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What is not at your disposal are the details of my personal life, which are uniquely my own, and which I will not cheapen by allowing them to become grist for your tedious recovery mill.

— Holmes to Watson

One Way to Get Off is the seventh episode of Elementary's first season and the 7th episode overall.


Holmes assists with a double homicide that has the same M.O. as a series of murders that took place 13 years ago. Meanwhile, after being frozen out by Holmes, Watson visits his old rehab center in order to learn more about the mysterious man in her care.


S01E07-Watson argues w Holmes

"It's my job to overstep polite boundaries."

In an upscale NYC home, a masked intruder empties the contents of the wall safe, then goes to the living room, where the husband and wife are bound and their heads wrapped in pillows, and shoots both of them in the head. The next morning at the Brownstone, things are tense between Holmes and Watson. He's angry she's pried into his past so, after receiving a text about the murders, he feints reconciliation, excuses himself for a coffee and leaves for the crime scene where he meets Captain Gregson. Immediately, Holmes see the crime has the same M.O. as home invasion murders perpetrated by Wade Crewes in 1999 whom Gregson brought to justice. Gregson believes the latest murders were done by a copycat but after Holmes finds that a woman's shoe is also missing, he believes that Crewes lied in 1999 when he said he worked alone and his accomplice is killing again.

At the 11th Precinct, Gregson briefs a newly-formed task force to deal with the murder of the Myroses. Holmes proposes that he and Gregson interview Wade Crewes at Sing Sing, but Gregson doesn't see the value. After constantly calling Holmes, Watson arrives at the precinct. When she refuses to stop trying to get details about Holmes' past, he announces he'll adhere to the letter of the sober companion agreement but otherwise will ignore her. Detective Bell reports that a disgruntled contractor named Walsh had a record and was fired by the Myroses. Bell, Gregson and Holmes question him at his home and Walsh denies being at the Myroses when the murders occurred. Holmes sees Walsh glancing at the floor several times so he asks to use the bathroom and sneaks downstairs. Holmes discovers a hidden room in which a woman in her underwear is chained. Holmes rescues her and Walsh is arrested.

S01E07-Edison and Watson

"He used to tell me I was the only person in this place without an agenda."

Watson visits the Hemdale and meets with Holmes' therapist, who confirms that Holmes was there for six months and never revealed any of his past. After speaking with the rescued woman in Russian, Holmes confirms that Walsh was with her when the Myroses was murdered. At the police lab, Holmes matches the bullets from the Myrose murders to those from the 1999 murders demonstrating the same gun is being used again. At the precinct, Gregson meets his partner from 1999, Terry D'Amico who Holmes has called to provide insights. Bell briefs the task force on the findings to date including that Crewes maybe working with an accomplice. When Holmes suggests Crewes may be innocent, D'Amico refutes this and Gregson angrily dismisses everyone. He decides to question Crewes and allows Holmes to come along. After more dead ends at Hemdale, Watson sees the groundskeeper, Edison, who is smoking a beehive. Figuring Holmes would have talked to him, she's proven right.

S01E07-Questioning Crewes

"As we both well know, I'm an innocent man."

At Sing Sing, Crewes isn't surprised to see Gregson. He denies any connection to the latest murders, practices anger management when Gregson asks who his accomplice is and quotes Tolstoy. He also claims he's innocent of the 1999 murders, that Gregson planted evidence to further his career and his attorney wouldn't pursue his alibi, that he was with Carla Figuero, a woman he was having an affair with. He convinced he'll be exonerated. At Hemdale, Watson asks Edison if Holmes ever mentioned a woman named Irene. Edison says no but gives her some letters Holmes left behind. Holmes and Gregson drive to Carla Figuero's home to question her but meet her son, Sean, who says she died years before. Holmes asks Gregson why he's so resistant to the possibility Crewes is innocent. Gregson tells Holmes to watch the interrogation tapes in which Crewes gloats.

Holmes watches the tapes at the Brownstone, and notices that a coffee mug, found smashed at one of the 1999 crime scenes with Crewes' prints on it, was originally handed to Crewes during his interrogation by Gregson. He shows Watson and the next morning, Holmes brings his finding to Gregson who says he's never accepted a perk or bribe in his career but he won't say anything about the mug. Returning home troubled, Watson gives him the letters from Hemdale which she didn't read and won't ask him about unless he wants to talk about them. Holmes puts them in a blender. Holmes examines the case file and finds that a suspect in 1999, Victor Nardin, has been in prison for 12 years but was recently released. From Nardin's tattoos of Chechen football, Holmes finds a hotel near a bar that shows the Chechen games and confirms Nardin is staying there.

S01E07-Terry Gregson argue

"Fair warning partner."

