosecution of Elana March and deal with Holmes' return from London and his new apprentice, Kitty. He's involved with Harlan Emple in a math puzzle in which the participants are being murdered. Bell arrests cop-killer Niko Buros and parades him in front of dozens of officers. With Watson grieving the murder of her boyfriend Andrew, on his day off, Bell partners with Holmes in finding two stolen pregnant zebras, their quagga offspring and the animal thief. Bell even sleeps at the Brownstone and Holmes wakes Bell. Bell works on the case of a killer who is targeting insurance beneficiaries of an airplane crash and captures Dana Powell. Bell deals with a ride-share employee using the information to stalk a woman. A crooked dentist who uses foreign surgeons to plant drugs inside patients is stopped by Bell, Holmes and Watson. Bell dates a detective from the 12th Precinct, Shauna Scott. However, after Watson tells him that she also works for Internal Affairs (IA), Bell breaks up with her. He changes his mind after a talk with Holmes but Shauna indicates that she's decided to work for IA full-time and needs time away from their relationship. Depressed, he takes solice at the Brownstone with Holmes, flipping cards into the Stanley Cup. After Alfredo is kidnapped by Oscar Rankin, Bell and Watson search for him and try to prevent Holmes from being drawn into Rankin's game.

Appearances in Season 3
"Enough Nemesis To Go Around": While protecting Karen Lloyd, former bookkeeper to drug lord Elana March who is set to testify against her, Bell and Watson discover that Lloyd and her police escort are mysteriously shot in an elevator. Two months later at the 11th Precinct, Bell and Watson are still puzzled by the elevator shooting. The elevator didn't stop, no one entered and the bullets wounds reveal the shots were horizontal. At the precinct, Gregson tells Bell and Watson a tip on the elevator shooting named a hotel guest, Kevin Elspeth. The name of the tipster is familiar to Watson. Bell and Watson question Elspeth and show video of him checking into the hotel the day Lloyd was murdered. When asked why he used an alias, he indicates that he hires hookers. They point out that he uses aliases in many hotels and all locations had a murder committed when he visited. He knows about Lloyd's murder but admits no wrong doing. Outside, Bell notes how suspicious Elspeth is and parts ways with Watson. Discovering a large magnet was used in the murder, Holmes discovers evidence of Elspeth's guilt. He confesses and implicates March who Bell and Watson arrest.
"The Five Orange Pipz": At the precinct, Bell watches as Captain Gregson interviews Kitty Winter and kids with Holmes that he's really back working with the NYPD again. Later, Gregson and Bell are at the office of lawyer Theo Fordham, attorney to Elias Openshaw, where he's been shot and a package with five orange beads is spilled in front of him. Kitty examines Theo's murder scene and reacts strongly when Bell touches her arm. Bell and Watson discuss their negative initial impressions of Kitty. Bell brings in a taxi driver, who he saw from traffic video, hit a pedestrian. The driver, Azeem, admits that Openshaw ran in front of his vehicle and he hit him. He tried to help him, but Openshaw saw a woman, who Azeem identifies as US Attorney Angela White, and fled. Confronting White, she denies seeing Openshaw when he was on the lam even though the offices of her campaign for Congress are close to the accident scene and, she orders them to leave.
"Just a Regular Irregular": After finding a dead body while on a math puzzle hunt, at the precinct, Harlan Emple explains to Bell and Gregson that math problems were posted at locations which, when solved, would reveal the location of the next problem. Frustrated that Bell and Gregson believe he murdered the person he found, he demands to speak to Holmes and Watson. Arriving at the station, Holmes explains that Emple is one of his "Irregulars." He isn't happy to see Emple and unsuccessfully tries to get out of accompanying Bell and Emple to the crime scene. Learning of a suspect, Byron Lowenthal, Bell knocks on Lowenthal's door. Holmes pulls Bell away and moments later, a shotgun blast blows a hole in the door and Lowenthal flees. Emple solves a math clue Lowenthal was given which leads Bell and Holmes to a location where Lowenthal's body is found.
"Bella": After Edwin Borstein, the head of an artificial intelligence (AI) company with a unique program named "Bella" is found dead in the office containing Bella, Bell indicates that Borstein died of an epileptic seizure. Holmes finds that a music CD sent to Borstein by Michael Webb had a virus on it which caused an epileptic fit which killed Borstein, Webb is questioned at the precinct by Bell and Gregson. He admits to sending it but not to creating a virus that would kill him. Erin Rabin, a philosophy graduate student, and devotee of computer science professor Isaac Pyke, was found to have been in Webb's apartment. Bell questions her and Pyke as they exit one of his classes. She confesses to Borstein's murder and insists Pyke had nothing to do with it. At the precinct, Bell question Rabin who freely admits her guilt, even though she can't demonstrate any programming skills.
"Rip Off": Called to the scene of a severed hand, Holmes quickly deduces that the owner is dead and leads Kitty and Detective Bell to a car impound lot where Holmes finds a handless body caught underneath a car, identified as Moshe Shapiro. At the Brownstone, with the use of a realistic dummy, Holmes shows Bell that ripping the hand off someone with a broken wrist is possible. He identifies a weightlifting gym near the site of Moshe's death as a possible venue for suspects. At the gym, Holmes tricks a weightlifter, Dana Kazmir, into giving a DNA sample which is a match for DNA on Shapiro's body. At the precinct with his lawyer, Kazmir confesses and they propose a leniency deal to Bell and Gregson in exchange for information. Later, Bell shows Holmes untraceable emails sent to Kazmir from "Mencius BlackBag", the man who hired him to kill Moshe. Blackbag is identified as Leonard Oosthuizen who is brought to the precinct and in "the box", is accused by Bell of Moshe's murder and conspiring to kill three others. Holmes believes Oosthuizen is innocent but Bell disagrees and intends to make Leonard confess. Later, Kitty and Holmes find evidence that an employee at Shapiro's store, Amit Hattengatti, is responsible for hiring Kazmir. He's arrested by Bell after being brought into the precinct.
"Terra Pericolosa": Bell arrives at the 39th Street Library after Kitty finds the body of security guard Gerald Vogel and comments that Holmes must be so proud of Kitty finding her first dead body. He questions Austin Cornblatt, who sold a rare book of maps and was catfished by Holmes into thinking he was communicating with a young woman.
"The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction": Discovering that a former crime scene cleaner is working for criminals and is cleaning the scenes with a special fluid, Holmes locates the cleaner, Conrad Woodbine, whose is questioned at the precinct by Bell and Gregson but they're unable to elicit a confession from him. Later at Woodbine's home, Holmes finds an artificial tendon in a drain which Bell later identifies as belonging to Woodbine who was killed and his body dissolved using his concoction.
"End of Watch": After Officer Alec Flynn is killed and found to have been armed with an air pistol, Bell and Watson question his wife, Brie. She admits that after a football accident, Alec became addicted to Oxy. However, he recently became sober, came back home and was proud to return to active duty and leave the NYPD armory. Holmes is called to the precinct by Bell, where he introduces ATF Agent Hernan who identified Alec's killer as Niko Buros. Buros trades guns for drugs with a Mexican gang and an ATF raid captured nearly a thousand of his weapons. At the armory, Bell and Watson question Officer Doud, Hatem's uncle who angrily denies any connection with Alec or Buros. Alec's drug dealer, Charlie Riggs, is questioned in "the box" by Bell, Holmes and Watson where Holmes realizes Buros' target is the armory, which he robs. Kitty, Holmes and Watson are able to deduce how Buros intends to smuggle the weapons out of the country and Bell and a police team arrest Buros and parade him in front of dozens of officers.
"The Eternity Injection": After a friend of Watson's, nurse Marissa Ledbetter, is found dead, a list of dosages if found on her body and DNA from a Chris Jacoby under her fingernails. Bell questions Chris' wife, Sarah, who reported Chris had gone missing days before. Discovering that Chris and others were participating in an illegal drug trial, Holmes and Watson find a survivor of the trial, Louis Carisle. Bell and Gregson question him and learn details of the trial and get a description of the doctor who was running it. Bell arrests the doctor, Dwyer Kirke and learns that the drug allowed "time dilation" to be experienced. Kirke provides details of the trial but refuses to reveal who is behind it. Holmes and Watson find a suspect, James Connaughton and Bell questions his nurse, Brett Won, who reveals that Connaughton is behind the trial. Bell, Holmes and Watson arrive at Connaughton's to arrest him but discover he has taken the drug and will likely remain in a coma for the remainder of his life.
"Seed Money": At the scene of the death of an elderly couple, Watson speculates they committed suicide but Holmes leads her and Bell into the building's basement where a burned body is found. Checking the third floor, the body is found to be Clay Dubrovensky, who had a doctorate in botany and genetic engineering. An ex of Clay's, Courtney Stever, is questioned by Bell at the precinct where she indicates that Clay was growing marijuana for a drug gang, SDS, and he also engineered new strains of pot. Barbara Conway, a senior VP at AgriNext is questioned by Bell, Holmes and Watson at her company's office. After two AgriNext executives are burned alive, Bell tracks down stores that sell a special rope used to bind the executives. This leads them to an SDS member who admits to many murders but not Clay's.
"The Illustrious Client": While Ron Davis is being questioned in "the box" as a suspect in the serial torture and killing of women, Bell asks Kitty if he was the man who abducted her. After Bell discovers prints on a phone from the location that Melanie Vilkas was abducted came from a violent ex-con, Simon de Merville, police raid his house. After Simon isn't found, Bell questions his sister, Violet, at the hospital she works at. From a phone call, Holmes deduces Simon is hiding in a land-parked boat which a Mr. Osweiler, Simon's past neighbor, confirms. Gregson calls Bell that the boat Simon was in burned, killing him.
"The One That Got Away": After Kitty recognizes Del Gruner as her kidnapper and a serial killer of women, Bell and Gregson question him in "the box." Del Gruner denies any involvement in several cases and his lawyer threatens to sue the NYPD. Tabitha Laird, a woman who works at a charity Del Gruner supports and who had a incident with him, is questioned by Bell, Holmes and Watson. At her home, she denies any issues with Del Gruner who invited her and her adopted son to his beach house. Later, believing that Laird's son is Del Gruner's from a woman he abducted and raped, Bell, Holmes and Watson convince her to provide a sample of her son's DNA.
"Hemlock": Bell helps Holmes run down leads in the disappearance of Steven Horowitz. Finding that Horowitz was keeping up the fiction he worked for a law firm while running a debt collection company, Bell finds and questions one of his employees, Eduardo Peña. Eduardo unwillingly provides the latest debt package they were trying to collect from. Holmes and Watson show Bell that Horowitz had started to forgive people's debts and that the purchase of the latest package was financed by various criminal bosses.
