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There is no one better digging into the marrow of a company.

— Holmes, "One Watson, One Holmes"

Mr. Briggs is one of Sherlock Holmes' "Irregulars" who he employs when forensic accounting services are required.


Season 3[]

While investigating the murder of Everyone member "Species", Holmes and Watson discover that a radical faction of Everyone is planning to hack the Atherton Foundation. Holmes employs Briggs to find where Atherton is receiving their funding and discovers that Atherton is performing classified data analysis related to counter terrorism for the US government. FBI Agent Branch wants to bring down Everyone by using one of their members, "Tessee" to coerce the group to hack Atherton. Branch is protecting Tessee who committed murder. Holmes has Briggs look into Agent Branch's finances and discovers she is employing a Tibetan nanny who is in the US illegally. Holmes is able to blackmail Agent Branch into giving Tessee up and stops Everyone from hacking the Atherton Foundation.[1]

S03E19-Briggs at work
His next task is to look into Ms. Branch's personal finances.


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