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"Pet owners will talk to anybody about their pets. Our mailman knows Clyde's life story."
— Watson
In the basement of the Brownstone, Holmes comes upon Watson recreating a car crash with model cars. Explaining that Parker Landis, the driver of one of cars, was shot, she later found that Landis had plans to use botulism to poison multiple people at a restaurant. Believing that he was killed by one of Odin Reichenbach's agents, Holmes maintains his lie that NSA Agent McNally is pursuing Reichenbach and she should leave the case alone. He promises to pass her file on the shooting to McNally. On Staten Island, Caroline Gibbs welds art in her garage. (♫ Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You ♫) Hearing her dogs barking, she heads to their pen to investigate and is killed by a blow to the head by a man wearing a welding mask and the same clothes she's wearing. Days later, in the bathroom of the Brownstone, as Holmes performs an experiment on underwater safe-cracking, Watson is angered that Holmes hasn't given the file on Landis to McNally. They're both called to the 11th Precinct and he's able to avoid the confrontation.

We should leave this to the NSA.
At the precinct, Captain Gregson informs them of Gibbs' murder. DNA was found at the scene on a scrap of a shirt which police believe one of Gibbs' dogs tore off the killer. The DNA matches the "Ghost of Brooklyn", a serial killer who hasn't struck in ten years. Later, Detective Bell and Holmes question Mr. Hutchins, father of Megan, who was killed by the "Ghost" fifteen years before. He believed that his son-in-law, Dean, killed Megan until the "Ghost's" DNA was found on the rope used to kill her. Relating that Dean committed suicide on the anniversary of Megan's death, Holmes remarks how strange it is that Dean would commit suicide over a murder he didn't commit. At an art gallery, Watson accuses Carson Mayfield of killing Gibbs as they had an on-line feud. Shocked, he shows Watson that the feud was a publicity stunt to draw attention to an art exhibition they were planning. He shows Watson a video in which a neighbor of Gibbs', Benjamin Long, is arguing with her and says he thought Benjamin was having an affair.

S07E09-Watson at gallery
Make everyone think we're at war, then reconcile through art.
At the precinct, as Watson tells Gregson that Benjamin may be the "Ghost", Holmes interrupts that he and Bell have found him. At "the box", they explain that a Mr. Wu works for the company that makes the DNA kits for the police. He has a condition in which he sweats excessively, which contaminated the kits. Promoted to manager ten years previously, he wasn't in contact with the kits until recently when he filled in for a sick worker. Later, having found the killers in the past cases blamed on the "Ghost", Gregson is told that the shirt scrap didn't have any DNA on it. Gregson and Watson question Benjamin Long who denies having an affair with Gibbs and provides an alibi. He indicates that the entire neighborhood was unhappy with Gibbs, due to her barking dogs and that she was suspected of dealing drugs.

S07E09-Gregson Watson box
You can call off the ghost hunt, Captain.
Bell and Holmes question three suspects at their homes, who were all bitten by dogs since Gibbs' murder. All have alibis but Holmes sees that one, Zachary Fowler, has a pile of cell phones, which are stolen. After Fowler is arrested, Holmes meets Watson at Gibbs'. Having found a pound of cannabis hidden in a book, Watson asks if Holmes gave McNally the file on Parker's murder. Saying he did, she's able to tell he's lying. Confessing to the lie, Holmes explains he did it so that she wouldn't have to lie to Bell and Gregson about Odin. He says that McNally is working for Odin and promises to reveal more. Noticing some pink hairs in a brush, Watson remarks that Gibbs was having an affair. At the Long's, Benjamin's wife, Diana, admits to her affair with Gibbs. Despite being at home when Gibbs died, she says she didn't kill her and saw Gibbs walking around after her time of death. Watson deduces the killer was dressed as Gibbs which seems likely when Diana says the killer took one of Gibbs' dogs, a German Shepherd named Ollie.

S07E09-Naomi Long
Why would they have had her dog?
At the precinct, Bell reports to Gregson that Ollie was a retired police dog. Ollie's former partner, Officer Saldenbrook, tells Bell and Gregson that Ollie was trained to find cannabis. Bell believes it's no coincidence that Gibbs, who sold pot, had Ollie. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson he won't keep anything from her about Odin anymore. Having reached out to his contacts at MI6 for help, he gives her an encrypted phone that they'll call. Bell calls that the marijuana found at Gibbs' has been traced to a Mexican gang. Believing that Gibbs was using Ollie to test methods to conceal pot from other dogs, they join Bell at an OTB which is a front for the gang's leader, Enrique Ruiz. Ruiz denies selling drugs or knowing Gibbs. His lawyer, Danielle Olivera, whose office is at the OTB, tells them to leave.

S07E09-At OTB
They think I killed some lady and kidnapped her dog.
Unable to get a warrant to search Ruiz's OTB, at the Brownstone, Watson shows Holmes that she secretly took a photo of documents on a table at Ruiz's. Appearing to be betting lines, Watson finds they are train schedules and speculates they indicate Ruiz's drug shipments. Bell calls that Ollie has been found, at a train yard. Joining Bell, he reports that a guard was tased. Holmes finds that a shipment of marijuana, which was hidden behind a false wall in a train car, was stolen. Watson realizes Ollie was stolen to sniff out the stash. At the Brownstone, Watson believes that Diana Long wouldn't have mistaken Gibbs' killer for her unless the killer had a similiar body type. Speculating that Danielle Olivera might be the killer, Holmes looks at a picture of Olivera and noticing the bookcase in the background, says he's seen it before.

S07E09-Bob and Watson
There's no chance they'd think it was you, right?
Bell, Holmes and Watson confront Zachary Fowler at his home. Discovering that Olivera is his sister, she gave him the bookcase. When he picked it up, he overheard about the marijuana shipment and that Gibbs' had Ollie. Not knowing which car the pot was in, he killed Gibbs and took Ollie to find it. The police use Ollie to find the marijuana, which Gibbs had hidden behind a garage wall, and he's arrested. In the back of a limo, Antonia briefs Odin on people that his company's software has revealed might be planning to commit murder. (♫ Daniel Spaleniak - Change ♫) Informing him that Watson looking into the murder of Parker Landis, she asks if he'd like her dealt with. Odin says he'll handle Watson himself.

S07E09-Odin and Antonia
Pull the trigger.



  • Holmes speaks Spanish in this episode.
  • This was the 150th episode of Elementary.


I need your opinion on something. Do you think anyone would mistake Bob for you if he was dressed like this?

— Watson


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