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These people, to be honest, I'm not really interested in whether they're suffering or not. It doesn't really affect me, and that's what makes me exceptional at what I do.

— Baldwin, "Lesser Evils"

Mason Baldwin was head of surgery at Chandler Memorial Hospital.


Season 1[]

S01E05-Meeting w hospital staff

"He's dead, do you think he's worried about his privacy?"

While in the Chandler Memorial Hospital morgue, Holmes discovers a man, Trent Kelty, he believes was murdered. With Watson, he bursts into the hospital room Kelty occupied and bars himself and Watson in the room. Holmes demands the hospital files but his rudeness results only in the body being released to the police. Holmes and Watson reveal to Baldwin that Kelty's autopsy revealed he was killed with ephenephrine and that an "angel of death" is at work in the hospital. Holmes asks him for the hospital's records which Baldwin says he will get even if he has to threaten holding a press conference. Holmes stops at Baldwin's office and lets him know that he's discovered Baldwin is on probation for two surgical deaths. Baldwin denies any wrongdoing and shows he was on a train when Kelty died. He also says he's indifferent to patient suffering which isn't what would drive the angel.

After Danilo Gura is caught and confesses to being the angel, he denies killing one patient. Holmes deduces that Baldwin realized there was an angel at the hospital which he could use to frame if he made any more surgical mistakes. After leaving a surgical clamp in a patient, Samantha Cropsey, he altered her charts to read she had terminal cardiac cancer and lowered her pain medication. This made her a target for Gura. At the Brownstone, Holmes watches the news coverage of Baldwin's arrest, remarking that the most satisfying moment is when the killer crumples under the realization that he has been caught.[1]



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