On a street, Gregson secretly meets with Terry D'Amico and says that he realized she planted the mug. She says she always thought Gregson knew but he thought it was good fortune as they were both convinced Crewes was guilty. The recent killings have put doubt of Crewes' guilt in Gregson's mind but D'Amico points out that if Gregson tells, she could go to prison and his career will be over which Gregson indicates won't dissuade him from owning up. Watson accompanies Holmes to Nardin's hotel room and finding him not there, he breaks in. The room is a mess including spilt juice and cigarettes. Holmes discovers the murder weapon hidden under carpet and floorboards. He then receives a call from Gregson that there's been another home invasion murder.

The murder scene matches the M.O. except for a houseguest who was shot in the back as he tried to escape. Cigarette butts that match Nardin's brand are found outside. Gregson believes this and the gun Holmes found in Nardin's room will prove Crewes is innocent. Holmes stands where the killer stood, covers one eye and pretends to shoot. Gregson says he won't hide the Crewes frame-up but incredibly, Holmes shushes him. Bell reports Nardin is in custody and Holmes surprises Gregson by announcing that will make it easy to prove Nardin isn't the killer. In the box at the precinct, Holmes walks in and throws an orange at the right side of Nardin's head which he doesn't block. In Gregson's office, Holmes explains from numerous clues in Nardin's room, that he is blind in his right eye, making it impossible for him to be the shooter. The cigarettes butts at the scene were planted as evidenced by not being flattened. Nardin is being framed by Crewes' accomplice.

Gregson is confused since Holmes has been indicating for days that Crewes may be innocent. Holmes says he's been trying to establish a connection to Crewes which the framing of Nardin shows but since he doesn't know who the accomplice is, there'll be no case against Crewes and he'll go free. At the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson pore over Crewes' prison records, while the latest news coverage speculates Crewes maybe innocent. They can find no family, visitors or prisoners who may be the accomplice. As Crewes is interviewed, Holmes notices he quotes from Tolstoy. Since Crewes was illiterate when he entered prison, they try to find out how he learned to read at an advanced level. Holmes finds he worked in the prison library which was saved from shutdown by literacy charity. Seeing the charity's website, Holmes recognizes Sean Figueroa in a picture.

S01E07-Crewes enraged

"You framed me! I'm innocent!"

At the charity's office, Holmes and Bell confront Sean. Holmes points out that while Sean has his mother's Hispanic features, Sean's blue eyes came from his biological father, Wade Crewes. Sean denies it but when Holmes threatens a paternity test, he admits he found out Crewes was his father from his mother's diary. Holmes accuses Sean of working with the literacy charity to meet Crewes but then Crewes seduced him into being his accomplice. Sean says he's done with their questions but Holmes asks him how loyal he thinks Crewes will be when Sean is linked to the crimes. At Sing Sing, a confident Crewes meets Holmes and Gregson. Gregson shows him the women's shoes and the murder weapon, provided by Sean, who confessed to the recent murders and being Crewes' accomplice. To Gregson's satisfaction, he tells Crewes he's getting additional charges. Crewes explodes and is dragged out by the guards. That evening, Holmes tells Watson that Irene died.


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Every cop gets offered a few perks. Free lunch here, gym membership there. I never took a single one, and I sure as hell never planted evidence.

— Gregson


  • In the opening scene as Sean Figueroa shoots the Myroses, his mask is splattered with blood after the first shooting but is clean before the second shooting.
  • When Holmes confronts Figueroa at the LIFA storefront, he speaks about Figueroa's eyes being blue, but the actor's eyes are clearly dark brown.
  • Despite the actor playing Figueroa actually having brown eyes, if Figueroa's mother was of Mexican descent the she would most likely possess 2 non blue eyed genes for eye color (possibly brown). There is no possible way that she would have a blue-eyed child since this requires 2 blue eyed genes. One of which he would have gotten from the father who is blue-eyed, but her non blue-eyed gene would be dominant and produce a non blue-eyed child. Since the gene for blue eyes is recessive, it requires blue-eyed genes from both parents. A person who has brown eyes could produce a blue-eyed child ONLY if one of that person's parents was blue-eyed (the term for this is heterozygous blue) AND they had a child with a blue-eyed mate or had a child with a person who is brown-eyed as well but also had a parent who was blue-eyed (also heterozygous blue). The likelihood in the first case is 50%, and the likelihood in the second case is 25%.
  • Holmes' ringtone when Watson calls is the music from the famous shower scene in Psycho (1960).
  • Holmes speaks Russian in this episode.


In other languages[]

Language Title Translation
čeština Czech Úniková cesta[1] "Escape Route"
suomi Finnish Lavastus[2] "Scenery"
français French Le Disciple[3] "The Disciple"
Deutsch German Mittel und Wege[4] "Ways and Means"
magyar Hungarian Kísért a múlt[5] "Haunted by the Past"
italiano Italian Conflitto di coscienza[6] "Conflict of Conscience"
日本語 Japanese 忘れたい過去[7] "The Past I Want to Forget"
русский Russian Единственный выход[8] "The Only Way Out"
slovenčina Slovak Úniková cesta[9] "Escape Route"
español Spanish Una forma de escapar[10] "A Way to Escape"
українська Ukrainian Єдиний вихід[11] "The Only Way Out"


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