S04E07-Cassie Holmes Watson

"Miss Taken"
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Season: Four — Episode: 7
Director: Guy Ferland — Writer: Tamara Jaron — Aired: January 7, 2016 — Viewers (millions): 6.71
Summary: The duo goes against a clever opponent, who forces Holmes to think out of the box. Meanwhile Watson's troubles with her father are brought into focus when he writes a book about her and Holmes.



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Sherlock and I do not run around with guns and we don't get into kung fu fights with criminals and we sure as hell do not sleep together.
— Joan to Henry
At the 11th Precinct, Captain Gregson calls Joan into his office and shows her a fictional book that is written about her and Holmes, with many artistic liberties.




"So you took the three cases this guy couldn't crack over an entire career and you solved them in a few hours."
―Watson to Holmes
"No, thanks. I had poop for lunch."


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