"The Female of the Species": Bell meets Holmes at the zoo and agrees to work with him finding two stolen zebras. Examining the scene, Bell is miffed why Holmes won't call him by his first name. Tire tracks are found and Bell notices a distinct purple paint scraping on a metal gate which Holmes recognizes is used by the trucks of a delivery company, APD. At the Brownstone, Holmes has discovered from APD that one of their trucks was stolen eight days before and he's obtained the truck's manifest. From a pet collar with a GPS chip that the truck was carrying, he and Bell find the truck's load which has been dumped under an overpass. Shifting through the load, Bell gives Holmes advice on how to handle the stress Watson is experiencing. Holmes finds a receipt from a horse veterinary service and they proceed to its address. The vet service is located near a warehouse where Bell discovers the APD truck abandoned, with hay in the storage area. They find the two zebras, who have both given birth, but their offspring aren't there. Digging through a hay pile, Holmes finds a veterinarian, Dr. Chang, dead from a gunshot. Later with police on the scene, Bell reports that Chang had skin under his fingernails, likely from his killer. With a police team, Bell and Holmes search an abandoned hospital and one of the foals is found. However, Holmes points out that the foal isn't a zebra, but a quagga, which have been extinct since 1883. At the zoo with Bell, Holes deduces that one of the staff, Ben Reynolds, a PhD candidate is the kidnapper. Later, matching Ben's DNA to that under Chang's fingernails, Bell and Holmes find that Reynolds escaped from his home through an underground tunnel. That evening at the Brownstone, knowing that Reynolds must sell the quagga soon to finance his escape, Holmes gives Bell all case files on the sale of rare animals and proposes they look for an on-line code that would indicate such a sale. The next morning, Holmes wakes Bell using an alarm clock and Bell finds a note from Holmes telling him to meet at a café in Greenpoint. At the café, Bell sits with Holmes who has ordered him breakfast and explains it affords them the best vantage point for seeing Reynolds. Explaining that the phrase "once in a blue moon" was used on a web site to indicate an illegal animal sale, Holmes found Reynold's ad for the quagga, won the bid, arranged to meet Reynolds and called Gregson. While explaining, Bell sees Reynolds pull up in an SUV and meet a man who after seeing the quagga in the SUV back, waves his hat. Police descend on Reynolds and arrest him. Bell smiles at Holmes who shakes his hand and finally calls him "Marcus."
"When Your Number's Up": After a homeless man, Henry, is shot, at the crime scene, Gregson and Bell show Holmes and Watson the envelope found on Henry. It contains a note that rich people are worth more than the poor, a math equation and nearly $4000 cash. The formula is traced to attorney Arlen Schrader. At Schrader's office, Holmes expresses disdain for Schrader's profession while Bell realizes the killer "bought" Henry's life using Schrader's formula. Bell questions an ex-girlfriend of Schrader's, Erin Chatworth, who indicates he dumped her over a client, the crash of Aceway Flight 1059. Bell is at the murder scene of Freddy Duncan who had a relative die on Flight 1059. He's at the meeting with Aceway's CEO and attorney in which they explain different victim compensation methods they are considering. After staging an attempt on her life, Bell is one of those who examine the home of Dana Powell, whose husband died on Flight 1059. After finding evidence that Powell is the killer, Bell, Holmes and Watson show it to her and her lawyer and convince her to confess and make a deal.
"For All You Know": After Holmes is accused of murdering Maria Gutierrez several years before, Bell provides a list of those who frequented a soup kitchen Maria volunteered at to Holmes who recognizes his ex-drug dealer Oscar Rankin on the list. Bell is part of the team who arrests Councilman Robert Barclay for Maria's murder.
"T-Bone and the Iceman": After Allie Newmeyer is murdered after a car accident, Bell shows Holmes and Watson Newmeyer's body, which is frozen white. He also reports her car was hit by a white van. After finding the van was stolen from cryoNYC, a company that freezes bodies, and the body of Jim Sullivan was stolen, Bell reports that a cousin of his, Vance Ford, was found strangled. Bell and Holmes are summoned to cryoNYC with the report of a break-in. Employee Trent Resnick describes a man with a floppy hat as the intruder who attacked him and that he hit employee Ryan Lee in the head with a wrench. Later, Bell and Watson show Resnick that he's lying and he confesses to a plot with Lee that involved the murders.
"The View From Olympus": After Galen Barrow, a ride-share driver for the company Zooss, is hit by another car and murdered, Bell calls Holmes and Watson to the scene. Watson and Bell check out a lead on a yellow cab with front end damage but discover it doesn't fit the crime scene damage. Later, called to the precinct by Bell, they question Gordon Meadows, a registered sex offender who was blackmailed into killing Barrow. Bell, Holmes and Watson question CEO Eric Frazier and technician Brandon Felchek at Zooss' HQ and obtain all their company's data. Called to the precinct, Bell introduces them to Mahra Kemp whose brother Patrick worked for Zooss until he was killed in a mugging a month before. Mahra was questioned by Barrow after Patrick's death and she believes Barrow's death might be connected. At Zooss, Brandon Falchek meets with Bell, Captain Gregson, Holmes and Watson who tell him that they've found that he cut off Patrick Kemp's access to Olympus months before as he discovered he was blackmailing users. However, they've also found that Falchek stalked and attacked a woman named Felice Armistead who uses Zooss. Falchek is arrested and told he'll be part of a police line-up in which they believe Felice will easily pick him out as her attacker.
"One Watson, One Holmes": Bell calls Holmes to the murder scene of Everyone member "Species," aka Errol White, and Holmes finds hair matching that of Everyone member "Sucking Chest Wound," aka Petros Franken." Bell learns that blood matching White's was found in Franken's car trunk. Holmes believes Franken is innocent and is provided with a lead of an information stash of White's that Holmes believes was obtained by Caleb Hill. In hospital, having bought and crashed an expensive motorcycle, Bell, Holmes and Watson question Hill who obtained the stash weeks before White's death and turns it over.
"A Stitch in Time": Investigating the murder of Garrison Boyd, a debunker of myths, Bell and Holmes speak to a cult head, Finn. Holmes and Watson find that Boyd was killed over digging up a trans-Atlantic cable called "Ruby" and explain its importance to Bell and Gregson. Finding that Nadim Al-Haj dug up the cable and was going to attach a device to it, Bell finds that he's from Iraq and was an electrical engineer. Giving his file to Gregson and Holmes, it's found that Nadim lived in an apartment owned by another suspect, Colin Eisley. At Eisley's home, Bell and Holmes accuse him of employing Nadim to steal financial data with the device. Eisley doesn't confess but later, after Holmes deduces the device delays financial information, which would benefit Eisley, he's confronted again. Deducing that Eisley paid Nadim in art, which has been reported stolen so Nadim can't sell it, Bell, Holmes and Watson encourage Eisley to confess.
"Under My Skin": After paramedics are shot and their ambulance, with patient Maggie Halpern in the back, is stolen, Bell, Holmes and Watson review the security footage in which a man can be seen shooting the ambulance staff and driving the ambulance away. The shooter, Wallace Turk, is found but won't reveal where the ambulance is. Having found the ambulance from Holmes' lead, Bell shows Captain Gregson Halpern's body, which has been cut open. However, he's determined that Halpern was killed when Turk was in custody, so he must have a partner. At the Morgue, Dr. Hawes tells Bell, Holmes and Watson that Halpern's throat was slashed before she was cut open. Halpern's roommate, Paige, is disbelieving when Bell and Watson tell her that Halpern was a drug mule. Finding she went to Brazil for gastric bypass surgery, Bell looks into the surgeon. He and Watson visit the offices of dentist Marty Ward having discovered that Janko Stepovic, a drug gang leader, uses the offices for his business. They propose he help them retrieve the heroin so that his competitor's can't sell it. At the precinct, Bell is surprised by Ward, whose hand is heavily bandaged, and his lawyer, Sarah Penley. Penley asks for protection and immunity for her client in exchange for information. later, Ward is tricked into confessing and in "the box", Bell watches as Ward writes his statement. Once completed, Bell lets in an Asian detective who Ward sees posed as a Triad member and realizes his lawyer was right and that he's been duped.
"The Best Way Out Is Always Through": Exiting a concert, Bell and his girlfriend, Detective Shauna Scott make plans for the evening until they are both called to the crime scene. Arriving separately, Shauna and Bell don't reveal their relationship to Holmes and Watson as they examine the body, identified as Judge Dennis Vaughn. While Bell plans to get the list of those at the fundraiser to identify who the judge was with, finger prints are found on the screwdriver which Holmes can see are from a woman. Bell finds the prints on the screwdriver belong to a convict, Nikki Moreno, who escaped from Pemberton Women's Correctional Facility in NJ days before. At Pemberton, which is a for-profit prison operated by Reform Enterprises (RE), Deputy Warden Trey McCann indicates to Bell, Holmes and Watson that Moreno was a troublemaker. Bell and Watson check Moreno's cell. Watson tells Bell she knows he and Shauna are dating, which he admits to and is happy about. Bell and Watson question Jeff Harper who denies helping Moreno escape and doesn't know her whereabouts. They leave Harper's office and Watson tells Bell that Shauna works for Internal Affairs (IA). Bell meets Shauna at a bar and expresses his anger at discovering that she secretly works for IA and didn't tell him. Accusing her of being a rat, she counters with an incident in which Bell turned in a crooked commissioner. Feeling his trust in her has been betrayed and ruined their relationship, Bell walks out. At Pemberton, Holmes finds Moreno's body inside a recycling bin and shows Bell and Watson. Believing that a prison guard, McCann, worked for criminals incarcerated who wanted Vaughn dead, Bell and Holmes question a CAG executive, Perry Franklin, at his office. Franklin won't provide details why McCann was fired until threatened with media exposure. He then allows them to review hard copies of McCann's work files but insists none leave the premises. Discussing what happened with Shauna, Holmes comments that everyone he works with now has no love in their life, just like him. Despite her working for IA, Holmes encourages Bell to give his relationship with Shauna another chance. After finding evidence that Franklin murdered Vaughn, Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson show him the evidence and he's arrested by NJ police. Bell meets Shauna outside her precinct, apologizes and says he'd like to get back together with her. However, Shauna's reflected on Bell's accusations and tells him that she's quitting the precinct to work at IA full-time. She indicates she'll need some time before they can resume their relationship. That evening, a forlorn Bell arrives at the Brownstone and commiserates with Holmes. Throwing cards into the Stanley Cup, which Holmes has confirmed is real, Bell turns down an opportunity to meet one of Holmes' paramours and enjoys the distraction.
"Absconded": Investigating the death of USDA employee Everett Keck while he was inspecting bee hives, Bell and Holmes search for a bodyguard for a sheik, Rashid Musharakh, they are able to find him by tracking a laptop he traded for in a pawn shop. Later, Bell, Holmes and Watson show a professor, Tara Parker, the evidence against her and her husband and Bell arrests her.
"A Controlled Descent": After Alfredo Llamosa is kidnapped, Bell, Gregson and Watson question Neil Kopecky. Fired from Castle due to conflicts with Alfredo, Kopecky is defiant and uncooperative and won't speak without his attorney present. Holmes meets Oscar Rankin, who confesses to kidnapping Alfredo but demands Holmes' help for his release. Watson explains the situation to Bell and Gregson who are incredulous that Holmes is meeting with Oscar instead of turning him in. Watson asks that they help her find Alfredo while Holmes deals with Oscar. Bell and Watson examine Oscar's apartment but find little until Watson looks outside and sees the '73 Charger under a tarp. Inside the car, she finds a hamburger wrapper from Dilby's, which she tells Bell is only on Long Island. While visiting a construction site, Watson starts to lose hope that Alfredo will be found. As she stares at a coffin sized hole in the ground with Bell, she realizes that there are many cemeteries on Long Island. Several businesses that make headstones are also on the island that cut marble and granite. At South Shore Memorial, Bell, Watson and police find Alfredo tied up and barely alive.

