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Are you asking me if I'm gonna make an honest man of him?

— Paige to Holmes, "Render, and Then Seize Her"

Paige Cowan was an NYPD detective at the 74th precinct who was dismissed for having accepted stolen money. Ten years after this incident, she dates and eventually marries Captain Tommy Gregson.


Season 4[]

Watson accidentally runs into Paige and Captain Gregson as they are on a date. Gregson introduces Watson as a doctor and later explains to her that due to Paige's dismissal from the NYPD, she wants to keep their relationship secret. Paige then breaks up with Gregson after he tells her Watson works at the NYPD. Watson meets Paige at her work and sensing Paige isn't telling the truth, encourages her to tell Gregson the real reason behind their breakup. Paige does so and tells Gregson she has multiple sclerosis and doesn't want to see him. Gregson meets Watson at a cafe across from Paige's work and asks Watson about MS and decides he wants to continue seeing Paige and support her with her disease.[1]

S04E15-Paige Gregson
Goodbye Tommy.

Season 5[]

Paige and Gregson dine in his office and he wishes her good luck with her test results. She approaches Holmes and asks he investigates possible fraud at her doctor's office. Holmes finds the doctor's staff are committing fraud and reports this to Paige but he also discovers that Paige is going broke due to the expensive medicine she needs. Holmes asks her intentions towards Gregson which she doesn't want to discuss. Holmes tells Gregson about Paige's problem and learns that Gregson wants to marry her but she doesn't. Ironically, Holmes says Gregson should marry her so that her medication is covered by Gregson's health plan. Later, Holmes arranges for Paige to be in Gregson's office, he's changed her mind about marriage and provides Gregson with an engagement ring so he can propose to her.[2]

S05E03-Holmes Paige report
What are your intentions?

S05E03-Gregson proposes to Paige
I managed to lower her defenses.

Season 7[]

Paige notifies Watson that she can see Captain Gregson, who's been shot and is in critical condition. At the hospital, Paige is now confined to a wheelchair due to the progression of MS. Saying Gregson called her when he left the precinct, as he does every night, she has no suspects and no indication where Gregson stopped at after he left the precinct. Later at the hospital, having snuck by the guard, Holmes tells a comatose Gregson that he forgives him. Paige interrupts and tells Holmes that she doesn't know what happened between them but that Gregson loved and missed him.[3] Gregson tells Holmes that Paige passed away.[4]

S07E02-Gregson at hospital
I get that call, I know he's safe.


  • As Captain Gregson's daughter Hannah meets him at his office in the 11th Precinct, he invites her to Little Italy to have dinner with him and Paige.[5]


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