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"That's you, Mr. Trimble, at a Montreal Canadiens playoff game two and a half years ago."
— Holmes
In January 2014, Jack Brunelle tries to get Watson to have Holmes find the assaulter of his son Connor, but, in the middle of a case, she asks him to come back another time. In November 2014, Brunelle interrupts Mason and Holmes at the Brownstone as they are working on the problem of "Bella". Brunelle's son died as a result of a drug overdose which was precipitated by pain medication he was on due to his assault. Holmes indicates that Brunelle's case isn't worthy of his attention and that he's busy with a case. In February 2016, Brunelle catches Holmes and Watson at the 11th Precinct where he says that the statute of limitations on prosecuting his son's attacker has less than a year remaining on it. Busy investigating two murders, Holmes regrets that they don't have time to help him. Nearly a year later, Brunelle enters a diner with a shotgun and takes twenty patrons hostage.

S05E13-Brunelle Bella
Mason is not my offspring.
Holmes and Watson arrive at the diner where Captain Gregson is heading up a police force and informs them that Brunelle's demanding to see them. Entering the diner, Brunelle takes Watson hostage and tells Holmes to find his son's attacker. He demands that he do so before the statute of limitations expires, which is in 16 hours, or else he'll shoot the hostages. (♫ Zoe Keating - Updraught ♫) At the precinct, Detective Bell is disappointed to find that the detective who handled Connor's case, Donald Andrews, did little work on it. Holmes discovers that text messages between Connor and a lawyer, Dario Canales, were in code and believes they were lovers. Canales is questioned but he and his husband have an alibi when Connor was attacked. Canales relates that Connor dropped out of law school, told no one, and was working job as a warehouse security guard in Red Hook when he was attacked.

S05E13-Bell Holmes phone
You're already two steps ahead of me.
Holmes calls the diner and listing businesses in Red Hook, Brunelle recognizes a warehouse name from a hat Connor owned. Hanging up, Watson tries to get concessions from Brunelle and shows he doesn't have enough shells to shoot everyone there. Detective Andrews is at the diner and having bound and gagged him, Brunelle strikes Andrews and declares that shooting Andrews will enough for him. At the warehouse, Bell and Holmes question a man who confirms that Connor was beaten hours before his shift, his shift wasn't covered, so the warehouse was unguarded. At the Brownstone, Holmes shows Bell drone video footage of NYC from the night Connor was assaulted which he obtained for doing a favor for NSA Agent McNally. The video shows a large smuggling operation at the warehouse location, in which thousands of barrels are being off-loaded from a ship onto dozens of transport trucks.

S05E13-Brunelle threatens Andrews
I had enough of his excuses for one lifetime.
From the make of the transport trucks, Holmes identifies the only company in the area of the warehouse who rent them. Frank Trimble is questioned at the precinct and admits to his trucks being used for the smuggling operation. He relates that a gang named the "Shoreline 99s" had threatened to kill him unless he gave them free access. They'd been using his trucks for years but after the barrel smuggling, they disappeared and never contacted him again. He doesn't know what was in the barrels nor what they transported in his trucks before then. Holmes believes that the smuggling operation allowed the gang to retire and Bell remembers the Shoreline 99s were involved in a turf war with another gang, Santa Matón. Bell suggests using Narcotics to make contact with San Matón but Holmes has a more direct method. In the gang's territory, Holmes stands on a street corner with a sign that reads "Looking for Bad Guys" which has pictures of some of the gang's members.

S05E13-Questioning Trimble
I wasn't involved in any smuggling plot.
After providing an update to Brunelle, Holmes and Bell are taken by members of San Matón to their HQ. At the diner, Watson discovers that Brunelle has skin cancer that he stopped treating and will likely die soon. Speaking to Santo Matón's leader, Maynor Palacio, he confirms Shoreline 99 has vanished. (♫ Qbanito - Con la Ultima Balla ♫) From a removed tattoo, Holmes recognizes that one of the gang's members used to be a Shoreline 99 and is told the location of their last meeting, a donut shop. The shop's manager confirms the 99's used to use the shop to meet but she hasn't seen their leader, Terrell Martin, in years. Holmes notices a foreclosed warehouse across the street which is outfitted with very high-end security devices. Under the pretence that he hears evidence being destroyed, Holmes and Bell break in the warehouse and find it filled with barrels. Opening a barrel and expecting to find drugs, they instead find maple syrup.