Season 4[]

I was mistaken. You don't know what my partner looks like naked.

— Holmes to Bell, "A Burden of Blood"
S04E11-Bell w phone

Marcus Bell Season Four/Gallery

Bell is involved in stopping the use of doppelganger software created by Dorian Moll to be used to pin crimes on innocent people. Discovering Bell leaving the Brownstone in the morning and Watson in the shower, Holmes accuses Watson of sleeping with Bell. The case of the murder of a Russian oligarch and car hacking brings Holmes and Bell to a strip club where Marcus is uncomfortable. He, Holmes and Watson bring a corrupt university CEO, Wilson Trager, to justice. Bell is heavily involved in bringing Neil Dannon, who planted a bomb in the Morgue, killing Nicole Slater, to justice. Bell tries to find the identity of a vigilante dressed as the Midnight Ranger. After a robbery and assault at a poker game run by Lin Wen occurs, Bell and Gregson find a spy camera in the game room. Bell and Holmes investigate a double murder that was staged to look like a robbery gone wrong. Bell is called to a shooting at a diner in which Emil Kurtz is killed. This makes Sherlock aware that Watson has been investigating the murder attempt on his father, Morland, without his knowledge. Bell, Holmes and Watson discover that Moriarty's organization is using a survey to recruit killers, including the man that shot Kurtz. An explosion in Morland's office results in Bell assisting in finding the bomber, Ruslan Krasnov.

