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They took him! Do you hear me?! They took Freebo!

— Gilroy, "Corpse de Ballet"

Morris Gilroy is an unhoused person who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lives in New York. He is a client at the charity where Joan Watson works, Haven for the Homeless.


Season 2[]

After Gilroy went off of his medication, he got into an altercation with two cops, despite having no history of aggression or violence. He was ranting about his missing friend, "Freebo," whom the officers assumed was a product of his imagination. He was then brought to the hospital and confined to a bed after complaining about pain in his arm after the scuffle.

S02E15-Gilroy hospital

"They took him, and I got to find him."

Watson visits Gilroy in the hospital. He is convinced that his friend was kidnapped and is missing. Watson promises to do all that she can to find him.

The following afternoon, Gilroy is released and is staying at St. Ignatius Shelter, where Watson visits him a second time to ask about Zeke Frebeaux. Back on his medication, Gilroy's head is much clearer and he apologizes for his outburst. He remembers seeing Frebeaux being roughed up by a man and forced into a van. He says the attacker may have been white, but he's not sure. He asks if Watson has checked for him at the 23rd Street shelter, but she says they haven't seen him, and neither has his sister.

S02E15-Gilroy St

"I'm sorry about the other day. All the yelling and screaming."

Gilroy doesn't know how long he'll be able to hold onto Frebeaux's things, which Watson asks to see. Inside Frebeaux's bag, she finds a pack of Double T cigarettes, which Gilroy says is all Frebeaux ever smoked. She also finds a picture of Frebeaux with his family, and Gilroy comments Watson must recognize one of the women in the photograph. She doesn't, however, and Gilroy is confused, explaining that the woman is Frebeaux's sister.