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"So while am I sensitive that this is likely a ripple effect from the tragedy, turning yourself into me in response is not good for our partnership."
— Holmes to Watson
At the Brownstone, Holmes trains himself to mimic death until interrupted by an Everyone member who identifies himself as "Sucking Chest Wound." Holmes won't allow him to enter until he stops chewing gum, so "Chest Wound" puts the gum in a piece of paper. He taunts Holmes by reminding him of the embarrassing things he's made Holmes do in return for Everyone's help. He then indicates that there's in-fighting at Everyone and he wants Holmes' help in identifying "Species", head of a rival faction. Holmes isn't interested and leaves to accompany Watson to a local library. Learning that he's helping Watson with the daughter of a neighbor, he notices that she is morose and can't start a conversation with her. Letting Watson deal with the case, Holmes immerses himself in reading until a call from Detective Bell beckons him to a murder scene where he finds that Everyone member Errol White, aka "Species" has been stabbed with a wakizashi. Under White's body, Holmes finds a dyed hair that matches "Chest Wound's."

S03E19-Holmes Bell crime scene
I could also give you a name, after a fashion.
At the Brownstone, reviewing footage from the front door cameras, Holmes finds that "Chest Wound" threw the paper with the gum into a trash can. Watson receives a text from friends for a bachelorette party planning session. Retrieving the paper, they find a set list from a concert is written on it. In the basement, Holmes plays music for Clyde and tells Watson that he found where the set list was played and that "Chest Wound" is a sound engineer named Petros Franken. (♫ Fol Chen - I.O.U. ♫) At the 11th Precinct, Franken fervently denies killing White even when told his hair was found at the scene and various threatening emails he sent to White have been found. He provides an alibi, that he was with investment banker Rachel Carter. At Rachel's office, while she denies being with Franken when White was killed, Bell receives a text that blood matching White's was found in Franken's car trunk.

So you wanna ID him through his gum.
Out for drinks at the bachelorette party planning session, Emily Hankins leads the ideas, but realizing she doesn't want to be there, Watson makes an excuse and leaves. Watson arrives at the Brownstone just before Rachel Carter appears. Confessing that she was with Franken when White was murdered, she lied as she didn't want the triste with Franken revealed to her husband. In the holding cells at the precinct, Holmes tells Franken about Rachel's confession which isn't enough to secure his release. Asking who would benefit from White's death, Franken mentions that White bragged to Everyone's "inner sanctum" about a stash of data worth millions. At the Brownstone, Holmes reviews an evidence wall of the all the inner sanctum members. Having ruled out many, Watson notices that "Munkey versus Shark" is infatuated with a specific Italian motorcycle model and asks Bell to track down recent purchases.

S03E19-Girls dinner
We have to embarrass Marnie at least once.
At a hospital, Caleb Hill is texting as Bell, Holmes and Watson enter his room. Having found that he crashed the motorcycle model matching "Munkey versus Shark's", and has made many other expensive purchases, he's accused of stealing White's data stash and selling it. Initially denying it, Bell threatens to charge him with White's death, which would make recovery from his injuries difficult, as he'd be in jail. Hill admits to stealing the stash, but did so weeks before White's death. He indicates that the stash wasn't just financial information but every hack White had ever done and logs of every on-line chat. He agrees to turn over the stash in exchange for his freedom. The stash is delivered to the Brownstone in hard copies comprising 26 boxes. Reminding Watson that she has another party planning session, Watson tells Holmes that she begged off.

S03E19-With Caleb Hill
I had no reason to go back and kill the guy.
Concerned that her dedication to their profession is an over-reaction to Andrew's death and that she's becoming too much like him, Watson rebuffs him and starts looking through the boxes. The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson by typing "wake up Watson" using Morse code and informs her of a discovery he's made. As Morse code operators could be identified by their message style, so he's determined from the "Species" chat room messages that there were two different people using the account. The other user was a radical, "Tessee", who wants Everyone to avenge White's death by executing "Operation Right Nut." Believing that "Tessee" killed White in order to incite approval of the operation, they visit Franken who is now at Newgate. He doesn't know who "Tessee" is but says that the operation is a hack on the Atherton Foundation, a "think tank."

S03E19-Holmes wakes Watson morse
There's nothing but odd.
Visiting the Atherton Foundation to warn them of the potential hack by Everyone, their representative Corey Evans is unconcerned. The foundation's staff make Holmes suspicious it isn't a simple non-profit and after denials from NSA Agent McNally, Holmes concludes that they are providing services to the US intelligence community. Holmes again expresses concern that Watson's behaviour is patterning the worst in his own, which she says she'll think about, once "Tessee" is found. Learning that "Tessee" is obsessed with obtaining a "Ookla the Mok" lunchbox, Watson puts a message on-line that she has one that she's willing to give away. She meets numerous interested parties at a coffee shop where she tells them the lunchbox has already been claimed but takes pictures and gets contact information with the promise of finding another one.

S03E19-With Corey Evans
We can handle some computerized mob.
Watson's ploy reveals Brady Dietz as their best suspect, whom they confront outside his home. Dietz awkwardly denies their accusations and after he texts on his phone, a black SUV pulls up and FBI Agent Branch protects Dietz. Branch knows who Holmes and Watson are and dismissing their accusations against Dietz, says she was with him when White was killed. Unsuccessful at getting Captain Gregson to apply pressure on the FBI to have Branch release Dietz, Holmes concludes that Branch must want Everyone to hack Atherton and brings forensic accountant Mr. Briggs to the Brownstone to determine why. Briggs finds that Atherton co-ordinates FBI and Homeland Security investigations with the internal security departments of major U.S. Corporations for which it is being paid. If Everyone hacks Atherton, the group will be charged with treason and destroyed, affording Branch rapid promotion.

S03E19-Branch rescues Dietz
Mr. Dietz is part of an ongoing FBI investigation.
After Briggs looks into Branch's personal finances, Holmes meet her and indicates he's found that she employs a nanny who is in the US illegally. Threatening to reveal this to her superiors, he advises her to give the police an anonymous tip as to the location of the wakizashi. Everyone has been warned about Atherton and won't hack them, so with no use for Dietz, she obeys Holmes. Dietz is arrested and after nobody believes the FBI set him up, he confesses and claims he killed White in self-defense. Later at the Brownstone, taking Holmes' advice, Watson leaves to meet her friends for another bachelorette party planning session.

S03E19-Holmes blackmails Branch
They're moving on to more amusing targets.



  • Petros Franken is the Everyone member who made Holmes compose a treatise on why the character Bella from "Twilight" should have ended up with Jacob rather than Edward and then read it at a convention.[1]
  • Errol White, aka "Species" has a wallpaper on his computer of Holmes in a dress. This was payment for Everyone providing dental records in order to match the bite marks of a killer.[2]
  • Holmes finds one of the bands Clyde likes is death metal group Goatwhore, also a favorite band of Edwin Borstein.[3]
  • Wayne Vachs, CEO of Vachs Geological and the founder of the Atherton Foundation, is later brought down by Holmes and Watson.[4]


We're pranksters, we don't have an ideology. We help the people we wanna help, hurt the people we wanna hurt. On like, a case-by-case basis.



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