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I got my teeth knocked out in a fight in the yard at Newgate Correctional.

Newgate is a maximum security prison. Its first appearance is in the first season episode "A Landmark Story."


Season 1[]

Newgate is first seen as the prison where Sebastian Moran is incarcerated. He gives Holmes information in order to capture Jamie Moriarty but, given the choice between suicide or his sister dying, he chooses the latter.[1]

Season 2[]

S02E19-In file room

The file room at Newgate.

Holmes reads letters from Moriarty that are seen to have come from Newgate.[2] Captain Gregson mentions that Moriarty is no longer being held at Newgate. It's discovered she's been moved to a FBI black site.[3] Aaron Colville, a serial killer who bit his victims, was a prisoner at Newgate. His teeth were the model for dentures made at the prison for many of the inmates.[4]

Season 3[]

S03E19-At Newgate

"None of us tells the truth about that stuff."

Holmes and Watson visit Petros Franken at Newgate and question him on their theory that Errol White, aka "Species", was killed by another Everyone member known only as "Tessee."


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