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Calm down? You just accused me of cheating on my wife!

— Oren to Joan, "T-Bone and the Iceman"

Oren Watson is Joan Watson's brother and the son of Mary.


Season 1[]

Oren visits Joan and has dinner with Mary and Sherlock Holmes. He brings his girlfriend Gabrielle Harper with him and Holmes suspects they'll soon get engaged.[1] He is heard on the phone talking to Joan, telling her that he got a call from a doctor and Mary was in the hospital due to a fall. He was actually called by Moriarty who needed to get Joan away from Holmes to have a conversation with her.[2]

002 The Leviathan episode still of Mary Watson, Oren Watson, Gabrielle Harper, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson
Family dinner, sort of.

Season 3[]

When Mary visits Oren and his wife Gabrielle, she comes to believe that Oren is having an affair when she thinks she sees him kissing a blonde woman. She pushes Joan to discuss the matter with her brother. On the phone, Oren vehemently denies any wrong doing, which leads Joan to question her mother's neurological health.[3]

Family tree[]

Jin May Wen
Mary Watson
Henry Watson
Henry Watson
Lin Wen
Lin Wen
Joan Watson
Oren Watson


  • Oren and Joan played video games as kids including Emery Vision's "Swords of Saturn."[4]
  • Joan mentions that she knows all of the Superlative Comic heroes including the Midnight Ranger from Oren as he was "a geek".[5]
  • The name "Oren" is an inadvertent homage to Lucy Liu's character in Kill Bill, named O-Ren Ishii.[6]


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