Appearances in Season 4
"The Past Is Parent": After Sherlock witnesses the suicide of Jonathan Bloom, Bell takes hi statement. Holmes isn't allowed to work with the NYPD due to his assault on Oscar Rankin and Watson chooses to follow Holmes. Watson goes to the 11th Precinct, collects their possessions and says goodbye to Bell.
"Evidence of Things Not Seen": Detective Bell does not appear in this episode.
"Tag, You're Me": At the murder scene of doppelgangers Otto Neuhaus and Timothy Wagner, Bell provides Holmes and Watson with their identities. Sherlock meets Bell and Watson at the apartment of Dorian Moll, who Watson found was in both Otto and Tim's call logs. Bell radios for officers to check out the apartment and moments later, Moll comes down the fire escape. At Countenance, Bell and Watson meet executive Curtis Tofano, who they discovered used DoppelHunt.com, created by Moll. He confesses to knowing about Moll but has an alibi for the time of Otto and Tim's murders. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Bell and Captain Gregson hear Officer Sean Cudlow's confession that he killed Tim and Otto to avenge his brother's death. However he denies attacking Moll and has an alibi. After Bell visits Dorian Moll asking for help, Curtis Tofano is brought to the precinct who is revealed to be the killer. Bell calls Moll that they've caught his attacker but when Moll offers free DoppelHunts to Bell, Sherlock and Watson, they realize he hasn't learned anything.
"All My Exes Live in Essex": After Holmes that a missing woman, Abby Campbell, has been killed and her body turned into a skeleton, Bell reports that the Morgue has confirmed the skeleton is Abby's. Bell is part of the team that shows Nate, Abby's oncologist husband, killed her after she discovered that he was diagnosing many of his patients with cancer when they didn't have it.
"The Games Underfoot": A fire in an apartment brings Bell to the Morgue, where he identifies a burnt body as Eddie Ross. Dr. Hawes indicates he was stabbed to death before being burned which Watson sees was with an archaeologist's trowel that wasn't Eddie's. Talking to a townhouse super, Watson discovers that a dig is happening behind the buildings and calls Holmes and Bell to apprehend the digger. At the precinct, the digger, Tyler Eggert, explains he was looking for a rare 1980 video game, "Nottingham Knights" a stash of which was dumped in a landfill. Believing that a Mr. Ostrin, aka "IntegerOverflow", killed Ross over the stash, Bell, Holmes and Watson see that he found the stash many years before Ross was killed. Watson and Bell visit the headquarters of the company that disposed waste in the same land as the stash. Bell and Watson realize the townhouse owner, Duncan Brice, may have had motive to kill Ross as his dig found toxic waste barrels.
"The Cost of Doing Business": After a sniper kills a number of people in downtown, Bell and Gregson examine the rifle, left on a vacant floor in a building owned by owned by Zyckner Williams. Holmes calls Bell for a list of the victims. After Holmes identifies the sniper as Pierre Gagnier, an ESU team assaults his hotel room. Busting in, they find he's gone out the fire escape. At street level, Bell and Gregson round a corner and find Gagnier fell off the escape and plunged to his death. At the Morgue, Sherlock rues that Gagnier died before he could help their case while Bell invites him and Watson to look through Gagnier's effects.
"Miss Taken": After a former FBI agent, Bob Underwood is murdered, Holmes discovers he was looking into an old case of an abducted girl, Mina Davenport, who was returned to her family. Bell, Holmes and Watson visit Nina's parents, Richard and Nancy, who speak highly of Underwood. They also meet Mina who Holmes says is an imposter. After Holmes plans a distraction at the Davenport's that causes the fire department to arrive, Bell and Gregson allow Holmes and Watson access to search the house. Later, Richard turns himself in an confesses to murdering Underwood which Holmes doesn't believe. Bell reports that DNA tests show Mina is a familial match for Richard and while Bell thinks he had a affair, Holmes has a different theory.
"A Burden of Blood": Returning to the Brownstone, Holmes finds the inner door to the entrance way locked and while trying to open it, Bell comes down the stairs. Saying he returned a book to Watson, Bell leaves and a suspicious Holmes confronts Watson as she's leaving the bathroom. Accusing her of sleeping with Bell, Watson denies it but unable to discover the reason for Bell's visit, Holmes informs her they've been called to a murder scene. At the precinct, Holmes tells Bell that he knows that Watson is helping him study for the sergeant's exam. Over Bell's objections, Holmes insists on taking over his tutelage until Watson calls and Holmes says he knows she's been helping Bell. At the Brownstone, while Holmes uses a dummy to test Bell's pat-down knowledge, he learns Bell is taking the sergeant's exam for the pay raise as his mother is in financial difficulty. Holmes offers a loan but Bell won't accept it. Later while watching surveillance video of the restaurant Ellen was at, Holmes tell Watson that he doesn't think Bell is really interested in becoming a sergeant. At the precinct, Watson tells Bell that Holmes is examining a suspect's house and, gives him an assignment to prepare for his test. Bell has little time to spare so Watson has to convince him to do it. Holmes meets Bell outside the precinct where a man is being taken into custody. Holmes explains the man is a fugitive who was captured because of the completed assignment Watson gave Bell. Handing him a bounty check made out to his mother, Holmes leaves it up to Bell if he still wants to take the sergeant's test.
"Murder Ex Machina": After two Russian men are gunned down in front of a strip club and the gunmen's car crashes, killing them, Bell and Watson question a witness, Harry Magarac, who left the club just after the Russians and saw a gray car speeding away. Magarac meets with Bell and Gregson at the precinct and denies arranging Zoltov's murder. He was negotiating a deal with Zolotov at the strip club which would have benefited his union. However, Zoltov's bodyguard was concerned about a stripper and they left before finishing the negotiations. Arriving at the Brownstone, Bell relates what Magarac said while Sherlock and Watson tell him they reviewed video from Zolotov's hotel and found an Asian woman with body guard visiting him multiple times. While Mason uses his facial recognition software to try and identify the woman, Bell and Sherlock head to the strip club to find the stripper. At the strip club, Sherlock expresses his appreciation for the ladies' craft to Bell and asks a stripper, Olga Berezhnaya, for a private dance.
"Alma Matters": The murder of Dennis Hicks, a recruiter for Fairbridge University, is brought to Holmes and Watson's attention by the manager of a halfway house bought by Fairbridge, Lily Cooper. She indicates that the university was under investigation by the Dept. of Education for illegal recruiting practices. Bell is able to get a robber who witnessed Hicks' murder to provide details. After Cooper is killed in her office, Bell and Watson tell Captain Gregson they suspect that like Hicks' murder, Cooper's was staged to look like a robbery. The CEO of Fairbridge, Wilson Trager, displays fake concern for those murdered and passes Bell and Watson off to his two lawyers. Hearing their suspicions that Hicks and Cooper were killed over the DOE investigation, the lawyers indicate they'll provide access to Trager's schedule and records. A former resident of the halfway house, Victor Nieves, is investigated by Bell as being blackmailed into committing crimes by Trager. Bell talks to the Nieves' daughter and finds that Victor was at an amusement park when Cooper was killed. Calling Gregson, he's surprised to find that Victor has turned himself in and confessed to Hicks and Cooper's murders. Bell later arrest Trager in front of the university faculty when an in-law of Trager's confesses to arranging for many of his in-debt students to commit crimes on his behalf.
"Down Where the Dead Delight": After a bomb explodes in the Morgue, which was planted in the body of a homeless man, Omar Velez, Holmes and Bell examine where Velez's body was found. Bell points out that Velez's body was found in a forest near a path. Holmes wades across a pond and when Bell calls him, he says he's found police tape. Bell visits the home of suspect Toby Dannon and discovers Toby lives with his parents. His father Neil is protective and furious when Toby admits to buying oxy from a murdered woman, Janet, and asks if Toby was high when working at his construction business. Discovering Toby planted a spy camera at Janet's, with a warrant, Bell and Holmes visit the Dannon's where Neil and his wife Beverly say that Toby is away working for Neil's construction company. While Bell and Holmes search Toby's room, they find a false book front that's empty. Bell leaves to check the trash cans with Beverly, Holmes finds a box hidden in Toby's mattress that contains journals and pictures of Janet that Toby mutilated. Bell questions Toby at the precinct but he has alibis for the times of Velez's and Janet's murders. Believing Neil committed the murders, Bell, Holmes and Watson are able to trick him into a confession.
"A View with a Room": After an officer who was undercover with a bike gang, Ryan Dunning, is found murdered, at the precinct, Gregson shows Bell, Holmes and Watson video from Dunning's body cam which shows he was shot in gang leader Nick Farris' office. Given the ease with which Dunning's body was found, Gregson believes they didn't know he was a cop. The members won't say who shot Dunning but rewinding the video, Holmes notices that the shooter has a mole on his right wrist. At the bunker, Bell says that none of the bikers have the mole, leading Watson to believe that Farris shot Dunning. In Farris' office, Watson notices that the rug seen in the video is gone which Bell has police search for. Holmes finds a kick-starter to Farris' antique British motorcycle and speculating that the bike is in a repair shop, Bell arranges for police to monitor the few shops that service rare bikes.
"A Study in Charlotte": After professor Joe Ballantine and a group of students are poisoned from drinking mushroom tea, at a university classroom, Bell and Holmes question biochemistry Professor Alston Harper who wrote several textbooks with Ballantine. Bell checks out the alibi of a suspect named Griffin. After residue of the poison used to kill Ballatine and his students his found in Harper's lab equipment, Bell arrests him.
"Who Is That Masked Man?": After three Chinese gang members are murdered at an arcade, Sven Eklund becomes a suspect. Bell and Gregson visit his home and find he created masks and costumes to disguise himself as people his murder victims knew. Eklund is arrested and brought to the precinct and confesses to the murders but won't reveal his motive. Linked to the owner of the retirement home, Michael Haas, that was bilking seniors out of their savings and then using the gang to kill them, Haas is brought to the Morgue where Bell, Holmes and Watson get a confession from him.
"Up to Heaven and Down to Hell": After Rosalyn Graham is pushed out of her apartment to her death, Bell notes that her arthritis bottle has the wrong pills in it. Bell and Holmes then question Rosalyn's lawyer, Elliot, who was made trustee of her estate. Discovering Derek O'Neal, who led a group opposed to a real estate development at Graham's apartment, was murdered, Bell, Holmes and Watson question the developer, William Hull and his architect, Malcolm Busquet.
"Hounded": Henry Baskerville's brother Charles is chased and killed by what a witness described as a growling, glowing wolf. One of Charles' competitors, Mr. Anton, is accused by Bell of his murder and shown a picture of the war dog which his company won the contract to create. After Henry is chased by the wolf, it's trapped and examined by Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson and found to be a large, glowing machine with four legs created by Stapleton Innovations. With his staff, Rodger Stapleton shows Bell, Holmes and Watson that the machine, called "Gus", was designed as a pack mule for the infantry. Accused of killing Charles, Rodger offers to punch Bell or Gregson in order to void an inheritance.
"You've Got Me, Who's Got You?": A vigilante wearing a Midnight Ranger costume is discovered shot dead, Bell shows Holmes the unidentified man's body in the Morgue. Bell question a tailor who created part of the costume, by isn't successful in learning the man's identity. Learning the vigilante was Mike Stratton, a colleague of Stratton's, Ben Garrett, accusing him of not liking what he was doing as the Midnight Ranger. Bell provides a key witness, NYPD Sergeant Black, whose information links Stratton's murder to Al Baxter, an employee of the comic book company that created the Ranger.
"Ready or Not": The disappearance of Dr. Vincent Bader, results in Bell and Watson questioning drug rep Julie Monahan. When Bader's body is found, in Gregson's office, Bell and Gregson break the news to Vincent's wife, Jennifer, who says she found that Vincent spent $100,000 on something called "The Keep", run by Ronnie Wright. Bell and Watson show Gregson that Keep member Clyde Staller signed on due to Bader's recommendation and suspects he killed Bader when he discovered The Keep was fake. Bell arrests Bader's business partner, Dr. Ira Wallace for his murder.
"All In": After a robbery and assault at a poker game run by Lin Wen occurs, Bell and Gregson are angry to find the owner has been renovating, which makes examining the scene difficult. Noting that Lin also had a contractor fix the ceiling bullet holes, Bell notices the ceiling light above where the poker table was is, peculiar. At the precinct, Bell shows Holmes that the light has a wi-fi spy camera in it. Discovering a player at the game, Mateo Pena, planted the camera to cheat at poker, he retrieves the video from a secure, air-gapped server room and provides it to Bell and Holmes.
"Art Imitates Art": After Phoebe Elliot is shot dead, Bell reports that her brother, Keith, just finished jail time for car theft. At the art gallery of Ephraim Hill, Bell, Holmes and Watson view selfies that have been enlarged and are being sold as art, including one from Phoebe. In the background of the selfie, Bell finds a car which belongs to Louis Bowman, who is serving life in prison for murdering Marissa Kagan. At the precinct, Bell, Holmes and Watson show Captain Gregson their findings and that the selfie shows Bowman leaving a college library when Marissa Kagan was killed. Bell and Watson visit Bowman in prison who admits that he was obsessed with Kagan but has since received treatment for a disorder. Bell and Watson question Amanda Neal, a Connecticut state trooper, who says she went on two dates with Bowman who then became obsessed with her. She sarcastically denies planting evidence and states she has no access to murder investigations. At the Connecticut forensics lab, supervisor Zoe Mercado is accused by Bell, Holmes and Watson of "dry-labbing", writing false reports to conform with evidence in cases. Insisting that her work is above board, Bell tells her they'll be re-testing the DNA found in the car used to kill Phoebe.
"Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing": Holmes meets Bell at a crime scene with two dead men, one in an SUV and another on the pavement beside the vehicle. Bell identifies the driver as Jared Talt, a developer, and Butch Callahan, an army vet. Examining the scene, they conclude that someone staged it to look like Talt and Callahan shot each other. Bell and Holmes question Callahan's girlfriend, Roxanne Ortiz, and Holmes finds several shirts in the garbage with red stains on them, which Ortiz is shocked to see. Bell and Sherlock find that Callahan bought a pen recorder and believe that he and Jared intended to blackmail whoever hired Callahan to really kill Jared, after showing him the staged pictures. After Ortiz becomes a suspect, with a police team, Bell and Watson search Ortiz's house where she angrily denies knowing about the blackmail plot. From Ortiz's testimony and other evidence, the killer is found to be Tait's wife. Bell is called away to a shooting at a diner where he meets a police officer who tells him that a robber shot four people and took the cash from the till. Retrieving the ID from the first victim, it's Emil Kurtz.
"Turn It Upside Down": At the scene of a diner robbery and shooting, Bell reports that there was one survivor, Jordan Lee, but Watson shows interest in shooting victim Emil Kurtz and asks Bell to find out what order the victims were shot in. Bell and Watson question the shooting survivor, Jordan Lee, who gives them a partial description of the shooter. Believing the shooter was a taxidermist, Bell calls that they've found a suspect. In "the box" at the precinct, Arthur Tetch confesses to killing Kurtz after being shown overwhelming evidence against him by Bell and Gregson. He mentions that he was hired to kill Patricia Naylor before he killed Kurtz. Reviewing Naylor's files at her office, Bell and Sherlock find no suspects. Speaking to Naylor's research assistant, Dr. Warren, she mentions that they were given a research grant and she's there to help Naylor's replacement with the transition. Having gone through Tetch's computer, Bell tells Watson they discovered that he took the DANTE survey, even though he claimed to not have known Naylor before being hired to kill her. Confronted in prison, Tetch tells Bell, Sherlock and Watson that he took many surveys for fun and didn't know Naylor was involved in DANTE. Dr. Warren is called to the precinct where she's shown that police have discovered that she has been isolating psychopathic responses to the survey, and then sharing the IP addresses of those respondents. Sherlock deduces that Moriarty's organization is behind the killings.
"The Invisible Hand": After an explosion occurs in Morland's office, Bell tells Watson the explosion left little evidence and the surveillance footage is gone. At the precinct, Bell gives Sherlock and Watson the bomb squad's report. Seeing the bomb was detonated remotely and composed of gallons of liquid, Sherlock deduces it was taken into the building in water jugs. Called to the precinct by Bell who reports they have the bomber, Ruslan Krasnov, he refuses to speak English until Sherlock displays that he's fluent in Russian and philosophy. Krasnov's gift card shows a purchase in farm country which Bell says he'll pursue. Bell shows Gregson and Watson a missing persons case in the farm country Krasnov used his gift card. Krasnov is shot by a police officer who Bell confirms took the DANTE survey and was identified as a psychopath.
"A Difference in Kind": Bell calls Holmes to report that the head of Morland's security team, Christopher Gray was found beaten up and unconscious near the Brownstone and is in hospital. Once the case is completed and Joshua Vikner is killed, Watson plans to set up her half-sister Lin Wen and Bell up on a date.

