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Between him and Margaret, I have everything I need.

— Kitty, "Wrong Side of the Road"

Margaret is Kitty Winter's nanny and takes care of Kitty's son Archie. She is German and physically strong.


Season 5[]

Kitty returns to NYC to warn Holmes that those involved in a case they worked on in London are being killed off and they may be the next targets. As Kitty meets old acquaintances including Captain Gregson, Watson notices that Kitty is behaving strangely and refuses an offer to stay at the Brownstone. Watson follows Kitty to a residence and when Kitty leaves, Watson breaks in. She is assaulted by a large, older woman who resists several blow, grabs Watson's throat and pins her against a wall. Kitty returns and stops the altercation and identifies Watson as a friend. Margaret apologizes and explains she's a nanny and thought Watson was trying to take Kitty's baby. Kitty then introduces her son Archie to Watson. Later, Margaret brings Archie to the Brownstone so that Kitty can introduce him to Holmes. Margaret apologizes for being late as the first taxi she tried to use couldn't accommodate Archie's car seat.[1]

S05E15-Margaret gets Watson
You know this woman?

S05E15-Margaret head shot
This is Archie, my son.

Having been asked to leave the house they were staying at due to the damage caused by the fight between her and Watson; Margaret, Archie and Kitty move to the Brownstone. She cares for Archie while Kitty continues investigating with Holmes and Watson. Margaret finds a dollhouse and dolls in the guest room which she brings downstairs for Archie to play with until she notices that the dolls are dead. Kitty explains that Holmes uses the dollhouse for crime scene training. She then uses a gadget to amuse Archie until Watson tells her there's a good chance the gadget is a Victorian sex toy. Later, at St. Marks church, Margaret is present for Archie's christening.[2]

S05E16-Margaret dead doll
I think this one is dead.

S05E16-Watson Archie Margaret
You want us to be godparents?


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