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You really think some Everyone drone could've cracked this kind of ice?

— Mason to Holmes, "Give Me the Finger"

Mason is one of Sherlock Holmes' "Irregulars" who he employs when computer skills are required. Mason is a very young college and later, university student who was born in 2000.[1] Holmes pays Mason with limited edition action figures.


Season 3[]

Mason is first seen when Sherlock employs him to find out if "Bella" has really attained artificial intelligence (AI). He cannot find any trace of a virus on Bella's code that would explain the machine's actions and explains to Sherlock, Joan Watson and Kitty Winter the "button box" theory that postulates that AI will turn on humans. He asks Bella if it killed Edwin Borstein to which it replies "no". Later, he discovers the program that killed Edwin Borstein.[2] Holmes brings Mason to the 11th precinct who Captain Gregson mistakes for a child. Mason tells Detective Bell, Watson and Holmes that he found Chris Jacoby using facial recognition software but the images he's found show Jacoby as a dishevelled, homeless man.[3]

S03E04-Mason Kitty Watson Holmes
They would absolutely not stop, not ever until we're dead.

S03E04-Mason discovers program
There's a computer program on here.

S03E09-Bell Watson Mason Holmes
No offense but your computers suck.

When trying to identify Everyone member "Sucking Chest Wound", aka Petros Franken, Watson suggests using Mason but Holmes indicates he's grounded from using the Internet.[4] Holmes next employs Mason to examine a box that was intended to be spliced into a trans-Atlantic Internet cable. Watson greets Mason which he barely acknowledges. Watson thinks Mason is grounded from using the Internet but he indicates the work on the box isn't connected to it. Mason can't find what function the box performs other than allowing data to pass through.[5]

S03E20-Mason and Holmes
Does this look like the Internet?

Season 4[]

Mason helps Sherlock identify who wrote the code used on a car that was hacked and driven off a road, killing two gunmen. When Watson notices that Mason will be compensated for his work, Holmes jokes that he lets Mason sniff Watson's hair when she's sleeping. Mason wonders why they are trying to find the killer of a ruthless Russian oligarch which results in Sherlock giving him a lecture. Mason finds the coder who he IDs as "Mittens" aka Fiona Helbron. He asks Holmes for a "Picard 1701 Tapestry edition" action figure in its original packaging. A lead at a strip club results in Bell asking someone to accompany him which Mason volunteers for. Later, Mason is terrified and leaves the Brownstone as his search has been back-traced. He encourages Watson to smash their computers and take a vacation.[6]

S04E09-Mason go to club
I'll go...if it'll help solve a murder.

Season 5[]

In a flashback, Mason is seen working on the case of the AI doll "Bella" when Jack Brunelle tries unsuccessfully to hire Holmes to find who assaulted his son. Mason is annoyed with Brunelle's interruption and says so leading Brunelle to ask Holmes to have "his son" wait elsewhere.[7] Watson calls Mason to help track down a seller of artefacts. Mason says he's 15 years old now and in university. Watson buys an artefact and has Mason create a fake one using a 3D printer. They take a video of melting the arm of the fake one and send it to the seller and are able to track his location when he watches the video.[1]

S05E13-Brunelle Bella
Gross dude!

S05E18-Watson Mason Holmes
Joan is totally catfishing him.

Season 6[]

Mason has difficulty breaking into the dark web bank account of former yakuza member Ando Azuma which brings criticism from Holmes. Motivated, Mason triumphantly shows Holmes and Watson the account transactions. Later, Mason uses legacy tech in order to retrieve information from erased floppy disks that helps Sherlock realize the motive behind Azuma's murder was to retrieve the recipe for making US currency stock.[8] In exchange for finding out who destroyed his starship in a video game, Mason agrees to provide Holmes with the person sending death threats to William Velnik and the vendor who sold Holmes' A-number on the dark web. Holmes discovers Mason's girlfriend destroyed his ship but when Mason fails to provide the vendor because he is busy playing the video game, Holmes leaves him a voice mail, threatening to join the game and destroy Mason's home world.[9]

S06E06-Watson Mason Holmes legacy tech
I see you bought a new fridge while I was out.


  • Mason evaluates the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) database which he finds air tight. In payment, Holmes buys him a rare action figure from the Elementary world, a Midnight Ranger with a magic wand meant for Princess Priscilla. Mason isn't seen.[10]
  • Watson uses Mason's decryption software to try and decode the social media site of SBK figure Bonzi Folsom without success.[11]


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