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"Fin-doms cater to men who get a sexual thrill from giving money to pretty women, usually in a scenario that appears coercive."
— Holmes
In the basement of the Brownstone, Watson sees a new client, Derek Clary, who tells her that an on-line friend, Maria Rodriguez, is missing and indicated that she was in trouble. Clary verifies that Maria isn't catfishing him as he offered her money which she never accepted and, he would like Watson to find her. Watson fills Holmes in on the case while he uses a model of a trebuchet to solve the killing of a hiker by a bale of marijuana thrown across the US border. Having a common name but knowing Maria is in her late 20s, Watson will need to search for her by calling all those within NYC. At the 11th Precinct, Detective Bell is approached by Strider Lincoln of the US Marshals. Impressed with Bell's record, Lincoln encourages Bell to apply for the Marshals. Watson calls Bell having found Maria's place and believes she's been kidnapped.

S06E12-Holmes trebuchet
What is that? A catapult?
Examining the scene, they find no signs of robbery and cash and many gift cards still in Maria's purse. Blood traces and indications of a struggle are visible as are many unique metal toys that Watson believes Maria sold for a living. At the precinct, Maria's sister, Paula and her husband, Jesus, say they haven't received a ransom demand. They weren't close to Maria after she went to college but Paula indicates that Maria always had a lot of gift cards and paid for everything with them. Outside, Holmes tells Bell and Watson that he thinks Maria was a cam girl, especially since a video camera was found at her place. One of her customers may have taken her so Bell looks into the gift cards to see if their senders can be identified. Having looked into Maria further, Clary is called back to the Brownstone where Holmes and Watson confront him about his relationship with Maria.

S06E12-Watson Bell crime scene
You said you think they took her alive.
Indicating they know that Maria was an on-line financial dominatrix, a "fin-dom", and catered to men who get a thrill from consensual extortion, Clary admits to being one of Maria's clients. Clary explains that he never gave Maria more money than he could afford, which she did with all her clients, and he has an alibi when Maria was taken. He indicates one of Maria's clients said horrible things about her on-line at a site called BlackPill4U, but the client lives in the western US. Bell has lunch with his girlfriend Chantal where they discuss the offer from the Marshals. Chantal indicates that the Marshals don't recruit and asks Bell if he knows who made the offer happen. At a coffee shop, Holmes and Watson confront Art Schultz, admin of BlackPill4U, which promotes hatred towards women. Threatening to turn him into Homeland Security, Schultz provides them with the identity of the person who created hateful postings about Maria, Kyle Spikowski. Schultz is then arrested by two agents.

S06E12-Marcus Chantal dinner
They accept like one out of 20 applications.
Discovering that Spikowski is in NYC, his car is pulled over and he is arrested and questioned by Bell and Captain Gregson. Finding weapons in his trunk, Spikowski planned to shoot women at a gym that Maria frequented. Shocked to learn Maria was kidnapped and claiming he would never hurt her, he offers to do anything to help find her. In the box at the precinct, Spikowski explains that his post about Maria was to impress friends and, shows he was in Ohio when Maria was taken. He hoped the gym shooting would impress Maria and says Maria was on a tour before she was kidnapped. He'd put spyware on her phone and lists the cities she'd visited, ending in Boston, and says she's done the tour for several years. In private, Bell asks Holmes why he arranged the offer from the Marshals. Holmes explains that he's looking out for Bell's future as once Gregson retires, opportunities for Bell will dry up and he wants something better for him.

S06E12-Kyle Gregson Bell
They were gonna get what was coming to 'em.
Watson's learned from Clary that Maria never meets her clients in person and found the tour Maria was on whose last stop is in NYC. Arriving at the "Makermagic Fest", Holmes and Watson question one of the organizers who knows Maria. (♫ Nik Ammar, Mike Reed - Sticking Around ♫) Indicating that she was very popular and sold metal toys at the Fest, he also says that one of the other vendors, a blacksmith named Roman Livingston, aggressively pursued Maria. He left the Fest after the Boston stop. Bell visits Roman's residence and finds signs that he may have been kidnapped as well. Joining Bell, they find that Maria and Roman were a couple and from texts on Roman's phone, that Maria sent several messages apologizing for getting them both into trouble with some dangerous people. Following footprints outside, a workshop with a forge and metal work tools is found. Inside, they discover that Roman was being forced to make metal handguns.

S06E12-Bell Watson Holmes in smith shop
Looks like some of his equipment is missing.
Informing Gregson of their findings, they believe that when Maria and Roman tried to stop making the "ghost guns", they were abducted by a gang who are forcing them to teach others how to make them. Gregson points them to the ATF who have been trying to find the seller of the guns and though they've made many arrests of those who've used them, none would reveal the seller. While Holmes looks through files of those arrested to see if any can be made to talk, Bell tells him that he's decided not to apply for the Marshals mainly because he feels it would be disloyal to Gregson. Holmes finds a suitable arrestee, Bud Granville, who Bell offers a deal to in exchange for revealing the ghost gun seller. Convicted of bank robbery, Bud won't snitch but when Bell tells him that $50,000 was never recovered from Bud's heist, they know it was hidden at his mistress' home, she'd be charged and his wife would find out about the affair, Bud gives up the seller.

S06E12-Bell and Granville
Sorry. I'm not a snitch.
The seller lives in Suffolk County, whose police force ignores Bell's advice and tries to arrest the seller at his home, resulting in a shootout in which he dies. Later, Gregson joins Bell at the scene who indicates they've found dozens of ghost guns but no sign of Maria or Roman. Holmes looks at the seller's body and sees he has tattoos from a Latino biker gang, Los Ladrones. He also notices the some of the ghost guns are poorly made. Deducing they were made by novices being trained by Roman, once fully trained, the gang will kill Maria and Roman. Holmes also says they've met a member of the gang. Maria's brother-in-law Jesus is brought to the precinct where his tattoos confirm he's a gang member. Accusing him of kidnapping Roman and coming up with the ghost gun idea, he's offered a deal to reveal their location or will spend life in prison. At a hospital, Roman and Maria are treated and Gregson encourages Bell to apply for the Marshals. Bell visits Holmes at the Brownstone to let him know he's applied and will be leaving for training in six months. (♫ Tim Fagan - Revolving Door ♫)

Hope you're better at maths than you are at lying.


  • Nik Ammar, Mike Reed - Sticking Around plays as Holmes and Watson arrive at the Makermagic Fest.
  • Tim Fagan - Revolving Door plays at episode end as Detective Bell tells Holmes that he put in his application for the US Marshals.


Yes, but you play den mother to a pack of would-be rapists and mass shooters, so you can see how lying to you would be the highlight of my day.

— Holmes to Art Schultz

I get how big a decision this is, so if you decide to tell them no, I'll understand. But if you decide to see this thing through, I just want you to know that I'd be so proud of you.

— Captain Gregson to Detective Bell on applying to be a US Marshal