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"One of the reasons I work so hard not to lose myself is 'cause I fear I would also lose you. Do you think Shinwell is putting forth a similar effort?"
— Holmes to Watson
At the 11th Precinct, Holmes, Watson and Captain Gregson are able to close a murder case involving a married couple. Watson receives a text and lies to Holmes that it's from her mother to meet for coffee. Outside a warehouse, Police Chief Nanette Vlasik puts on a camera vest, pulls a paintball gun out of a bag and enters the warehouse. Rounding a corner, she fires, hitting some boxes and sees a rat scurry off. Rounding another corner, she fires at a man sitting on a stool. He turns around and kills her with a shotgun blast, while her camera records it. At the crime scene, Holmes notices that it's odd that the paintball dye is not soluble. Examining the body, which has no ID, Holmes deduces from various clues that she's law enforcement, was wearing a camera vest and was the paintball firer. At the Morgue, Lt. Morrison of the Cypress Grove NJ police identifies the body as Chief Vlasik.

S05E22-Crime scene
It shouldn't take long to get a match.
Vouching for her character, he thought she was on vacation in California and mentions that a few weeks before, she'd visited her lawyer. Not knowing what the visit was about, he says she seemed excited after the meeting. Meeting Shinwell at a café, Watson cuts him off when he tries to apologize for assaulting Holmes. At an impasse infiltrating SBK leadership, he asks for her help getting a gang lieutenant, DaMarco Bridger, arrested. Indicating Bridger has a murder for hire business on the side, he provides details of several hits, hoping that he'll take Bridger's place after his arrest. Having spoken to Vlasik's lawyer, Bell and Holmes visit a reality TV company, where Vlasik was a contestant on the "Moving Targets" show. Thirty contestants would hunt each other with paint ball guns while wearing a camera for a $1M prize.

S05E22-Shinwell Watson
I know what you are.
Producer Jake Bozeman and production assistant Daria Wyngold say Vlasik was a favorite to win and was hunting Dr. Charles Eriyo. Although Eriyo was involved in charities and church, Bell suggests he might have killed Vlasik to avoid being eliminated from the game after being hit. At the Brownstone, Holmes deduces Watson met with Shinwell from the smell of coffee on her clothes and rebukes her for lying to him. Unable to locate Eriyo, Holmes shows Watson that he emigrated from Uganda where he was in a rebel militia. His real name is Akello Akeny, and due to numerous war crimes, he was also called "The Ghost of Gulu." Showing Gregson their findings at the precinct, Holmes indicates that due to a peace treaty, Eriyo was given immunity for his crimes and Uganda doesn't want him returned. Bell's discovered the last ping on Eriyo's phone was near Chelsea Piers giving Holmes an idea where to find Eriyo.

S05E22-War crimes
We may never have seen a more accomplished killer.
After looking into one of the murders Shinwell provided information on, Watson gives the detective assigned to the case, Acosta, a vital clue that leads to a warrant for Bridger. At the Piers, Bell and Holmes approach a woman dressed in a Pikachu costume and tell her the game is over. Confirming she is a contestant on Moving Targets, and explaining the situation with Eriyo, she posts a selfie which is used to lure Eriyo to the Piers where he's arrested. In "the box" at the precinct, Eriyo admits to committing atrocities which he's gone to great lengths to make up for. He intended to use the $1M prize to open a medical clinic in Gulu. Denying he killed Vlasik, his body camera shows he wasn't at the warehouse when she was murdered. Admitting to stalking Vlasik, he photographed her doing something odd, nervously entering a strip club and then leaving minutes later.

S05E22-Holmes and Pikachu
Your would-be shooter has arrived.
Showing Gregson a photo of Vlasik leaving the strip club, which is mob-owned, with an envelope that appears to contain money, Watson suggests the mob could be behind Vlasik's death. At the strip club, confronting owner Phil Righetti, he relates that after a murder attempt, he was paying Vlasik to provide police protection to his family. She was working on a big case and asked Phil to introduce her to his banker, a money launderer. He offers to ask his banker why she needed his services. At the Brownstone, Holmes lets Watson know that Detective Acosta arrested Bridger and, that Bell dropped off bank statements which Phil's banker provided. The statements shows that dozens of police chiefs were receiving payoffs from an unknown source. While going through the statements, Holmes cautions Watson about helping Shinwell anymore. Holmes is convinced that Shinwell doesn't want to help himself, he just wants to hurt others.

S05E22-At Glitter House
That's the kind of thing that can get a person shot.
Waking the next morning, Watson is surprised to find Holmes asleep. Watson wakes Holmes who isn't his usual chipper self. However, before falling asleep, he had Everyone member Petros Franken identify the payoff source, a weapons company, Alpha Hawk Firearms. He's also discovered that a close friend of Vlasik's was shot by her bipolar husband. Alpha Hawk's CEO, Clint Washburn, lobbied for a bill which eased restrictions of firearms sales to the mentally ill. Looking into Washburn, Vlasik found he was bribing police chiefs to buy his company's weapons and Holmes believes she was killed when she found evidence of the payoffs. Holmes also tells Watson that she received a text from Shinwell. At Shinwell's apartment, Watson learns that Shinwell is moving into SBK's territory as he got Bridger's position in the gang.

S05E22-In Holmes bedroom
She felt that it enabled her friend's husband.
He gives her a written confession to murdering Damon Clark's brother, Jameel, years before. Still intent on bringing SBK down, he asks her to wait a few months before using the confession, and demonstrates his intent to be held accountable for his crime. At the precinct, Bell, Gregson and Holmes show Washburn the evidence that Vlasik had uncovered his bribery scheme. However, Washburn had already been caught by another law enforcement agency and had worked out a plea deal with the US Attorney. Denying killing Vlasik, he challenges them to find the deal, showing he had no motive. Having obtained the file on Washburn, Bell and Holmes discover he was being truthful and that the chiefs involved weren't confronted by law enforcement. Holmes recognizes a name in the file who he believes killed Vlasik. However, with no proof, he tells Bell he knows where they can find some.

S05E22-With Washburn
These bank transfers, I authorized all of them.
At "Moving Targets", Bell, Gregson and Holmes lie to Bozeman and Wyngold that Vlasik had uncovered Alpha Hawk's payoff scheme and she'd also found that the company made illegal weapons sales to "Heaven's Shining Army." Saying Eriyo helped arranged the sale, which is a violation of the treaty Uganda signed with the rebel group, they ask for their help capturing Eriyo and finding the shotgun used to kill Vlasik. Believing the gun is at his house and wishing to avoid a stand-off, they ask that he be lured to their office so his house can be searched. Bozeman asks if they can wait until morning to pull off the ruse which Gregson agrees to. That evening, Bozeman digs up the shotgun, but having been surveilled by police, Bell arrests him. At the precinct, Bozeman is told that as a former Texas Ranger, he was a beneficiary of the bribes. Discovering the Vlasik had uncovered his role as part of a background check when she became a contestant, he shot her to avoid jail time. Receiving a text from Shinwell, Watson heads to his apartment and finds him shot dead. (♫ Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate ♫)

S05E22-Bozeman arrested
You're under arrest for the murder of Nanette Vlasik.




A street gang needs dismantling, and he is, for better or worse, the best way to do that.

— Holmes about Shinwell



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