Season 5[]

Yeah. You were right. About me doing worse to him if you hadn't stopped me. Truth is I don't know how far I would've gone.

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Marcus Bell Season Five/Gallery

Bell is involved in finding the murderer of Ken Tolan, who was killed at a nudist colony. He assists Holmes and Watson in finding the murderer of a financial analyst who wrote a paper on asteroids and, a "catfisher" who preys on sexual predators. Holmes helps Bell clear up an issue with a witness in a case that ADA Chantal Milner is overseeing and realizes that Bell and Milner are attracted to each other. Bell helps Watson get her medical license back and in the process finds a disabled killer. Bell is accosted by Chantal's ex, Roy Booker and after Bell punches Booker, Booker complains to the D.A.'s office, causing issues for Chantal. The altercation was a trap meant to have Chantal removed from a case. Discovering Booker retired from the NYPD based on a bogus injury, Bell has Booker back off harassing Chantel. In a race against time to save Watson and a restaurant full of hostages, Bell and Holmes find Frank Trimble, who assaulted Jack Brunelle's son. Using an accomplice, Booker tries to frame Bell for road rage but Bell is exonerated. Bell discovers Chantal badly beaten and believes Booker is responsible. He loses his temper when Booker tries to visit Chantal. Holmes prevents Bell from assaulting a suspect in Chantal's assault and Bell admits that his father was abusive. Bell assists Holmes and Watson bring down drug gang SBK and its leader, Tyus Wilcox.

