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I hate that word. "Allegations." Call them what they are. Lies. Finding out what Howard did devastated us. But Kathryn Drummond's book is what destroyed us.

— Patricia Ennis, "The Deductionist"

Patricia Ennis is the sister of serial killer Howard Ennis, in need of one of his kidneys at a hospital he's transported to. When Howard escapes, it's revealed Patricia was always in on the plan out of revenge against Kathryn Drummond, the profiler on Howard's case.


Season 1[]

Patricia gets transported to the hospital to receive a kidney from her best donor, brother and serial killer Howard Ennis. Howard is escorted by secuity into the operation room, but he deliberately sticks the needle in his arm to miss his vein, building up under his skin. He escapes, shoots the four staff and two guards with one of the guards' guns and runs, leaving behind a riddle for the police. Patricia is met and is terrfied and regretful over Howard's escape. She says she didn't speak to Howard in hears and offers letters from him to give to the police, saying she's glad Drummond's on the case and hoping Howard's caught again.

S01E14-Ennis attack in hospital
A deadly operation.

S01E14-Patricia Ennis Herbs
But you can smell them on the bottom of her drinking glass?

After Howard kills more people and disgraces Drummond by challenging her profile, Howard calls and demands to face Drummond, leading the police to his lair showing he's abandoning his serial killings from the past. As Holmes always doubted, Drummond's profile was revealed to always be a farce desperately fabricated for success. Patricia's home is ransacked when her neighbors find out her relation to Howard, leading the police to investigate. Vials full of herbs are also found in her cupboard, and in her drinking glasses, which reveals to Holmes she drank them to deliberately cause her kidney failure. While Holmes is calling Detective Bell to warn him, Drummond visits Patricia and apologizes to her and her family, confessing to the fake profile and paying a neighbor to be a fake witnessto back it up. When Patricia tells Drummond to lean in closer so she can talk, she pulls out a pair of small scissors from under her hospital bed and stabs Drummond in the neck. She then gives the scissors up and surrenders to arrest. She bitterly confesses she hated Drummond for all the lies and Howard called her in tears on a phone from prison, telling her a whole plan that convinced Patricia to participate: humiliate Drummond publicly and lure her to Patricia to be killed. Drummond lives through the stabbing and recovers, while Patricia is sent to prison and worsens from renal decline and refusals of transplants by the hospital system.[1]

S01E14-Patricia Ennis Scissors
Revenge revealed.

S01E14-Corridor w Patricia
I, I just know that it, it just sounded right, like it was, it was supposed to happen.


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