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"Your friend will help mine with a problem, or you and Mycroft will be friends no more."
Marchef to Watson
Planning to meet Watson at Diogenes, Mycroft takes a call expecting it to be her but instead it is Guillaume de Soto of the French criminal organization Le Milieu. Mycroft arrives at the Brownstone, where he tells Sherlock they need to talk. Watson awakes to find herself kidnapped by Marchef. He informs her that Mycroft will be helping them or she will die. Hearing that Watson is kidnapped due to Mycroft's dealings with Le Milieu, Sherlock is furious with him. Mycroft explains that Pierce Norman, VP of Swiss Bank Credit Versoix, took details of thousands of their client's private banking accounts. Le Milieu wants the list to blackmail that they'll reveal the client's hidden money and, governments want the list to collect unpaid taxes. They have 48 hours to give Le Milieu the list and Norman. Sherlock agrees as long as Mycroft promises to never visit them again.

S02E22-Sherlock grabs Mycroft
You know, I told her what you were.
They gain access to Credit Versoix under the ruse that their father wants to make a large deposit. Revealing that they know about Norman's theft, they are able to convince a bank official to let them investigate the theft. They are shown into Norman's office by head of security, Kurt Yoder. Sherlock demands Yoder retrieve Norman's laptop and, finds a hiding place which contains a game pad. After looking at the pad, he smashes it in apparent frustration as it is useless in their investigation. Watson hears screaming and discovers from Marchef that his cousin, Jem, has been shot. Since Marchef won't take him to the hospital, she offers her help. Outside the bank, Mycroft knows that Sherlock found something on the game pad. However, they are surrounded and NSA Agent McNally forces them into a car.

S02E22-Holmes w game
It's useless.
At an NSA front, Sherlock lies to McNally that they are looking for the list on behalf of a friendly government, will provide him with it as well and they have discovered little so far. McNally releases them and implies to Mycroft that he knows Diogenes is being used by Le Milieu. Outside, Sherlock smashes all his and Mycroft's devices so the NSA can't track them. At the Brownstone, Sherlock plays the video game he saw on Norman's game pad with his userid. Norman never played the game but used its chat function with one other gamer. Sherlock sends a chat to the user and waits for a response. As Mycroft apologizes for what's happened to Watson, he receives a call on a burner phone and lies that it's from Diogenes. In private, the caller asks for a progress report and threatens Mycroft if he fails. The next morning, Sherlock wakes Mycroft having received a reply on the game. They proceed to Westchester and question Norman's lover, Deron.

S02E22-Watching video game
I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry.
Deron shows them the app he met Norman on and from Norman's profile photo, Sherlock recognizes the location of a wooded river he saw in pictures in Norman's office. Having operated on Jem, Marchef warns Watson that if Mycroft fails, he'll still have to kill her. A few hours after leaving Deron's, Sherlock finds the wooded river and a summer house. Seeing Norman's car outside, he picks the lock and enters. Finding no one home, Mycroft thinks Norman has gone for a hike which exasperates Sherlock who challenges Mycroft to look hard at the house's hallway. Seeing signs of a struggle, they proceed to the backyard where Sherlock finds a shallow grave containing Norman. Norman's body is brought into the kitchen. Mycroft is frantic as they have no one to trade for Watson but Sherlock demonstrates that Norman was killed by someone he knew and, from a fly pupa on Norman's body, that he died before the client list was stolen. Norman has been murdered and framed by someone with access to his computer.

S02E22-With Norman's body
All indicative of a highly trained attacker.
Yoder is lured to the Brownstone with news from Sherlock that they don't think Norman stole the list. Sherlock tases him into unconsciousness and when he awakes, he's strapped to a chair in the kitchen. As Sherlock provides details why they think Yoder stole the list, he takes instruments of torture from a bag. Yoder pleads with Mycroft to stop Sherlock but when he won't co-operate, Sherlock chokes Yoder's left wrist with a wire until it turns purple. Yoder relents and provides the list's location. Watson tries to care for Jem who has gone into shock. Marchef tells her that it was Mycroft's idea to use Diogenes as Le Milieu's base. After reviewing the list, Sherlock plans to call Agent McNally to ask for help when meeting Le Milieu. When Mycroft is unsuccessful at discouraging Sherlock, he tases him unconscious. He then calls the man he talked to earlier to report he has the list and Yoder.

S02E22-Yoder torture
You have to stop this madness.
Having done everything she can for Jem, Watson tells Marchef he needs a hospital or he will die. To Watson's shock, Marchef shoots Jem in the head. His phone rings with news that Mycroft has succeeded and she'll be exchanged for the list. Sherlock meets McNally who is angry that Sherlock lied to him. Sherlock unsuccessfully begs him to help find Mycroft and warns McNally that Mycroft may have other plans for the list. The exchange location is under an overpass where Mycroft alone meets de Soto, Marchef and a number of Le Milieu men. After providing the list and Yoder, de Soto orders Marchef to kill Mycroft and Watson and drives away. Unable to persuade Marchef to spare them, Mycroft is granted last words with Watson. He says "paint it black" and shots ring out killing Marchef and his men. Several black SUVs race onto the scene and British black ops soldiers secure the location. Mycroft tells Watson he has much to explain to her.

S02E22-Mycroft Watson at Milieu massacre
I'm sorry you had to see that Joan.



If anything happens to Joan, I will murder you.

— Sherlock to Mycroft