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"You turned down Watson's offer once that she train you to be a detective. I offer now instead, that we train you to be an informant."
— Holmes to Shinwell
At the Brownstone, Shinwell shows Holmes an antique chess table that he refurbished to thank him and Watson, not knowing the table was evidence in a 78 year old murder case. After Shinwell leaves, Watson confirms Holmes' suspicions that Shinwell is still working for the SBK gang so that he can become a registered confidential informant (CI) for Detective Guzman. Believing that when he saved Shinwell from going to prison that he'd distance himself from SBK, Holmes expresses regret helping him. Called to the Morgue without Holmes, Watson is shown by Detective Bell the corpse of a man who overdosed on drugs. Indicating she doesn't know the man, Bell says that she wrote the prescription the man used to overdose. At the 11th Precinct, Captain Gregson vouches for Watson's innocence with DEA Agent Ritter. Indicating her identity must have been stolen and she hasn't written a script in years, Ritter is unsympathetic.

S05E10-Bell Watson at morgue
So you don't know this guy, right?
Telling Bell that her medical license has been suspended, he's found a pharmacy where one of the hardcopy scripts using her license was submitted. Noting that the phone number on the fake script was a burner phone, Watson intends to see if the pharmacist will show her the fake script. Holmes meets Guzman outside a courthouse and to his confusion, Holmes tell him not to meet with Shinwell. With a pharmacist's cooperation, Watson is able to see the paper script and realizes that her identity was stolen during the mid-2000's when she worked at Corona General Hospital. After texting Holmes, Watson arrives at the Brownstone where he says that her contact info at the hospital was replaced with the burner phone number and that the hospital's computer security is poor. He's also found three other doctors whose contact info was replaced with burner phones numbers and their addresses with mailbox stores. Bell is canvassing the stores for suspects.

S05E10-Holmes Watson dummy
I wonder what hobbies other people's roommates have.
Telling her about his visit to Guzman, they argue about Shinwell's CI suitability. Bell emails a photo of the woman who rented one of the mailboxes and Watson recognizes her as Dr. Franny Krieg. At Krieg's office, they find Krieg and a Marla Ridgley Moore shot dead and five empty boxes of script pads. Later with Gregson, Holmes relates that it was Krieg who stole Watson and other doctor's identities to run a "pill mill". Her receptionist having left for the day, the office was empty when Krieg met Moore, a mother of one of Krieg's patients. Bell and Watson meet with Marla's son Ethan, and her ex-husband, Patrick, at Marla's estate. Sick and weak since childhood and walking with crutches, Ethan relates that doctors haven't found the cause of his condition. Patrick provides an alibi, that he was at a friend's house. They both are surprised to hear of Krieg's pill mill and insist the Marla had no drug problems.

S05E10-Crime scene
So perhaps she was just collateral damage.
Ethan remembers seeing a man in Krieg's office that he now realizes was an addict going through withdrawal. The man was angry when Krieg wouldn't see him and Ethan agrees to provide a description to a sketch artist. On a street where Duane is overseeing one of SBK's drug dealers, Shinwell meets him to pick up cash. However, Shinwell tells Duane that a large man has been following him and leaves without the money. Seeing the man tailing him, Shinwell runs through a store and down a back alley and loses him. Arriving at the Brownstone, Shinwell is surprised when Holmes introduces the man as Luc. Luc leaves and Holmes says Luc has been tailing Shinwell since the day before and he doesn't think Shinwell has the skills to be a CI. Urging him to distance himself from SBK, Shinwell says he'll think about it. Bell calls that the bullets used to kill Krieg and Marla match those in a mugging from two years before.

S05E10-Luc follows Shinwell
Never seen a big cop?
At the precinct, the mugging victim, Lee Fisk, describes the events, which Holmes can tell is a lie and that Fisk was attempting a car jacking. After Bell says he won't be charged for the attempt, Fisk confesses that while trying to rob a man and a woman in silver Lexus, the man shot at him through the car window. Hit in the arm, Fisk ran and remembers it happened outside a Ridgley furniture store. Excusing themselves, Watson reminds them that Marla's middle name is Ridgley and that it's likely that she was the heiress of a furniture empire. Krieg and the script pads were a smokescreen for the real target of the shooting, Marla. Confronting Patrick at this apartment with a search warrant, Bell and Holmes accuse him of killing Marla and Krieg. Not in Marla's will, with her dead, he'd resume care of Ethan which comes with a luxurious life. Denying he killed Marla and showing admiration for the years of care she'd given Ethan, he admits to shooting Fisk.

