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"You know, it's funny you can, um, you can be really generous when you want to be. You should think about being that way more often. Looks good on you."
— Alfredo to Holmes
Alfredo takes Holmes for a ride in a fantastic sports car he's designed the security system for and asks Holmes to help him steal $100,000. After hours in a college laboratory, two students make out until interrupted by a rat. They discover a dead man being eaten by many rats. Later, Watson and Detective Bell examine the body, biology professor Noah Fogel, who Watson believes was poisoned with thallium. Seeing several dead rats, she suggests the droppings of the living rats be compared to the dead ones to determine the poisoning source. Fogel's assistant, Maya, explains to Holmes and Captain Gregson that he was studying the effects of pesticides on small mammals. Indicating he was a workaholic, he wasn't liked by his students as he failed many. Holmes finds a bag of amphetamines in Fogel's office and his dealer, Richie Esposito, is brought to the 11th Precinct.

S06E09-Watson Bell crime scene
These guys have a taste for human flesh.
Esposito admits to selling Fogel drugs but not to killing him. He says that Fogel was buying more speed than usual as he was working nights on a secret project. Alfredo brings Holmes to a car dealership and explains that he did nearly $100,000 of work for the owner who then refused to pay. The owner keeps cash in a wall safe that Alfredo believes Holmes could easily break into. After Holmes asks why Alfredo isn't pursuing restitution legally, he admits that his brother Dante is in money trouble with business partners who will harm him. Holmes thinks little of Dante and refuses to help Alfredo. At the Brownstone, Watson reports that Esposito's speed didn't contain thallium while Holmes unsuccessfully examines Fogel's work for the secret project. He tells Watson about Alfredo's situation with Dante and that Alfredo expected he wouldn't help him since Sherlock wouldn't forgive his brother Mycroft.

S06E09-Alfredo Holmes in car
If he's in trouble, he no doubt deserves it.
At an animal shelter that the rats from the crime scene as being kept at, the security guard, Wade, hears fireworks outside and leaves to investigate. Seeing a fireworks launcher in the parking lot, a van speeds away and he discovers that the rats have been stolen. Later, Bell, Holmes and Watson question Wade who saw the van was grey. Holmes finds part of a women's shirt near the launcher and deduces from a misfire, that the woman was burnt by one of the fireworks and went to a nearby hospital. Found from hospital records, Valerie Field is brought to the precinct where she admits to stealing the rats but not to killing Fogel. Bell mentions that the milk at Fogel's home was the source of the poison. A geneticist, she has an alibi and indicates that Fogel was trying to win a $5M prize from the Galahad Institute. Awarded to the first scientist who could double a rat's life span, Fogel was close and she wanted to reverse engineer his work from the rats.

S06E09-Field in box
So you still have all your fingers.
Waiting with Watson at the Galahad Institute, Holmes says that he's still angry at Mycroft. Mycroft went into hiding after working for MI6 and spying on French criminal organization "Le Milieu" which Holmes discovered has been wiped out. With no reason to remain in hiding, Mycroft hasn't contacted them which he believes is Mycroft's responsibility to do. Ushered into a meeting room, they meet Dudley Becket and his son Hunter, the owners of the company who run the Institute. The elderly Dudley indicates that Hunter largely runs the Institute and both are distressed with what happened to Fogel. Dudley mentions that Fogel had a partner named Elijah Robinson who was a volatile person. An ESU team finds Robinson dead in his home for over a week, removing him as a suspect in Fogel's murder. Holmes finds Prussian Blue, an antidote for thalium, and believes the killer intended to poison Robinson by putting thalium in his milk but was caught, a fight ensued and Robinson's neck was broken.

S06E09-Robinson crime scene
Then they fought to the death.
He brought the Prussian Blue in case he was exposed to the thalium. Watson sees dried blood on the fridge which Bell sends for processing. Later, he tells Gregson that the blood is a match for a 15 year old girl named Lacey Evans. Visiting Evan's house, whose DNA was in the system due to her father being in the Army, she indicates that she and a friend sold their blood to Robinson who stored it in his fridge. She also gives them a video she captured on her phone of Robinson fighting with a man outside his house. At the Brownstone, Holmes gives Alfredo a check for $100,000 and says he robbed the dealership to prevent Alfredo from getting into trouble. Alfredo can tell he's lying and that the money is Holmes'. He rebukes Sherlock for holding grudges against family members that have hurt him and those he cares about. Watching the video Evans took, Holmes is able to read Robinson's lips who calls the man he's fighting with "Hugo" and Watson sees from Hugo's shirt that he works at a taco restaurant.

S06E09-With Lacey
There's a growing market for young blood.
In "the box" at the precinct, Hugo is accused of killing Fogel and Robinson by Bell and Gregson. Believing that they were subverting nature with their work, he's glad they are dead but has an alibi during their murders. Holmes meets Alfredo at a bridge and says that he gave Dante the money and forgave him for his sins against Alfredo. He also indicates that he's reached out to his brother Mycroft through a banker and intends to forgive him and work on establishing a relationship with him. Watson tell Holmes that Hugo's alibi checked out but the interrogation transcripts has led her to believe that someone from anti-science chat rooms that Hugo frequented may have committed the murders. In the morning, Holmes wakes Watson as he's found that a chat room user named "Plup" has been encouraging Hugo to violence and, provided Robinson's address. Plup has also been leaking sensitive data on who was chasing the Galahad Prize and, Holmes says Plup is one of the Prize's organizers.

S06E09-Alfredo Holmes bridge
I'd ask that you forgive me now.
At the precinct, Holmes and Watson explain to Bell and Gregson why the son, Hunter Becket, is the killer. As most of the company's fortune has been put into the Galahad Institute, he stands to inherit little if the $5M prize is awarded. Holmes has confirmed that the Institute's servers are hacker-proof. After Gregson points out that this isn't enough to arrest Hunter, Holmes mentions nails. At the Institute, Hunter is accused of the murders and Dudley is told that his company does business with a chemical firm that is being looked into for thalium shipments to Hunter. Holmes says that he noticed Hunter picking his nails the first time they met. They found nail clippings with Prussian Blue on them and ask Hunter if a DNA test will show a match to his. Dudley asks his son if he committed the murders and Hunter looks at him sheepishly. That evening at the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that Hunter is taking a plea deal. (♫ The Wilderness of Manitoba - Wild Wind ♫) He informs Watson that he's learned that Mycroft died 10 months before in New Zealand of an intracranial hemorrhage.

S06E09-Hunter Becket green
You'd obviously just clipped them.




You're taking his side, understandably. Perhaps if I'd have given you three and a half orgasms, you'd see things my way.

— Holmes to Watson