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I am not the kind of man you deal with on a regular basis.

— Reichenbach, "Into the Woods"

Odin Reichenbach is the CEO of Odker, a technology company, and the eighth richest man in America.


Season 7[]

Watson watches a tech symposium featuring Reichenbach and informs Holmes that he's made a large contribution to the gun buy-back program he started. Inviting Watson to meet him, Watson is driven by Odker security staff to a park where Odin is practicing archery. He asks for her help finding the source of a kidnapping threat against his niece, Abigail. A portion of threat referred to a detail he spoke of at a company event so he can't trust his security staff to investigate. Meeting Odin at Odker, he leads Holmes and Watson into the coding lab. Suspecting one of the coders may be responsible for the kidnapping threat, he leaves them to review the staff's computers.

S07E05-Watson and Odin
It's primal. It settles the mind.
Later, Holmes and Watson confront Odin at the park, having found no evidence of a kidnapping threat against Abigail. Confessing there was no threat and that he wanted to see what lengths they'd go to find the truth, he's impressed they went beyond the law. Indicating that he made Patrick Meers aware of the ferry bombing plot in order to stop it, he regrets that Captain Gregson was shot. Disappointed that they aren't sympathetic to Meers or vigilante justice, Odin implies that he's above the law.[1]

S07E05-Odin at end
I'd do anything to protect an innocent person.
Odin provides details to Holmes and Watson how he spies on his client's communications using his company's software. Having configured his platforms to report anyone intending violence, he then has them killed. Recounting instances that saved lives, he regrets what happened with Patrick Meers and proposes that Holmes and Watson help him refine the algorithm that catches murderers. Holmes brings Odin's crimes to the attention of NSA Agent McNally. Saying that proof of Odin's murders is required, McNally tells Holmes to set a meeting with Odin which the NSA will record.

S07E06-With Odin start
Together, we could avert so many tragedies.
At a quay, Holmes tells Odin that he's reviewed several of the cases where would-be killers were eliminated. Noting that in several cases there was reasonable doubt the killers would have acted, Holmes insincerely says he and Watson will help Odin, but only if they can vet each case to make certain that the killer will act. Odin agrees to give them next case where doubt exists. After Holmes listens to the NSA recording, he realizes McNally is working with Odin. McNally threatens everyone Holmes holds dear and warns him to not interfere with Odin's work. McNally warns Odin that Holmes won't stop but Odin isn't concerned, indicating that he's battling multiple law suits, the Chinese government and the US military, so Holmes shouldn't be a problem.[2]

S07E06-Holmes and Odin
Call it a trust-building exercise.
In the back of a limo, Antonia briefs Odin on people that his company's software has revealed might be planning to commit murder. Informing him that Watson has looked into a murder Odin ordered carried out, she asks if he'd like her dealt with. Odin says he'll handle Watson himself.[3]

S07E09-Odin and Antonia
Pull the trigger, before he does.



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