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Tyus Wilcox is serving up SBK on a platter. He's going to help us prevent a war. You want me to chuck all that while you investigate him for one murder?

— Lewis, "Hurt Me, Hurt You"

Nelson Lewis is an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) with ambitions to run for District Attorney (DA).


Season 5[]

After Watson cracks the code being used by SBK drug gang leader Bonzi Folsom to send orders to its members, a raid on SBK is a failure. Detective Bell and Captain Gregson meet ADA Lewis to report on the raid. Showing him several of Bonzi's messages that somewhat connect him to past crimes, they're unsuccessful in getting an arrest warrant. Lewis asks them to obtain more concrete proof of Bonzi's illegal activities.[1]

S05E23-With Nelson
What went wrong there, guys?
After the sister, Carmen, of rival gang Mara Tres' leader Halcon is murdered and a tape sent of her being tortured and delivering a message from SBK, Bonzi's brother, Tyus Wilcox, admits to leading SBK and arrives at the precinct with a lawyer. While Tyus gives recorded testimony with Lewis, Gregson explains to Holmes and Watson that in exchange for immunity, Tyus admitted to running SBK, poisoning his brother and is giving details of every gang member and crime SBK ever committed. Noting that Lewis is running for DA in a few years and Tyus' testimony is a huge boost for his career, Gregson also says that Tyus implicated Duane in Carmen's murder. Giving Lewis evidence that Duane didn't kill Carmen, Watson tells Lewis about Tyus' lie but given the amount of arrests Tyus' testimony will provide, he's not interested in prosecuting Tyus.[2]

S05E24-With ADA Nelson
I'm not gonna risk all that by letting you talk to him.


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