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"I can narrow it down by one. Me. This is Dr. Candace Reed. She used to be my therapist."
— Watson
At the Brownstone, Watson wakes Holmes who is sleeping in a Victorian sensory deprivation tank to combat his post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Watson asks about an evidence wall containing pictures of Polly Kenner, a missing woman who Michael Rowan asked him to look into. They're called to a murder scene where they meet Captain Gregson and Detective Bell and view the body of a psychiatrist who was stabbed over fifty times. Watson recognizes the victim as her former therapist, Dr. Candace Reed. Outside Reed's building, they speak to her business partner, Dr. Leo Demopoulos. He indicates he left the building the night before with another doctor and Reed wasn't expecting anyone. With suspicion that the murderer is one of her patients, he won't provide her patient files but offers to give Bell's card to them so they can voluntarily speak to the police.

S06E04-Holmes Watson Victorian chamber
The Victorians knew their spas Watson.
Bell and Watson question Dr. Reed's grieving husband Milt who has an alibi. He mentions that Candace had a patient who'd grown very attached to her. He doesn't know his name but gives them the time of his appointment and also says the patient would show up unexpectedly. At the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes going through printouts which he's made from Reed's patient files. Holmes admits he stole the backup hard drive from Reed's office which prompts Watson to comment on the illegality of his action. Looking through the patient files, Watson discovers that her file is also available and, that Alfonse Kapoor is the patient Milt mentioned. Kapoor's file indicates he had rage issues and bit a fellow employee at his accounting workplace. Questioning Kapoor in his office, he thinks they were sent by his boss Sydney Place who is the only person who knew he was in therapy.

S06E04-Kapoor in office
Is there some problem?
Informing Kapoor of Reed's death and asking his whereabouts the evening before, Kapoor becomes so distraught that he has a panic attack. As he proceeds onto the balcony for air, Holmes and Watson turn to give him privacy and Kapoor jumps. Later at a hospital, Kapoor awakes to finds Holmes there. Holmes believes Kapoor didn't kill Reed and Kapoor mentions that when Reed died, he was at a work meeting that was so important, it required a non-disclosure agreement. He also says that Place is bringing him documents to look over and can verify his whereabouts. Place confirms Kapoor's alibi at a meeting between a CEO and an off-shore, tax haven bank. He also says he knew Reed, owned the building her office was in and arranged for Kapoor to see her. He points Holmes to Dr. Demopoulos as a suspect as his share of the rent had to be covered by Reed several times and they argued frequently.

S06E04-Sydney Place
Alfonse. He's special.
Lin Wen arrives at the Brownstone and seeing the evidence wall on Reed, Watson tells her their past relationship and that she saw Reed's case file on herself. Though the file is five years old, Watson is bothered by it as Reed's opinion was that Watson could be a good mother and was channeling maternal instincts into her job at the time as a sober companion. Watson admits to Lin that she hadn't thought much about having kids and part of the reason is due to their father's schizophrenia. Watson meets Holmes to question Dr. Demopoulos at his office building where the doctor is crassly more concerned with cleaning Reed's office than discovering who murdered her. He admits to the arguments with Reed but won't provide the name of the patient he was seeing when Reed was murdered. He abruptly leaves to see a patient in the hospital and won't confirm that it's Kapoor.

S06E04-Watson Lin in kitchen
What are you, my therapist now?
Heading into Reed's office, Watson has the hard drive Holmes took and puts it back while discussing it with him. Looking at the ceiling, Holmes finds a listening device and says that whoever placed it there probably knows they took the hard drive. At the Brownstone, Watson receives a call from the patient who was with Demopoulos when Reed was killed, confirming his alibi. After examining the bug, which was in Reed's office for months, they believe that Holmes taking the hard drive won't be exposed as doing so would reveal the person behind the illegal surveillance. However, the person would have a recording of Reed's murder. Remembering that some of Reed's patient notes on Kapoor mentioned that he spoke about sensitive company information during his sessions, Watson believes that Place is behind the bug.

S06E04-Watson Holmes points at bug
They will have heard every word we said.
Confronting Place in his office with the bug, he denies having ever seen it nor hiring anyone to murder Reed. However, he cagily outlines a hypothesis that shows that he knows what the bug recorded, including Holmes taking Reed's hard drive. Threatening that exposing each other's secret would result in both their ruin, Holmes points out that Place has much more to lose than they do. Place relents and offers to get the recordings if his firm is kept out of the police investigation. Watson meets Lin at an open house she just finished showing and Lin gives her opinion of Reed's assessment. Lin points out that Watson has many skills that various people could see applied in many different ways and, calls her the most complete person she knows.

S06E04-Confronting Place
Our destruction will by no means be equal.
At the Brownstone, Holmes exits the Victorian tank to find Place's "fixer", Mr. Clay, waiting for him. Clay brings an alibi for his whereabouts when Reed was killed and admits he planted the bug to monitor Kapoor's conversations with Reed. He says that the company secrets Kapoor mentioned in the sessions weren't acted upon by Reed and there was no leak. However, he destroyed the recordings and insists that nothing useful was recorded when Reed was murdered. Holmes asks him to repeat what he heard on the tape when Reed was murdered which Clay thinks is gibberish but Holmes recognizes. Holmes tells Clay he knows who murdered Reed and showing that he's been recording their conversation, he threatens Clay's life if he doesn't leave. Later, Bell and Holmes interrupt Demopoulos who is having a session with Kapoor at his hospital bedside. Accusing Kapoor of Reed's murder, they usher Demopoulos out of the room and shut the door.

S06E04-Holmes and Clay
If you don't leave my home, it too, will end in a murder.
With Demopoulos watching intently through the hospital room's window, they say to Kapoor that he's not a suspect but want him to look afraid. Explaining that the recording when Reed was murdered was a phrase used at Greek funerals, familiar to the Greek Demopoulos, they confirm that Demopoulos sometimes covered for Reed and had sessions with Kapoor in which he provided information that could be used to profit on the stock market. The person who confirmed Demopoulos' alibi is an investment banker who is Demopoulos' partner in benefiting from Kapoor's information. They are hoping that their "theatre" with Kapoor will result in Demopoulos planting the murder weapon on someone. This will absolve Kapoor who would then be free to provide more lucrative information in his sessions with Demopoulos. Later at the Brownstone, Bell tells Watson that Demopoulos was caught retrieving the murder weapon. (♫ Aquilo - All I Ever Wanted ♫) She declines joining Bell at the precinct for the interrogation so that she can call an adoption attorney.

S06E04-Fake interrogation
You really think he's gonna fall for this?


  • Aquilo - All I Ever Wanted plays at the end of the episode as Watson makes an appointment with an adoption attorney.


  • Dr. Reed expressed concern for Watson's safety after she had a violent encounter with DEA Agent Xande Diaz.[1] Ironically, Reed experiences a violent death.


Everything she saw in you that matters, all your best qualities, they're not the things that would make you a great mother, they're the things that do make you a great detective. A great friend. A great sister.

— Lin to Watson



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