Appearances in Season 5
"Folie a Deux": At a bombing scene in Flushing, Captain Gregson and Bell relate to Holmes and Watson that the bomb was made from bleach and potassium chloride, the bomber's recipe, and detonated remotely but nearby. Holmes sees a suspicious man in the crowd of on-lookers and as he approaches, the man runs. Holmes loses the man but as Bell and Watson arrive on the scene, he explains that the man put his hand on the taxi's hood which will give them his fingerprints. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Bell, Holmes and Watson show Clay Fielder evidence that he is the bomber and that his partner won't receive money from a development bid which was to have paid off Fielder's family.
"Worth Several Cities": Helping Holmes search for a box involved in the murders of several Mara Tres gang members and a smuggler, Reymundo Torres, Bell and Holmes arrive at the home of Torres' mistress who is a young man named Kyle. After finding the box contained the Great Jade Seal of China, in Gregson's office, Holmes and Watson show Bell and Gregson the Seal and later, take ink prints of it with Bell to confirm its authenticity.
"Render, and Then Seize Her": After Ken Tolan is shot death at a nudist resort, Holmes and Watson meet Bell and question the resort's head, Dolores Murphy. She shows them a video Tolan posted just before his death, of Beth Stone, who was kidnapped a week before. Bell notes that the cabin has been scrubbed with ammonia and that rain obscured any outside evidence. Bell and Watson visit Beth's husband, Aaron, at his video production studio and he confirms Tolan's video is of Beth. Seeing video of Beth kidnapping where she's taken in a van, Bell sets off to investigate if the van can be found through secondary sales. Bell finds the van and called to the scene, Holmes and Watson find it burned and that it was ditched when Beth was kidnapped, days before Tolan was shot. Bell is part of the team that questions video production company employee Dennis Karig but are stopped by Gregson who reports that Beth has been found.
"Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling": Receiving a call from Bell, Holmes and Watson meet him at the crime scene of the man stabbed with the poker, Russell Cole. A quantitative investment analyst, Cole worked for Barrett White Capital. Bell and Watson visit Cole's boss, Mitch Barrett, at his office where Mitch is shocked and relates that Cole was his "mad genius." Holmes meets Bell and Watson at Cole's cabin where he notes copious amounts of poison ivy outside and no recent sign of visitors besides Cole. Later, Bell calls to report a tip from a waitress that Cole frequented the coffee shop she worked at. While Holmes stays in NYC to review companies that were affected by the Piazzi cancellation, Bell and Watson question the waitress at the coffee shop. Watson finds a thumb drive buried in a wall, which she believes was used as an information "dead drop", which Bell digs out the wall. Bell and Watson show Gregson that the thumb drive showed that Cole had a unidentified partner who helped him deliberately put mistakes in the paper in order to have Piazzi cancelled.
"To Catch a Predator Predator": At a cheap motel, Winston Utz lies to his wife on the phone that he has to work late. Hearing a gun shot, a dead man crashes through his window. At the Morgue, Bell reports the dead man was Damien Novak, who had his wrists bound with a red zip-tie and was shot twice in the back. Also mentioning to Watson that Damien's wife has an alibi, Holmes deduces that Damien was the victim of a predator who preys on sexual predators and that there's been five other occurrences. Bell and Watson show Gregson their findings and that Damien had three more catfish profiles active. Bell notes that the mask Damien wore was found and Watson indicates that Winston Utz was Damien's target when he was killed. At the precinct, Bell and Holmes tell Molly Parsons, from TrueRomantix, evidence that she killed Damien.
"Ill Tidings": In court, Bell is grilled by a defense attorney in the case of an armed robbery. Bell swears that a witness, Samuel Cruz, saw the attorney's client fleeing the scene. Outside the courtroom, Bell looks over the case file and tells ADA Chantal Milner that he may have perjured himself. He tells Holmes that due to deductions Holmes made on what Cruz saw in the robbery case, the defense attorney may be able to free the robber. Holmes is adamant there's enough evidence for a successful prosecution, but Milner still wants the them to clear up the matter. Having received an affidavit from Cruz, Bell and Holmes deliver it to Milner in a courthouse. Outside, Holmes teases Bell that he's interested in Milner and wants to impress her with his work.
"Bang Bang Shoot Chute": Mark Trenchman and Bennett Nealy, prepare to jump off a skyscraper. Bennett dedicates the jump to "Arturo" and as they both jump, a sniper hits Bennett with two shots and he plummets to the ground. The next morning at the scene, Bell shows Holmes where the sniper shot from. At West Point, Bell and Holmes question Arturo's sister, Eliza. Discovering Bennett was smuggling people in an airplane, Bell, Holmes and Watson show pilot Gordie Kasdan that he was Bennett's pilot. Finding that Bennett was involved with a Muslim woman, Zohala, who he smuggled into the US with her family, Bell and an ESU team find her brother Marjan targeting Zohala with a rifle outside an Islamic shelter and are able to disarm and arrest him.
"How the Sausage Is Made": After Efraim Albright aka "Joaq" is killed with a horse tranquilizer, Watson and Bell visit his girlfriend's house and find he was a genius biotechnologist and worked for Next Century Meats (NCM). At NCM, Bell and Holmes meet CEO Werner Platz who shows them cow meat, or "shmeat", that is grown in a lab. Brendan Farley, Joaq's deputy, gives Holmes a sample to taste. Bell reviews NCM's submission to the FDA and finds differences from Joaq's work. At NCM, Bell and Holmes accuse Joaq's deputy, Brendan Farley, of changing the submission. Eventually admitting to it, he denies killing Joaq and says he was in Curacao when Joaq died. Bell offers a deal if Farley will testify against Platz but seeing that their evidence is circumstantial, Farley refuses and leaves.
"It Serves You Right to Suffer": While trying to decide if he should cover up evidence to help Shinwell Johnson, Holmes asks Bell if his brother Andre was sent back to prison on a technicality, if he'd refer back to criminal ways which Marcus says he would.
"Pick Your Poison": Called to the Morgue without Holmes, Watson is shown by Bell the corpse of a man who overdosed on drugs. Indicating she doesn't know the man, Bell says that she wrote the prescription the man used to overdose. Later, Watson tells Bell that her medical license has been suspended. He's found a pharmacy where one of the hardcopy scripts using her license was submitted. Bell emails a photo of a woman who rented one of the mailboxes referred to on the phony script using Watson name and Watson recognizes her as Dr. Franny Krieg. At Krieg's office, they find Krieg and a Marla Ridgley Moore shot dead and five empty boxes of script pads. Bell and Watson meet with Marla's son Ethan, and her ex-husband, Patrick, at Marla's estate. Bell finds that the bullets used to kill Krieg and Marla match those in a mugging from two years before. The mugging victim, Lee Fisk, describes the events, which Holmes can tell is a lie and that Fisk was attempting a car jacking. After Bell says he won't be charged for the attempt, Fisk confesses that while trying to rob a man and a woman in silver Lexus, the man shot at him through the car window.
"Be My Guest": Holmes finds that Ryan Decker keeps women as slaves and recognizes one of his victim's, Preeda, from the ICE database. Her friend, Ms. Vee is questioned by Holmes and Bell at the precinct where she names Darnell Langston as a strong suspect in her abduction. With a NJ detective, Bell and Holmes apprehend Langston at his uncle's house but looking at some work clothes, Holmes says he's not Decker's accomplice.
"Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown": Marcus begins a relationship with Chantal Milner, a recently divorced Assistant District Attorney. Marcus is provoked by a man in bar and Marcus punches him. He later learns from Chantal that the man was her ex-husband, Roy Booker, and he made a complaint against Marcus. After investigating, it is revealed that Roy is working for a law firm that is trying to sabotage Chantal and get her pulled from a major case where she is the lead attorney. Marcus also learns that Roy faked an injury to get an early pension and threatens to reveal this information if Roy doesn't leave Chantal alone.
"Over a Barrel": Having tried to years to get Holmes and Watson to take on the case of the assault of his son Connor, Jack Brunelle takes a restaurant full of customers and Watson hostage. Bell and Holmes question a lawyer, Dario Canales, who reveals that Connor dropped out of law school and was working as a security guard at a warehouse. At the warehouse, Bell and Holmes question a man who confirms that Connor was beaten hours before his shift. At the Brownstone, Holmes shows Bell drone video footage of NYC from the night Connor was assaulted. Seeing a smuggling operation occurred at the warehouse the night Connor was assaulted, Bell and Watson speak to members of the members of San Matón gang who confirm that a defunct gang, the Shoreline 99's, committed the smuggling. Holmes and Bell break in a warehouse using by the Shoreline 99's and find it filled with barrels. Opening a barrel and expecting to find drugs, they instead find maple syrup. Ex-Shoreline 99's member Dejuan Rowe, is offered a deal in exchange for information by Bell. He provides a description of the man who assaulted Connor but no identity. He also mentions the man was a brawler who once took out six men and a dog in a bar fight in NYC. Holmes identifies the man as Frank Trimble but the statute of limitations has run out on his crime. After finding Trimble left the US for two days to see a hockey game, Bell and Gregson explain the term "tolling" and he is arrested.
"Rekt in Real Life": After eSports agent Owen Tuchman, aka "Pwnzr", is killed while streaming on-line, Bell and Watson join Holmes and discover that Pwnzr was beaten for a half hour before being killed a blow to the head with a sharp object. Bell finds on Pwnzr's phone acrimonious exchanges with Joey Ng of ProFine Peripherals. Questioning Ng, he relates Pwnzr's was trying to steal a new star egamer, Tendu, from him. Bell and Holmes find Tendu and a woman his was with fled their hotel room. Bell, Gregson and Holmes meet animal activist Rayna Carno and her lawyer, Gail Lundquist. Holmes shows them the post of Tendu eating seal meat and accuse her of trying to frame Tendu for Pwnzr's death. Discovering Tendu was with a woman named Libena, her agent, Carla, is found and questioned. Staking out a building they suspect Tendu and Libena are in, Bell and Holmes stop a hitman from killing them. The hitman is tied to Lundquists' law firm.
"Wrong Side of the Road": Bell is involved in finding a "red-haired man" who Holmes suspects of killing Cy Durning. After questioning Cy's wife, Kate, Bell circulates a sketch of the red-haired man and late questions a coroner who covered up evidence on Cy's body. A man involved in the case, Eli Kotite, dies after falling from his balcony and at the Morgue, while viewing Kotite's body, Holmes is unsuccessful in getting Bell to believe that Kotite was murdered.
"Fidelity": After lawyer Sydney Garber is nearly killed by a drive-by shooter on a motorcycle, Bell and Watson find the motorcycle and discover red hairs in the helmet. Watson believes the shooter was Anson Gephardt, the "red-haired man."
"The Ballad of Lady Frances": After Darren Azoff is tortured and killed with a new listening technology, BulletPoint, records the incident, Bell is able to identify Azoff and with Holmes and Watson, questions Azoff's wife. Indicating Darren was having an affair, Bell finds another residence in Darren's name and his mistress, Marjorie, lets them in where they discover Darren was stealing items from clients in his job as a dry waller. Holmes believes Darren was killed over a vintage guitar, the "Lady Frances", which Darren was trying to sell. Bell questions the guitar's last owner, Wolf, who admits he hired someone to take back the guitar but that it was already gone from Darren's. An employee of BulletPoint, Cosmo, is discovered to have stolen the guitar but Bell, Holmes and Watson find him dead at his home and the guitar there, smashed. Bell and Watson accuse a BulletPoint employee, Thea Moser, of creating false reports but she demonstrates her innocence. Later, a councilman, Slessinger, is shown evidence that he killed Cosmo by Bell and Watson.
"Dead Man's Tale": After Travis Unger is found dead in a storage unit, the investigation leads Bell and Holmes to a Manhattan Public Administrator's Office (MPAO) warehouse where they find an 18th century sea chest belonging an ancestor of Milton Barker, an Emerson Barker. Bell reports that one of Unger's last credit card transactions was at a bar near docks favored by marine salvagers and after visiting the bar, Lars Vestergaard is identified as a salvager who met with Unger the day before his disappeared. Lars' testimony involves them in finding treasure from a sunken ship and a teenage seller on the Dark Web known as "Kasgar", who Bell and a ESU team find. Bell, Holmes and Watson eventually discover that Lars was making more money on failed marine salvages than successful ones, he is shown evidence by Bell, Holmes and Watson that he killed Unger to prevent his scheme from being revealed to his investors.
"High Heat": After two crematorium workers find two burned bodies, the remains are sent to the Morgue where Bell, Holmes and Watson join Dr. Hawes. From some gold teeth, Holmes identifies one of the victims as private investigator (PI) Fred Kirby. Bell, Holmes and Watson find that Kirby was investigating the murder of Carter Gibson, who had a genetic condition, by a promising baseball prospect, Houston Spivey. Spivey discovered Gibson was his half-brother by an affair by his father and that revealing that he also has Gibson's genetic condition would prevent him receiving a pro contract.
"The Art of Sleights and Deception": After Marcus is falsely accused of pulling his gun on a road rager, Titus Gorham, Gorham complains to the police and Marcus is investigated by Internal Affairs. Watson meets Chantal to get information on Gorham. Marcus and Chantal have dinner in which Marcus says he confronted Booker about being behind the false complaint. She indicates her marriage to Booker soured when her career took off and his didn't. She also tells Marcus of an apartment that Booker lived in when she was dating him that wasn't listed in his record. Using this information, Watson is able to find the connection between the false complainer and Booker. Booker is charged and released on bail. Bell calls Chantal with the news but gets no answer from her.
"Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing": Bell finds Chantal badly beaten and unconscious in her apartment and immediately suspects Booker. He gets into a confrontation with Booker outside Chantal's hospital room. Booker's urine is found on Chantal's bed. Later, Booker is found shot dead in his car, from an apparent suicide, although this is found to be staged. Believing wealthy private jet broker Fyodor Ukhov is responsible for Chantal's assault, Bell stakes out Ukhov's mansion, intent on assaulting him, which Holmes prevents. Marcus admits to Holmes that he, his mother and his brother Andre were victims of his abusive father which Holmes suspected. Holmes and Bell discover that Chantal's assault and Booker's murder was committed by his employer, attorney Ted Winthrop. Bell, Holmes and Watson show Winthrop the evidence against him in front of several clients.
"Moving Targets": While participating on a reality paint ball shooter show, "Moving Targets", Police Chief Nanette Vlasik is murdered. Bell and Holmes visit the show producer Jake Bozeman and production assistant Daria Wyngold say Vlasik was a favorite to win and was hunting Dr. Charles Eriyo. Bell discovers the location of another contestant and he, Holmes and a police team capture Eriyo. Eriyo reveals to Bell and Holmes that he say Vlasik enter a mob strip club. There, they discover that Vlasik was working on a case which eventually is found to be corruption among dozens of police chiefs and a weapons company, Alpha Hawk Firearms. At "Moving Targets", Bell, Gregson and Holmes lie to Bozeman and Wyngold that Vlasik had uncovered Alpha Hawk's payoff scheme and she'd also found that the company made illegal weapons sales to "Heaven's Shining Army." Saying Eriyo helped arranged the sale, which is a violation of the treaty Uganda signed with the rebel group, they ask for their help capturing Eriyo and finding the shotgun used to kill Vlasik. That evening, Bozeman digs up the shotgun, but having been surveilled by police, Bell arrests him.
"Scrambled": Targetting drug gang SBK, Detective Guzman brings his files on them to the precinct for Bell, Holmes and Watson to review. He identifies Bonzi Folsom as the gang leader who has an acrimonious relationship with his half-brother, Tyus Wilcox. At Tyus' office, where he runs a complex systems analysis business, he tells Bell and Watson that he knows nothing about SBK nor Bonzi. At Bonzi's apartment, he denies he's part of SBK and that he's a community leader. He tells Bell, Holmes and Watson that Tall Boy killed Shinwell Johnson and gives them the location of the murder weapon. Bell stakes out an SBK drug deal which doesn't pan out. Bell and Gregson meet ADA Nelson Lewis and showing him several of Bonzi's messages that somewhat connect him to past crimes, they're unsuccessful in getting an arrest warrant. Finding evidence that Bonzi killed a woman, Bell and two officers head to Bonzi's apartment but find paramedics already there. Bonzi's girlfriend tells them that after snorting cocaine, Bonzi passed out. At a hospital, a doctor tells Watson that Bonzi is permanently brain dead from snorting cocaine mixed with bleach. Believing Tyus arranged the contaminated cocaine, Watson embarrasses Tyus in front of his mother and Bonzi's family. Taking her and Bell aside, he denies poisoning Tyus. Taunting and threatening Tyus, he responds in kind.
"Hurt Me, Hurt You": After SBK members Duane, Socks and others are killed by rival gang Mara Tres, the next day at the Morgue, Captain Gregson and Detective Bell view the bodies and tell Sherlock and Watson that police are on full alert for a gang war. The sister of Mara Tres' leader Halcon is kidnapped and Holmes shows Bell, Gregson and Watson a video of Carmen, lip bloodied and hands tied to a bar above her. She's forced to deliver a message that Mara Tres has disrespected SBK and Holmes indicates that Carmen was stabbed in the heart. At the precinct, Bell, Gregson and Watson show Tyus and his lawyer the video of Carmen. Accusing Tyus of killing her and starting the war with Mara Tres, Watson shows evidence that Tyus is responsible for the video and killing Carmen.

Season 6[]

It's a hell of a thing you did.

