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Who's driving you around?

Pam is a snowplow operator for the City of New York's Department of Sanitation.


Season 1[]

Investigating the murder of a security guard and a theft, Holmes deduces that EROC (East Rutherford Operations Center), which contains the world's largest supply of U.S. cash, is being robbed. The thieves planned the heist to coincide with a snowstorm which will hinder police response and, he thinks the heist is currently underway. With no way to reach the NYPD due to a power outage, he and Watson try to find a way to EROC on their own. Bundling up, they trudge down snow-covered streets. Encountering a snowplow, Holmes asks the driver, Pam, to give them shelter. Once inside, he has her raise the NYPD by radio and leaves a message for Captain Gregson with his deductions. He still insists on proceeding to EROC and tries to commandeer the plow. Pam tells him to leave so Holmes produces cash and asks if he can rent it.

S01E19-Outside snow plow
I'm on standby. Who the hell are you?

On the way to EROC, Pam asks Holmes how he works for the NYPD but he insists on no small talk. Watson fibs that Holmes gets car sick and they argue about Ms. Hudson, who Watson has taken a shine to, until they reach EROC. Pam waits for them while in EROC and while driving them back to Manhattan, Holmes reports EROC's robbery to Gregson and Bell using her radio and deduces how the thieves intend to launder the stolen money. Pam drives them to a home where Holmes believes the money drop will occur. The drop is a ruse so Pam drives them to the Brownstone, says she had fun with them and offers her services in the future. Later after the case is solved, Pam arrives at the Brownstone with her snowplow to drive Ms. Hudson to her cousin's house.[1]

S01E19-Pam in snowplow
What's Pam doing here?


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