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You can go back to your gilded throne in Midtown.

Morland's office is a luxurious office that is used as Morland Holmes' headquarters in New York City and is located in a four-story building in midtown Manhattan near East 84th Street.[1] The office was damaged by a bomb planted by Ruslan Krasnov, who also murdered a bodyguard and VP Allison Pitzker.[1] Its first appearance is in the fourth season episode "Evidence of Things Not Seen."


Season 4[]

S04E22-Morland Gregson

Morland meets Captain Gregson.

Morland's office is first seen as Joan Watson introduces herself to Morland without Sherlock present. She's there to consider Morland's offer to mend Sherlock and Watson's relationship with the NYPD and to size him up.[1] Morland's office is on the second floor and is appointed with expensive furniture, marble floors and has a bar. The second floor contains other offices for his employees and his receptionist. Presumably the third and fourth stories contain offices and living quarters. The foyer contains a guard station and entrance to a small elevator.[1] Morland meets there with Sherlock multiple times as well as with Captain Gregson.[1]



Behind the scenes[]


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