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Vaughn Antonelli was one of the victims of the bombing. He was also the chairman of the benefits review board at the Department of Labor. It's not a particularly exalted post. But it does come with one interesting perk, the chairman, he's one of a handful of people who has early access to the department's monthly jobs report. As I'm sure you're aware. The markets can be relied upon to move upwards and downwards depending on the report's findings.

— Holmes elaborating Michelle Forrester's motives, "The One Percent Solution"

Michelle Forrester was the executive undersecretary of the Department of Labor and one of the few living victims of a restaurant bombing she and her colleagues in Labor and Treasury suffered at their table. Forrester was revealed to be the bomber herself, using it as part of an extorion of superiors above her to benefit her own success, as well as out of revenge.


Season Two[]

Forrester was one of few barely scathed survivors of a bombing at a restaurant table she and other government executives were seated at, living with only minor injuries due to her far seating from where the bomb was placed under the table itself. She stated her position while question at the hospital, having trouble hearing from her ears ringing from the blast. Gareth Lestrade had her preform a cognitive recall, against Holmes' wishes when was simply hoping for knowing the seating arrangement when she mentioned it. Soon after, major press outlets in NYC received copies of the same manifesto by serial bomber "Aurelius", so named from the passages after each bombing quoting Marcus Aurelius.

Michelle Forrester Bomb
They were targeted?

Michelle Forrester Map
And you were at the end of the table when the bomb went off?

Holmes realizes the message is likely a fake, going back to the list of victims to figure out who the bombing was intended for. His suspicions are confirmed when the real Aurelius bomber, Mason Caldwell, is found dead in his hideout. He accidentally sprayed himself with his own batch of chlorine gas that exploded in his face, dying from toxicity, while preparing a bomb to detonate at a biotech company. Holmes being right is shown in that the restaurant bombing happened a week later, meaning the one-time bomber is still at large. Lestrade's boss, Richard Basille, whom Lestrade's investigating for, gets a blackmail letter from one of his worst secrets: sexual extortion of countless women Basille helped climb the professional ladder, along with his preceding married mistress and callgirl dalliances. From this, Holmes finally realizes the bomber's identity: Michellle Forrester, whose boss, benefits review board chaiman Vaughn Antonelli, wasmurdered in the blast, thus leaving her to succeed the position. She had information on the department's job reports, thus leaving her in a superior position to analyze the patterns of stock exchange. As one of Basille's previous extortion victims, she decided to find more women and pay them for their testimony to come forward. In return for her silence on the scandal, she wanted Basille extorted for hundreds of stock trades based on the latest update of the markets. Lestrade, against Basille's wishes, steps up and reveals the scandal, getting fired in the process. Forrester is arrested by Gregson on her way out of the hospital to a flight she arranged to evade prosecution.[1]

Michelle Forrester Reveal
Her current job didn't give her access to the jobs report.

Michelle Forrester Arrest
You're not leaving New York. Just yet.


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