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I didn't really want to shoot that cop, the Captain. I didn't want to, but he figured it out.

— Meers, "Gutshot"

Patrick Meers is a former Army officer and an electrician. He is married with two children. He admitted to killing Tim Bledsoe and shooting Captain Gregson.


Season 7[]

After Tim Bledsoe's body is discovered hidden in the wall of a baseball field snack bar, his father, police Sgt. Marty Bledsoe gives Detective Bell several people to question who had altercations with Tim. Meers tells Bell that Tim picked a fight with him outside a bar and when police arrived, he didn't press charges. From a security camera, Watson obtains video which shows Tim being confronted by a hooded man with a gun. Bell recognizes the man as Patrick Meers. In "the box" at the precinct, Meers confesses to killing Tim, indicating that he was annoyed that Sgt. Bledsoe got the assault charge on Tim dropped. Confronting Tim with a gun, Tim grabbed the weapon which resulted in his shooting. Gregson questioned Meers who followed Gregson to the baseball field and where they exchanged gunfire resulting in Gregson being seriously wounded. Bell and Watson accuse him of lying and leaving out details of a ferry bombing plan Tim was involved with, which Meers claims not to know nothing about.[1]

S07E02-Patrick Meers green
I could tell he saw how nervous I was.
Gregson wakes and tells Watson that Patrick lied to her about the sequence of events that led to his shooting. He questioned Patrick the day before he was shot, not just before. They both wonder why Patrick would lie about this. Meeting Patrick in prison, Watson is unsuccessful in getting him to admit he was involved in a ferry bombing plot. Patrick is uncomfortable when he learns that Gregson will survive being shot. After Watson visits the Meers' home and questions his wife Holly, she discovers he was messaging using a gaming system. She believes Patrick knew about the ferry bombing plot but doesn't think he was involved. Holly visits Patrick in prison and tells him about Watson's visit and her discovery of his game account. Patrick tells her to be brave and gives her a number to call, with a message that Watson is trouble.[2] Odin Reichenbach admits he sent Patrick after Tim Bledsoe.[3]

S07E04-Patrick and Holly Meers
They would never hurt the kids, would they?


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