S05E13-Finding syrup
What do we got? Cocaine?
At the precinct, Holmes explains to Bell that due to quotas, Quebec maple syrup producers often sell their surplus on the black market. Comparing the taste of the warehouse syrup to that sold in NYC's pancake houses, Holmes discovers which restaurant is using the warehouse's syrup and who is selling it to them. In "the box", the syrup seller, Dejuan Rowe, is offered a deal in exchange for information. Confirming that he was a member of the Shoreline 99s, he says the syrup heist was arranged by an unidentified associate of Terrell Martin. Martin died the year before but Rowe confirms that the associate assaulted Connor to ensure the warehouse would be unguarded and, that he was a brawler who once took out six men and a dog in a bar fight in NYC. At the diner, Watson gives Brunelle the name of a doctor who can treat his cancer but he refuses help.

S05E13-Holmes Bell pancakes
You came back here to eat pancakes?
At the precinct, Holmes has discovered that the brawler is a Montreal Canadiens fan and the fight occurred over a hockey game. The bruising caused by the brawler's fists at the bar fight match that on Connor and the arrested brawler was Frank Trimble. However, the deadline for the statute of limitations has been reached. Holmes calls the diner to report Trimble as Connor's assaulter but the deadline past, Brunelle gives an ominous reply. Outside the diner, Gregson tries to prevent an ESU assault team from attacking the diner. Noticing that one of the curtains on the diner's door has fallen down, the ESU Captain orders a sniper into position. In the diner, Brunelle throws Andrews to the floor and kicks him. As Watson tries to talk Brunelle out of killing Andrews, she receives a text from Gregson telling her to move Brunelle to the door so the sniper can take him out.

S05E13-Jack Brunelle head shot
He's not innocent!
Instead, Watson keeps appealing to Brunelle and as he moves towards the door on his own, she stops him and shows him the text. Having saved his life and saying that killing Andrews won't honor Connor's memory, Brunelle gives himself up. Later at the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes looking over the case file and points out the futility since Trimble can't be prosecuted. Holmes cites the challenge of beating time and finding a way around the expiration of the statute of limitations of Trimble's assault on Connor. The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson to report success in conquering time but that it required Everyone's help. Confused as to what Everyone did, she's even more confused when she looks in a bag Holmes puts on her bed that he explains is his payment to Everyone.

S05E13-Watson appeals
I am really sorry about how your son died.
At the precinct with Trimble, Holmes shows him a broadcast of a Montreal Canadiens versus Boston Bruins game in which Trimble can be seen in the background. The video was found by Everyone using facial recognition software and was held in Montreal. Watson indicates that credit card statements show that Trimble bought a ticket to the game. Bell and Gregson explain the term "tolling" which stops the clock on the statute of limitations when an offender is out of the USA. Since Trimble was in Montreal for 27 hours, he can still be charged and, is placed under arrest. In the bathroom at the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that Jack Brunelle will receive cancer treatment while in prison. Stripped to the waist, Holmes sits on a chair in front of a laptop which is live streaming. (♫ My Morning Jacket - Tropics (Erase Traces) ♫) Watson takes an electric razor out of the bag Holmes put on her bed and begins to shave Holmes' head, his payment for Everyone's help.

S05E13-Watson shaving Holmes
Okay, this is your last chance to get out of it.



  • At the episode beginning, new scenes from past cases "Dead Clade Walking", "Bella" and "Down Where the Dead Delight" are shown in flashbacks.
  • The diner outside shots were done at the Lindenwood Diner located at 2870 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn.
  • The Canadiens-Rangers game that Frank Trimble got into a bar fight over is said by Holmes to have occurred on August 23, 2009. NHL hockey isn't played in August though it is remotely possible that the game was a rerun.
  • The hockey playoff series between Montreal and Boston which is Frank Trimble's undoing did occur. It was the 2014 Eastern Conference, Second Round which Montreal won 4 games to 3. However, the fifth game which Trimble was supposed to have attended in Montreal actually took place in Boston.


I just want you to know that if you tell me you're trying to build a flux capacitor, I'm out of here.

— Watson