S04E16-Holmes Hawes chess

Morgue Elementary intertitle OCME Building
Location: Brooklyn, New York City — First Appearance: "Ancient History"

This squad is the finest group of men and women I've ever had the honor to serve with.
Captain Gregson, "Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling".

S02E05-OCME building
The OCME Building.
The Morgue is located in the Office of the Medical Examiner in New York City. Medical Examiners who work in the morgue include Dr. Eugene Hawes and Dr. Grannis. Sherlock Holmes has a standing agreement with Dr. Hawes in which they play chess and if Holmes wins, he's allowed to examine the cadavers. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "Ancient History".


The morgue consists of a ramp, examination tables, body cooler chambers, several offices and an elevator. In February 2016, a bomb was placed in a murder victim's stomach which exploded in the body coolers, killing OCME staffer Nicky Slater and injuring Dr. Hawes.

S02E05-Morgue ramp
Watson's first time in the morgue.

S03E21-Holmes Watson Bell Hawes
Holmes, Watson, Bell and Hawes.

S04E11-Hawes Slater
Hawes and Nicky Slater.

S04E11-Hawes explosion
Cooler explosion.

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