S05E10-Questioning Moore
Marla, she was a saint.
Having an affair with a woman who worked at the Ridgley store, he kept the mugging secret to hide the affair from Marla. Saying he stored the gun in a tool drawer in the garage at Marla's estate, Bell says the gun wasn't found by police which he counters that someone must have taken it. At Marla's estate, Watson arrives as Ethan is working with his therapist, Katie. Told that the gun used to kill his mother and Krieg is registered to Patrick, Ethan refuses to believe his father is responsible. Indicating that he's isolated and never leaves the estate, he says his father is innocent and yelling for Katie, Watson leaves. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that a pizza delivery man confirmed Patrick was at his friend's house when Krieg and Marla were shot. Mentioning that despite Holmes' efforts, Shinwell met with Guzman and will be his CI, Watson has also found that Marla was doctor-shopping.

S05E10-Watson and Ethan
I'm alone. I need him.
Knowing it wasn't for drugs, she has a suspicion what Marla was looking for but says they'll need a warrant to get Krieg's file on Ethan. At the precinct, Watson tells Gregson that she believes that Marla was poisoning Ethan and looking for another doctor when Krieg ran out of tests to perform. Krieg discovered the poisoning after Marla called one of the identities Krieg had stolen and left a message about Ethan. Finding that Krieg had a private session with Ethan, she played him the voicemail and told him about the poisoning. Mentioning that Katie said he missed sessions with her, with help, he then shot Marla. He had to kill Krieg as well or she'd know he killed Marla and reveal it to police. Bell calls to say that Ethan's housekeeper reported he was picked up and that he can't be found. In the basement of the Brownstone, with Katie having been cleared, Watson and Holmes search for Ethan's accomplice.

S05E10-Evidence wall
The Moore staff didn't know anything.
As a peace offering, DEA Agent Ritter sends over a map of all instances where Krieg's fake prescriptions were used. Looking at it, Holmes sees one dated the night of the murders. Commenting that Ethan was a shut-in with no friends and all the estate staff have been alibied, he asks Watson where he could have met his accomplice. Remembering the addict Ethan mentioned, he probably helped Ethan in exchange for the script pads. Having tracked the addict from the name on the script he used, Ethan is found, with Patrick's gun, and is brought to "the box" at the precinct. Watson meets him alone and says that Marla's father was on many medications which she stole to poison Ethan. Told his symptoms should improve, he asks for her help with the police. While understanding his desire for revenge on his mother, Watson is unsympathetic given that Ethan killed Krieg, who took a big risk trying to help him.

S05E10-Ethan in box
She tried to save you and you killed her.
Shinwell returns home to find Holmes waiting in his apartment with the chess table. (♫ Equador - Bones of Man ♫) Knowing that he can't stop Shinwell from becoming a CI in his quest to bring down SBK, Holmes offers to train him to be a better informant. Indicating he'll need to better his skills of deception, avoiding detection and how to extract information without the subject knowing they're being questioned, Shinwell asks if he'll pay by playing chess with Holmes. Telling him that he'll pay by giving Holmes and Watson information when they need it, Shinwell accepts and starts a game.

S05E10-Shinwell Holmes chess
Let's see what you got.


  • Equador - Bones of Man plays at episode end as Holmes proposes that he and Watson train Shinwell to be an informant and in exchange he supply them with information as they demand.


  • Holmes speaks French to Luc in this episode.
  • The meeting with DEA Agent Ritter reveals that Watson kept her medical license current, but this contradicts facts from the first season episode "Lesser Evils" where she reveals she let her license expire and is no longer permitted to practice medicine.


Now that I know him better, I'm surprised he didn't step on an open bear trap and then fall down a well.

— Holmes about Shinwell