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Can I go now?

— Phil Simms, "Just a Regular Irregular"

Phil Simms is one of Sherlock Holmes' "Irregulars" who he employs when he needs expertise in knife throwing. He was an MVP quarterback for the New York Giants.


Season 3[]

As Joan Watson visits the Brownstone to ask Kitty Winter for help on a case, she hears Sherlock arguing. Kitty says it's "Phillip something" and when the man emerges, Watson is clearly shocked and recognizes him. Simms and Holmes argue over a case from the 1930's in which a circus performer "The Great Galardo" accidentally killed one of his assistants with a knife. Holmes believes the knife was thrown from the crowd which Simms says was impossible as the crowd was too far away. Simms is unhappy that Watson and Kitty are there and Holmes makes him demonstrate his knife throwing prowess by hitting Holmes' practice dummy Bob in the head and heart. As Simms leaves, Holmes rebukes him for 15 years of throwing "that misshapen ball around" instead of bringing acclaim to competitive blade slinging.[1]

S03E03-Simms throwing
Is this a joke?


  • As payment for Everyone providing information on Stern Investments, Holmes provides a Super Bowl ring from Simms. Watson is incredulous that he can get one from Simms but Holmes indicates that "you have no idea what that man owes me."


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