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"My father does not care about me. He does what he does out of a sense of familial obligations."
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According to Sherlock Holmes, Morland Holmes doesn't care about his son, and only does what he does out of a sense of familial obligations. Sherlock says he is a serial absentee, and that he has been so since Sherlock was a boy.[1] he sent Sherlock to boarding school when he was eight years old.[2] He owns five properties in New York,[3] although he does not live there.[1] When Sherlock becomes addicted to drugs, he checks Sherlock into a rehabilitation facility in New York. After six months, he moves into one of his father's properties. Mr. Holmes told Sherlock that if he started to use drugs again, or refuse Joan Watson's help as his sober companion, he would throw him out of the brownstone he lives in and out on the street.[3]

Season Four

Morland Holmes takes up residence in New York, apparently to deal with Sherlock's legal and sobriety issues, as well as other business matters. Joan investigates and finds that there was an assassination attempt on Morland two years previous, which resulted in the death of Morland's lover Sabine and Morland being seriously injured.[4] Finding Sabine's killer became a passion for Morland. Near the end of Season Four Sherock and Joan discover that the attempt on Morland's life is connected to the criminal network previously run by Jamie Moriarty. Its new leader, Joshua Vikner, took over the organization, but some dissenters favored Morland as Moriarty's predecessor. In "A Difference in Kind" Morland arranges a meeting with Vikner, Vikner believes it is for Morland's surrender and death, but the dissenters use the opportunity to kill Vikner and make Morland the network's new leader, with him planning to use the position to dismantle Moriarty's organization from the inside and ensure the group will never harm Sherlock or Watson before leaving New York. He hasn't been seen since.[5]

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