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Marcus Bell Season Six/Gallery

Bell helps to thwart a dirty bomb scare and a jewel heist. With Holmes suffering from amnesia and in possession of a human head, Bell and Watson link the head to a corrupt organ donor company CEO, Dominic Voth, and a doctor who killed to obtain a cure for bird flu. Bell is drawn into a case involving the yakuza, the US Missile Command and a "pinky drive." In the case of a murdered woman who was being mummified, Bell has to threaten an ancient weapons instructor with his firearm. Bell is approached by Strider Lincoln and encouraged to apply for the US Marshals. Bell ultimately decides to apply. With no regard for his own safety, Bell takes a biological weapon out of the 11th Precinct's hallway and secures it in "the box." Bell is involved in a case involving a headless corpse, a corrupt rum company and the occult. Bell interacts with Skyler, a sex doll present during the murder of Bruce Deramore. Bell is involved in the pursuit of Michael Rowan. When Rowan is found murdered and Watson becomes the prime suspect of FBI Agent Kim Mallick, Bell defends Watson even when threatened that the FBI will ruin his chance to become a US Marshal. Not dissuaded, Bell meets Holmes and gives him everything the NYPD has on Rowan's killing.

Appearances in Season 6
"An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains": A client of Holmes and Watson, a reformed party girl, Sophie Bishop, is found dead which Bell reports to Watson. At the scene, Bell tells Watson that Sophie husband, Ryan, indicated that Sophie left home after receiving a call. At the 11th Precinct, Bell and Holmes question a woman who claims to know who killed Sophie and an old boyfriend of her's, Sammy Olivetti.
"Once You've Ruled Out God": Rohan Giri is killed by a bolt of lightning which Holmes believes was man-made. Rohan's wife, Chloe, is questioned at the precinct by Bell and Holmes where she tells them about laser-induced plasma channels (LIPC) and a lab that is making one. At the LIPC lab, Holmes and Bell are shown the LIPC in a truck by an engineer, Mr. Kwon. Discovering the truck was used to steal plutonium, Bell, Watson and Don Kohler of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) find the van used to steal it. Bell, Captain Gregson, Holmes, Watson and a police and NNSA team find a bunker that was used to make a dirty bomb. A tip that the bomb is going to be used on a mosque leads the police to monitor all NYC's traffic cameras on which Bell finds a cab that is passing up fares and circling a mosque. The bomb scare is a ruse for a jewel heist which Holmes, Watson and Bell and show Don Kohler evidence that he is responsible for planning the heist.
"Pushing Buttons": Bell is at the scene of a Revolutionary War reenactment, where George Nix is murdered. Watson and Bell question Nix's bodyguard, Fetu, who says Nix had received death threats over the manner in which he ran his gym franchises which had bankrupted several franchisees. Bell and Watson question George's daughter, Marcy, who lives on a commune and has an alibi. A fire at George's house leads Bell, Holmes and Watson to elicit a confession from fire chief Adrian Cruz that he stole antique silver from George's house, but wasn't involved in the arson. Bell, Holmes, Watson and a police team search the home of reenacter Chris Holland but initially aren't able to find evidence against him.
"Our Time Is Up": Investigating the murder of Watson's former therapist Dr. Candace Reed, her business partner, Dr. Leo Demopoulos, won't provide her patient files but offers to give Bell's card to them so they can voluntarily speak to the police. Bell and Watson question Dr. Reed's grieving husband Milt who has an alibi. Through a ruse with one of Reed's patients, Bell and Holmes are able to catch Demopoulos retrieving the murder weapon he used to kill Reed.
"Bits and Pieces": With Holmes suffering from amnesia and in possession of a human head, Bell and Watson link the head to a corrupt organ donor company CEO, Dominic Voth. They discover that a Dr. Selsky killed several people in order to obtain a cure for bird flu.
"Give Me the Finger": At the scene of arson, Bell identifies a murdered man as Ando Azuma, who worked in I.T. and immigrated from Japan four years before. Knocked unconscious and tied up before being killed, the fire was then started to burn any evidence. Missing part of his left pinky, Watson notes that wound healed some time ago. At the Brownstone, Bell and Holmes question a prosthetics technician, Bethany Ito, who confirms she made Azuma's prosthetic pinky but that it also contained a flash drive and that he was a former yakuza. She provides them with the dark web account that Azuma used to pay for the pinky. Discovering information on the "pinky drive" involves the US Missile Command and legacy computer tech, Bell and Holmes look for Eddy Dunbridge, a provider of legacy tech to the Air Force. They find him locked in a dry-docked boat in which Eddy shoots out the windows to call them for help. Eddy provides details on a robbery at his business and his kidnapping to Bell and Holmes. With the help of a yakuza, Go Shinura, Bell, Holmes and Watson entrap and arrest Azuma's killer, Lt. Col. Robin Deakins.
"Sober Companions": After Hannah's roommate, Maddie, is strangled by a serial killer, Bell finds that one of the items on Maddie belonged to Ashley Jenkins, who was found strangled in her home like Maddie. Bell and Watson find the store that a pair of earrings on Maddie were bought at but can't find the buyer. Finding the killer was also responsible for the disappearance of Polly Kenner, Bell, Gregson and a police team search a woods and discover a wooden dummy where she was buried.
"Sand Trap": Bell calls Holmes and Waton to the Morgue where Dr. Eugene Hawes shows them the body of a woman buried in concrete. Strangled with a seat belt from a late-model Japanese sedan before she was buried, Holmes looks through her personal effects and finds a smart bracelet which identifies where she worked. At Pathas Global, Levi Salinger identifies the woman to Bell and Watson as Lauren Wexler. Salinger fired Wexler after she failed to develop a MERMA, a self-guiding marine vehicle that cleaned water. Holmes shows Bell personal effects from Wexler's office which contains a receipt from an urgent care facility in Fishkill and a paint-stained hoodie. The shade of the paint was used at the home of a Troy Roselli near the facility. Roselli, dressed in a towel, is questioned at his home's front door where he denies knowing Wexler. Asking if he can get dressed, Roselli runs out his back door and Bell gives chase. Discovering Wexler's murder was related to the "sand mafia" whose activities have imperiled a bridge, in Gregson's office, Gay shows Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson a computer model to show the damage the sand's removal will cause. Bell, Holmes and Watson interrupt Jindal Vindal, head of the "sand mafia", having lunch at an Indian restaurant where he denies knowing Wexler nor doing anything that would affect the bridge. Bell calls Holmes to the murder scene of Romeo Garza, an inspector who approved Vindal removing the sand.
"Nobody Lives Forever": Watson and Bell examine the body of biology professor Noah Fogel, who Watson believes was poisoned with thallium. Rats at the crime scene are stored at a shelter which is robbed. Bell, Holmes and Watson question the shelter security guard, Wade, whose description of the van used by the robber and other clues leads to capturing Valerie Field who is questioned at the precinct by Bell, Holmes and Watson. She reveals that Fogel was working on a cure for aging and a $5M prize from the Gallahad Institute. Learning from Institute head Dudley Beckett that Fogel had a research partner, Elijah Robinson, Bell, Holmes and Watson find him dead at his home. A man videoed arguing with Robinson, "Hugo" is questioned at the precinct by Bell and Gregson but he has an alibi. Bell, Holmes and Watson present evidence that Dudley son, Hunter, perpetrated the murders so the prize wouldn't be handed out.
"The Adventures of Ersatz Sobekneferu": In a fallout shelter, Bell shows Sherlock the body of a woman who has been dead for days and her internal organs were removed and put into jars. Sherlock concludes that the woman was being mummified. At a gym that teaches fighting with ancient weapons, Bell tells the owner about the case and the khopesh while watching students spar. Indicating he believes that the murder wasn't committed by a student, Bell notices that one of the instructors has been listening to him intently. When Bell indicates the instructor, Blaine Geary, is a suspect, Geary lunges at Bell with a sword and stops when Bell pulls his pistol and threatens him. Bell and Watson question the head of an art auction house, Armand Venetto, who admits that he harassed the murdered woman, Mischa Farrell, and paid a settlement. Bell and Gregson confront Jasper Wells at his studio, having found that he's bought older paintings, and serve him a search warrant. Indicating they believe he's a forger, he says that Farrell is his estranged daughter. Discovering "The Theban" was responsible for Farrell's murder, Bell and Watson find that Professor Hausmann dead in a hospital and that he's "The Theban." Venetto is found to be behind various murders, including Farrell's and is arrested by Bell.
"You've Come a Long Way, Baby": Watson is called to the murder scene of Gilbert Pham by Bell. A VP at a large accounting firm, Bell believes the scene has been staged to look like a home invasion. Bell interrupts a celebration of a merger between two tobacco companies to inform the executives that Pham may have approved the merger under duress. At the 11th Precinct, Bell tells Watson that Pham's work checked out and that he was so thorough that it included the amount of cigarette cases moving through Summit-Stows' loading docks. Bell has obtained sample cartons of cigarettes being smuggled into NYC and they theorize that Pham was killed to prevent revealing the smuggling. Bell and a CSU team surround a location used to smuggle cigarettes, a craft brewery, and are about to move in when Bell is called by Gregson and told to cancel the operation. Bell and Watson question Kip Lowell in his hotel room where he indicates that he told Pham about the ATF sting operation. Watching loading dock videos on Foltz's laptop, Bell notices the two ATF agents are driving very expensive cars. Bell calls Holmes and Watson to a scene where the two ATF agents are found dead having shot each other. Bell tells Gregson that a money transfer was made by someone other than the ATF agents who he also believes killed Pham.
"Meet Your Maker": Bell is approached by Strider Lincoln of the US Marshals. Impressed with Bell's record, Lincoln encourages Bell to apply for the Marshals. Watson calls Bell having found Maria Rodriguez's place and believes she's been kidnapped. Holmes tells Bell and Watson that he thinks Maria was a cam girl, especially since a video camera was found at her place. One of her customers may have taken her so Bell looks into the gift cards to see if their senders can be identified. Bell has lunch with his girlfriend Chantal Milner where they discuss the offer from the Marshals. Chantal indicates that the Marshals don't recruit and asks Bell if he knows who made the offer happen. A suspect in Maria's disappearance, Kyle Spikowski, is arrested by Bell and Gregson. Bell asks Holmes why he arranged the offer from the Marshals. Holmes explains that he's looking out for Bell's future as once Gregson retires, opportunities for Bell will dry up and he wants something better for him. Discovering that Roman Livingston was interested in Maria, Bell visits Roman's residence and finds signs that he may have been kidnapped as well. Maria and Roman were a couple and from texts on Roman's phone, Maria sent several messages apologizing for getting them both into trouble with some dangerous people. Bell tells Holmes that he's decided not to apply for the Marshals mainly because he feels it would be disloyal to Gregson. Holmes finds a suitable arrestee, Bud Granville, who Bell offers a deal to in exchange for revealing the ghost gun seller. Police ignore Bell's advice and try to arrest the seller at his home, resulting in a shootout in which he dies. Later, Gregson joins Bell at the scene who indicates they've found dozens of ghost guns but no sign of Maria or Roman. At a hospital, Roman and Maria are treated and Gregson encourages Bell to apply for the Marshals. Bell visits Holmes at the Brownstone to let him know he's applied and will be leaving for training in six months.
"Breathe": Bell shows Holmes and Watson the body of Leland Frisk, head of a relocation firm who was poisoned by Sciacchetra wine laced with cyanide. Partial prints were found on a wine glass and Bell shows them a file room that was broken into. From the contents of the files, Bell believes Frisk was a blackmailer but when Holmes finds a hidden closet full of weapons, he concludes that Frisk was a prolific contract killer. Cal Medina, a hated drug company CEO, is confronted by Bell, Holmes and Watson that the prints on the wine glass match his and Holmes finds Medina owns a bottle of Sciacchetra matching that at Frisk's. Bell finds a second fingerprint on the wineglass at Frisk's which with Medina's alibi, prevents Medina from being arrested. Confronting Medina publicly at a restaurant, he threatens legal action. Bell and Holmes re-visit Lennox's home and show her a security video of her buying the Sciacchetra wine from the same batch as Medina. She admits to recently learning that Frisk was a contract killer and helping him frame Medina. Holmes meets Bell and FBI Agent Kerner and mentioning the files Frisk kept on his hits, asks them to help him incite a hit on Medina to trap him. Later, Medina meets Gregson and Bell at the precinct where Gregson apologizes for accusing him of hiring Frisk.
"Through the Fog": At the 11th Precinct, seeing an unattended bag that begins smoking, Bell rushes the bag to "the box", goes into the viewing room, gets an officer to seal the bottom of the door and tells him to report to Gregson that there's been a biological attack. After Gregson locks down the precinct and calls the CDC, he checks on Bell. Bell reports the bomb was triggered by a cell phone and believes whoever set it off is still on the floor. With Bell released from quarantine, he and Gregson look at the phone used as the trigger and find photos of the precinct on it. However, the timestamp is of no use. Vincent Wong starts having seizures and Bell tells the CDC he was sitting beside the bomb. Bell and Gregson separately question five civilians who all appear innocent. CDC leader Bridget Tanaka shows Bell and Gregson that the bomb was brought into the precinct in pieces and assembled just before it was detonated. Bell points out that if there was no bio-agent in the bomb, then Wong and Daniels were faking their symptoms and might have a connection to O'Grady. Later, Holmes and Watson enter the precinct and join Bell and Gregson in the conference room where O'Grady, Wong and Daniels are brought in. They relate that all three were going through bankruptcy and had been approached by a repo man they'd dealt with, Milan Jokic, to help steal the servers.
"How to Get a Head": At the Morgue, Bell identifies a headless man as Gabriel Rojas, a professor of religion and that the chicken head was stuffed into his neck stump. Bell notes that the chicken's talons had blood on them and that a councilman wants to discuss Rojas' murder with them. Bell and Watson question a suspect, Cristobal, in prison where he says that he never believed in the occult. Rojas and Father Vega arranged for one of his nephew's friends, Valentina Duran, to come to NYC from Guatemala to get help to organize a union at her repressive company, Champerico. Bell and Watson talk to Mallory, Duran's contact in NYC who was going to help her organize a union. Bell calls Holmes that Rojas' head has been found. At the scene, they see the head is in a bucket with more occult items. Councilman Ledesma is confronted by Bell, Holmes and Watson at the precinct. When Bell serves him with a warrant for his DNA, to see if it'll match the blood found on the chicken talons, he visibly slumps. Bell asks Holmes to dinner and points out they still have plenty of time to work together before he leaves for the Marshals.
"Uncanny Valley of the Dolls": Bell tells Watson that he can't get into a class he needs to complete his master's degree in order to qualify for US Marshals training. Called to the shooting murder crime scene of Bruce Deramore by Holmes, he shows them a high-tech sex doll, Skyler, that was present when Deramore was killed. At the precinct, Alden Lubbock, president of the company that created Skylar, Perfect Mate, programs Skyler to respond to Bell but she answers most of his questions with sexual offers and can't give details of what happened when Deramore was killed. Bell meets with Baynes, professor of the class he needs, after discovering that Baynes specifically denied him access. Baynes says he has a problem with the company Bell keeps. Bell tells Holmes that the reason Baynes won't let him into his class is due to a grudge he has against Holmes when they worked together at Scotland Yard. At Garrison University, Bell and Watson question three grad students who worked with Deramore; Gwen Haeny, Rupert Hong and Phillip Bridwell. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell tells Fukata that they've traced the leak of the plans to his email. Having looked at the emails the students sent to Fukata, Bell and Watson report to Gregson that none stand out as the murderer and that perhaps all three worked together. Bell is present as Holmes proves that Gwen Haeny is the murderer. Holmes lets Bell know that he's registered for the class he needs.
"The Worms Crawl in, the Worms Crawl Out": At Millerton University, Bell and Watson examine the decomposed body of Dr. William Velnik, a worm expert, who was stabbed in the throat with a screwdriver weeks before. Viewing his office, Bell notes that the attractive Velnik was popular with women and that his phone and computer hard drive are missing. Bell and Watson question John Hoyt who has an alibi. Hoyt indicates he didn't hire Velnik to make a bio-organic armor hoodie and that he must have obtained it from someone else. Bell tells Gregson they believe that Velnik was killed by whomever he took the hoodie from. Holmes calls Bell to a firing range and with Donnie's gun, has Bell test fire at several dummies wearing ballistic cloth. Orb-Lite labs makes the only cloth that works and a visit to the lab brings a denial from Dr. Parnthong that they created the hoodie as, they didn't have enough material. She shows Bell and Holmes the source of their fibers, Darwin's bark spiders.
"The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz": After three people die and their deaths seemingly predicted by Norman Horowitz, Holmes and Watson question Norman's brother David and his wife Luz. Bell and Watson talk to Jonathan Dawson at his apartment. His wife Christina jumped off the apartment roof and is one of the three people whose death Norman predicted. Video later confirms Christina jumped without coercion. Bell tells Captain Gregson that the reporter received the tip anonymously which pointed her to Norman's list posted on a chat room by a new user, "WokeBaeBae." Bell is looking into the chat room's moderator. Bell texts Watson that the chat room moderator is a Terry Weaver. They note Weaver was on the list Henry gave them and is on the news report's list. Bell and two detectives find Weaver at his home trying to hang himself. He explains to Bell that he was trying to avoid the fate Norman predicted. With Weaver at a hospital, Bell, Holmes and Watson believe his suicide attempt was to avoid arrest for the prediction hoax and causing the deaths to substantiate it. Bell calls Holmes and Watson that Henry Baskerville made his head of security pull a fire alarm at Grand Central Station in order to prevent a shooting predicted by Norman. Later at a dock, the Horowitzes are placed under arrest and Holmes explains to Bell that he saw a borrachero plant in the background of the photo. Native to Columbia, its seeds can be used to make scopolamine, a drug that renders its victims highly susceptible to suggestion. The drug was used on Caroline and the other two victims.
"The Geek Interpreter": After Lily Zavala, a doctoral candidate of Harlan Emple, is kidnapped, Bell calls Holmes and Watson to an abandoned school where evidence that Lily was there is found as is the body of James Cantrell, whose description matches that of the man who took Lily. At the precinct, Bell and Watson learn from Cantrell's parole officer that he wasn't very smart and that the accomplice probably planned the kidnapping. He points them to Cantrell's landlord, Marvin Hathaway, and recommends they examine his apartment. Finding evidence that Cantrell was a better, Holmes deduces that he frequented a bingo hall and Bell identifies which one. Confronting bookie Sylvia Kozar at her bingo hall, she claims to not know Cantrell. Bell lures Marvin Hathaway to the precinct with news that Cantrell had assets that could cover the back rent he's owed. Once in "the box", he's told that a search warrant is being executed on his properties for evidence that he kept Lily at one. Gregson and Watson recount Hathaway's plan while Bell indicates that hairs that match Lily's have been found in the basement of one of his properties.
"Fit to be Tied": After the body of Rachel Garner is discovered which Holmes believes is the work of Michael Rowan, tells Watson that the FBI loosening their surveillance of Rowan may have led to Garner's murder. Bell and Watson visit William Bazemore, a friend of Rowan's, who isn't helpful and doesn't believe Rowan killed Garner. Speaking to a neighbor, Seth Dwyer, he doesn't recognize Garner but does remember Rowan. He says that Bazemore and his husband Ray had drug problems and got clean together. When Ray relapsed, they met Rowan at a meeting. At Rowan's Albany house, Bell discovers a room filled with photos of woman Rowan was stalking. At the precinct, Holmes and Bell report their findings to FBI Agent Kim Mallick and also say that the bank's ATM camera showed Rowan driving away. Since many of the details of how Rowan killed women weren't publicly known, they believe that a copycat in law enforcement killed Garner. The next day at the precinct, Gregson and Bell are co-ordinating the manhunt for Rowan without any success. Bell suggests having police call airports and bus lines as Rowan has probably escaped the city. Gregson receives a call from Agent Mallick that they've found Rowan, dead.
"Whatever Remains, However Improbable": When Rowan is found murdered and Watson becomes the prime suspect of FBI Agent Kim Mallick, questioned by FBI agents, Bell lauds Watson and treats the agents with contempt. Joined by Mallick, she claims Holmes and Watson didn't follow the rules in their investigations and threatens to expose this in the cases Bell worked on with them, which would ruin his chance to become a US Marshal. Not dissuaded, Bell meets Holmes and gives him everything the NYPD has on Rowan's killing.

