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Oh, why am I not surprised he's not here? Bell. He would never say anything like this to my face. It's not his style.

— Reyes, "Details"

Paula Reyes was a police officer at the 11th Precinct where her partner was Officer Sam Glecko. She was the ex-girlfriend of Detective Bell.


Season 1[]

While trying to bring down drug gang leader Curtis Bradshaw, Bell and Reyes worked together and dated. With Paula's help, a detective on the Bradshaw case, Hudson, stole and planted drugs on Bradshaw. On a tip, Internal Affairs (IA) investigated, resulting in Hudson's arrest over which he committed suicide. Paula wasn't charged but suspicions as to her involvement prevented her from gaining promotions and a transfer to the Vice Squad. She and Bell also broke up during this time. In early 2013, Bell was shot at and several attempts were made to frame him for the murder of Bradshaw and shooting of his brother Andre. Holmes reveals that Reyes was behind the crimes as a revenge plot against Bell. While dating an IA detective, Reyes discovered that Bell provided the tip that led to Hudson's arrest and her career being stalled. Reyes is arrested and Bell expects she'll receive life in prison.[1]

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I told them I had nothing to do with it.


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