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So how do you like it? Sweet or spicy? Or maybe both?

— Olga, "Murder Ex Machina"

Olga Berezhnaya is a Russian spy. She worked as a stripper at "ObsessNYC" as her cover and later, as a grade one teacher.


Season 4[]

After Russian oligarch Maxim Zolotov and his bodyguard are shot outside ObsessNYC, it's discovered that Zolotov was buying New Haven's port and was arranging a side deal in the club. However, Zolotov's bodyguard was concerned about a stripper and they left before finishing the negotiations. Holmes and Detective Bell visit the club where Holmes recognizes one of the strippers, Olga, as a Russian spy from his days working in MI6. After buying a private dance with Olga, in exchange for not revealing she's a spy to American authorities, Olga says that Zolotov wasn't her assignment but that she heard him discussing business. His body guard recognized her as they served in the military together. Zolotov was supposed to be on a mission for the Russian government, didn't want the New Haven business revealed and she speculates that's the reason he left.[1]

S04E09-Holmes Olga
This is role-play, yes? I like it.

Season 7[]

After a thief, Ridley Dineen, is murdered with a Russian chemical, Kolokol-1, Holmes heads to a school to speak to Olga, who now works as a grade one teacher. Informing Olga of Dineen's death by Kolokol-1, she doesn't know if he was a spy. In exchange for not exposing her, Olga agrees to find out who used the chemical on Dineen. At a restaurant, Olga has a dossier and tells Holmes that Dineen wasn't a spy. Pointing to a window in a building across the street, Olga says that one of the scientists who developed Kolokol-1, Pasha Voynov, lives there. Having left Russia without the government's permission, Russian intelligence monitored him. Confirming he bought supplies in NYC to make Kolokol-1 but not knowing why, Olga says Voynov is a threat and that Russia can't have him sharing his knowledge with the US. Moving her kerchief, Voynov's apartment explodes.[2]

S07E07-Olga reading
I know your teacher is an excellent dancer.


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