Season 7[]

I thought I knew exactly how much I was gonna miss you when you were gone. I was wrong.

S07E05-Bell long

Marcus Bell Season Seven/Gallery

Bell encourages Captain Gregson to apologize to Holmes and Watson and then learns Gregson has been shot. Bell and Watson discover Gregson's shooter was Patrick Meers but don't believe him when he denies knowing about a ferry bombing plan. Bell deduces that Holmes is in NYC, greets him at the Brownstone and assists with a case involving African antiquities. Bell, Holmes and Watson solve a traffic light hack that results in a serious accident and later, a murder. Bell hunts for the blackmailer of a former NYPD ESU officer. Bell, Holmes and Watson pursue a killer who uses a secret Russian toxin. Bell is involved in a case brought to Holmes and Watson by Cassie. Reappearance of a dormant serial killer and a stolen dog results in Bell being drawn into the case.

Appearances in Season 7
"The Further Adventures": In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Bell shows a man, Tony, evidence that he killed his wife while Captain Gregson watches. In the bullpen, a smiling Gregson congratulates Bell, who is leaving to be a U.S. Marshal. Bell opens a box which contains a Stetson hat and when Gregson learns it's from Holmes and Watson, his smile vanishes. In Gregson's office, Bell tells the Captain that he knows that he's covering for someone in the murder of Michael Rowan but will keep it secret. Insisting that Gregson needs to make things right with Holmes and Watson, he encourages Gregson to apologize to them. In the elevator at the 11th Precinct, Gregson thanks Bell for his encouragement and says he's going to call Holmes and Watson to apologize. Bell calls Holmes and Watson and tells them that Gregson has been shot. Found on the street, there were no witnesses to the shooting and Gregson's prognosis isn't good.
"Gutshot": Bell questions Tremaine, the young man who found Captain Gregson after he'd been shot. Interrupted by Watson, who has arrived from London, she joins the case to find Gregson's shooter. Bell doesn't suspect that Holmes has also arrived from London. After the body of Tim Blesdoe is found at a baseball field snack bar, Bell questions Tim father, police Sgt. Marty Bledsoe. Marty provides several suspects in Tim's death. Individually, Bell questions Stanley Veek, professor at the college Tim attended, Jacob Goodel and Patrick Meers, a former Army officer. Finding that Tim's only friend, Dylan Halleran, has skipped bail, Bell informs Watson. Bell and Watson find Tim's murderer, Meers, who confesses to killing Tim and shooting Gregson. Bell and Watson accuse him of lying and leaving out details of a ferry bombing plan Tim was about to commit before being shot, which Meers claims not to know nothing about.
"The Price of Admission": Investigating a staged murder at Krypsona storage facility, Bell calls Watson to the facility where they meet a Krypsona client, Edward Cutler. Cutler shows them his unit, which is filled with valuable coins. Watson finds evidence several locks have been picked, however, Cutler confirms nothing has been stolen. Bell drives Watson back to the Brownstone, knowing that Holmes is there. Watson lets Bell in where he hugs Holmes, knowing he'd come back to NYC to see Gregson. At the 11th Precinct, Bell and Watson meet with Gregson's temporary replacement, Captain Dwyer. Bell and Watson meet with the appraiser of the Swenson collection, Sebastian Florenti. At Krypsona, Aura Swenson and her lawyer confess there are looted antiquities from Ethiopia in the unit. At the Ethiopian Consulate, Bell and Watson show the consul a copy of an archaeologist's journal and accuse the Ethiopian government of killing Gwinn in order to keep the information from Eritrea as Ethiopia was going to cede the land. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell and Watson lay out the evidence to Florenti that he sold the information. Denying it, he provides an alibi for the time of Gwinn's murder.
"Red Light, Green Light": At the scene of a van full of gasoline that has "T-boned" a truck and exploded, Bell tells Watson that the van is suspected of being part of a terrorist plot. Discovering the traffic light was hacked, at the precinct, Saul Maranek-Halevi from the Dept. of Transportation (DoT) shares the records on the "Overlord" hack with Bell. They weren't able to find his identity and Saul relates that the NSA took the only copy of the records. At the precinct, Bell and Holmes question Jarius Jackson, the truck driver. Discovering he's clean and can't think of anyone who'd want him harmed, they learn that he was hauling building supplies for a skyscraper construction. At the office of Mr. Dewashe, he tells Bell that the supplies were high-end elevators. Although insurance will pay for the cargo damage, Dewashe notes that his company won a bid for another building worth billions which is contingent on him finishing the current construction on time. When Bell hears that Maranek Construction will get the new bid due to the delay, he recognizes that the DoT official was also named Maranek by marriage. At the home of Cameron Maranek, owner of Maranek Construction, Bell and Holmes show evidence that he was behind the accident and Saul Maranek-Halevi murder.
"Into the Woods": At the scene of a stabbing death of a woman, Isabel, during a race in the woods, Bell questions a witness and learns the race had no set course. Believing it'll take days to find where Isabel was stabbed, Holmes interrupts and reports it was near Richmond Pond. Bell and Holmes find a shack used to make moonshine, evidence that a shooting recently occurred there and that a body was weighed down and dumped in the pond. Called by Bell, Holmes and Watson meet him and Dr. Eugene Hawes at the Morgue. Police divers found two bodies in the pond, an unidentified man and a hog. After the man is identified as Renny Henderson, at the bar Renny worked at, Bell questions a bearded bartender, Colby, who says the boss, Bo, is on a trip and that Renny and Bo fought over the profits from moonshine, leading to Renny being fired. Bell and police save Todd Harris' life and later at hospital, he and Watson question Todd using a voice app. Harris reports his attacker blindfolded him, demanded his bottles of Chateau Baptiste '57 and after relinquishing them, he was shot in the mouth. Finding Jason Wood is a target of a poisoning plot, Bell, Holmes and Watson convince Jason to attend a wine auction where Holmes catches Renny's murderer and Todd's attacker, the bartender Colby.
"Command:Delete": At the home of Carla Whitmark, Detective Bell learns that Carla's husband, Davis, is missing. A former NYPD ESU officer who retired and is suffering from PTSD, Carla mentions they are severely in debt. Bell finds evidence in the garage that Davis was creating a sniper rifle. Watson meets Bell at the video editing company Davis works for. Davis' colleague Libby tells them she overheard a phone conversation where Davis threatened someone for not paying him for video work. Watson finds the password to Davis' computer and discovers he was working on S&M videos. At the 11th Precinct, Bell and Watson question Juliana, the person that Davis threatened, and show her that Davis was acting in the videos. Admitting to owing him money, she plays a voicemail from Davis in which he agreed to a deal with her. Davis is found which leads to discovering the bodies of a security team and a boxer, Baron Wright. It's discovered that someone tried to swap Wright's medication for sedatives. Bell shows Captain Dwyer that he's obtained scanned copies of the stolen photos which Baron's mother, Viola, had made years before. In the pictures, Baron is with his father and uncles who all are muscular. Running with the theory that a doctor had Baron killed, Bell speculates the photos were stolen so that no one else could track down Baron's relatives, the Bautistas. At the precinct, a Guatemalan counsel tells Bell and Watson that her government has been looking for an heir to the Bautista estate for years. Bell and Watson show evidence to Tessa, who works at Baron's doctor's office, that she is pregnant by Baron and murdered Baron and his security team in order to gain the Bautista estate.
"From Russia with Drugs": After Ridley Dineen is found dead of a fentanyl overdose, with Bell, Holmes finds an inhaler in Dineen's bathroom which has an aerosolized fentanyl cartridge inside and concludes that Dineen was murdered. After analysis of the cartridge, Bell and Watson tell Gregson that Holmes recognized the chemical inside it as Kolokol-1, used by the Russian government. At the Morgue, Bell reports that a man that Dineen shot, Cecil Troy, was found dead at his home and was an art restorer. No cash nor drugs were found at his home. At Troy-Kensit Labs, Bell, Holmes and Watson question Audrey Kensit who is shocked to learn of Troy's murder. She explains their lab developed a solvent which cleans antique art without damaging it. Later at the lab, Bell, Holmes and Watson accuse Audrey Kensit of being behind Dineen's murder with Cecil Troy. Their company won a contract to clean money seized by the DEA. However, several toxicologists insisted that money contaminated with drugs such as fentanyl couldn't poison people who handled it. After the contract was put on hold, Troy tipped off Dineen to the poisoned money and put the Kolokol-1 in his inhaler. Police would assume Dineen's overdose was from the money, which would be enough to convince the DEA to go forward with the contract. Bell serves Audrey with a warrant for access to her bank records and her cat in order to prove that she paid a man to create Kolokol-1 and, that it was hair from her cat which was strewn around Dineen's apartment.
"Miss Understood": At the 11th Precinct, Bell, Holmes and Watson show Dalton Weller evidence that he used a yoga ball filled with carbon dioxide to kill a woman he was having an affair with. After Cassie asks for Holmes and Watson's help finding the killer of Heather Foley, Bell tells Watson that Heather was shot with a 9mm pistol and he's reached out to detectives in NJ who were assigned the case. At NJ State Police HQ, Detective Calabrissi and Detective Farrad introduce Captain Gregson, Bell and Watson to undercover Detective Ocasio. Using an evidence wall, Calabrissi explains the "baby formula mafia" who are mainly supplied by shoplifters. Heather was setting up a meeting between Ocasio and Sagehorn in which Ocasio would record Sagehorn acknowledging she was buying stolen formula. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell and Farrad question Sagehorn and her attorney while Cassie and Watson watch through the window. At NJ Police HQ, given the lack of suspects in Heather's murder and with Ocasio's cover blown, Bell and Watson asks Calabrissi to introduce them to formula retailers so they can review their security footage and find some of the shoplifters used by the formula mafia. After Detective Calabrissi is taken into custody, Watson explains to Bell and Gregson that he was Mack's fixer and provided details on the formula investigation to Mack. Found in possession of an unregistered 9mm pistol which Bell believes will match that used to kill Heather, he also indicates that Calabrissi has offered to give Mack up. Given Cassie's role in solving the case, all three wonder about her future.
"On the Scent": Holmes and Watson are called to the precinct where Bell and Gregson tell them of the murder of Caroline Gibbs. DNA was found at the scene on a scrap of a shirt which police believe one of Gibbs' dogs tore off the killer. The DNA matches the "Ghost of Brooklyn", a serial killer who hasn't struck in ten years. Bell and Holmes question Mr. Hutchins, father of Megan, who was killed by the "Ghost" fifteen years before. He believed that his son-in-law, Dean, killed Megan until the "Ghost's" DNA was found on the rope used to kill her. Later, Bell and Holmes tell Gregson they've found the "Ghost." They explain that a Mr. Wu works for the company that makes the DNA kits for the police. He has a condition in which he sweats excessively, which contaminated the kits. Promoted to manager ten years previously, he wasn't in contact with the kits until recently when he filled in for a sick worker. Bell and Holmes question three suspects at their homes, who were all bitten by dogs since Gibbs' murder. All have alibis but Holmes sees that one, Zachary Fowler, has a pile of cell phones, which are stolen. Bell calls Holmes and Watson that the marijuana found at Gibbs' has been traced to a Mexican gang. Believing that Gibbs was using Ollie to test methods to conceal pot from other dogs, they join Bell at an OTB which is a front for the gang's leader, Enrique Ruiz. Ruiz denies selling drugs or knowing Gibbs. His lawyer, Danielle Olivera, whose office is at the OTB, tells them to leave. Bell calls that Ollie, a dog stolen from Gibbs, has been found, at a train yard. Joining Bell, he reports that a guard was tased. Holmes finds that a shipment of marijuana, which was hidden behind a false wall in a train car, was stolen. Bell, Holmes and Watson confront Zachary Fowler at his home. Discovering that Olivera is his sister, she gave him the bookcase. When he picked it up, he overheard about the marijuana shipment and that Gibbs' had Ollie. Not knowing which car the pot was in, he killed Gibbs and took Ollie to find it. The police use Ollie to find the marijuana, which Gibbs had hidden behind a garage wall, and he's arrested.
"The Latest Model":


Paula Reyes[]

S01E16-Officer Reyes

"I told them I had nothing to do with it."

While trying to bring down drug gang leader Curtis Bradshaw, Bell and Officer Reyes worked together and dated. With Paula's help, a detective on the Bradshaw case, Hudson, stole and planted drugs on Bradshaw. On a tip, Internal Affairs (IA) investigated, resulting in Hudson's arrest over which he committed suicide. Paula wasn't charged but suspicions as to her involvement prevented her from gaining promotions and a transfer to the Vice Squad. She and Bell also broke up during this time. In early 2013, Bell was shot at and several attempts were made to frame him for the murder of Bradshaw and shooting of his brother Andre. Holmes reveals that Reyes was behind the crimes as a revenge plot against Bell. While dating an IA detective, Reyes discovered that Bell provided the tip that led to Hudson's arrest and her career being stalled. Reyes is arrested and Bell expects she'll receive life in prison.[1]

Shauna Scott[]

S03E22-Shauna and Marcus

"I'm gonna need some time."

Shauna and Bell dated for several months. However, Watson discovered that Shauna was a plant for Internal Audit at the 12th precinct and told Bell. Bell was angry that Shauna kept this from him as it both compromised his position as a detective and placed doubt that he could trust Shauna in their personal relationship. After Bell spoke to Holmes and realized how lucky he was to have Shauna and how lonely he would be without her, he tried to make up with her. However, Shauna decided that she would work for Internal Audit full time and that she needed time away from their relationship. She did leave the possibility of getting back together with Bell in the future.[2]

Chantal Milner[]

S05E06-Bell Milner

"You looked at little seasick there."

Holmes helps Bell clear up an issue with a witness in a case that ADA Milner is overseeing and realizes that Bell and Milner are attracted to each other.[3] While waiting for Milner at a bar, Bell is accosted by her ex, Roy Booker. After Bell punches Booker, Booker complains to the D.A.'s office, causing issues for Chantal. The altercation was a trap meant to have Chantal removed from a case. Discovering Booker retired from the NYPD based on a bogus injury, Bell has Booker back off harassing Milner.[4]

After Marcus is falsely accused of pulling his gun on a road rager, Titus Gorham, Gorham complains to the police and Marcus is investigated by Internal Affairs. Watson meets Chantal to get information on Gorham. Marcus and Chantal have dinner in which Marcus says he confronted Booker about being behind the false complaint. She indicates her marriage to Booker soured when her career took off and his didn't. She also tells Marcus of an apartment that Booker lived in when she was dating him that wasn't listed in his record. Using this information, Watson is able to find the connection between the false complainer and Booker. Booker is charged and released on bail. Bell calls Chantal with the news but gets no answer from her.[5]

S05E21-Chantal in hospital

Chantal after the attack.

Bell finds Chantal at her home, badly beaten and believes Roy Booker assaulted her. Bell tells Gregson and Holmes that Chantal has no defensive wounds, and she hit her forehead on the bed frame when attacked. Her nose, cheekbone and several ribs are broken and her skull is fractured. She's placed under heavy sedation. Strong evidence against Booker is discovered but he is found dead. Days later, after Booker's murder is solved, Bell tell Holmes that Chantal is awake and talking a little.[6] Bell tells Holmes that Chantal is doing well in physical therapy.[7]

S06E12-Marcus Chantal dinner

"I've got connections."

Chantal meets Marcus for dinner where he tells her about being approached to apply to be a U.S. Marshal. She asks how serious he is and he acknowledges it'd be a big change and he doesn't want to do it alone. Chantal is supportive and indicates that she could move from NYC to be with him. She tells Marcus that the Marshals don't recruit, that it is very tough to get in and wonders who made the offer happen for Marcus.[8]



I made no one a star. Marcus Bell is a fine detective in his own right.

— Holmes, "Pushing Buttons"

Don't! Whoa, whoa. Have you seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? Doesn't go well for the guy with the sword.

— Bell to Blaine Geary, "The Adventures of Ersatz Sobekneferu"


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