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"I have never known a betrayal as profound as what you've experienced. But I do know that being victimized is corrosive. And sometimes, talking about it, that can help."
— Holmes to Graham Delancy
Having finished boxing at a gym with Watson, Holmes receives a call about a murder. Arriving at the scene, the caller is a dominatrix, Mistress Felicia, who knows Holmes and tells Captain Gregson that she found her new client, Titus Delancy, CEO of a large financial firm, dead on the floor when she arrived. Titus is dressed in a latex suit and after she couldn't revive him, Felicia called Holmes. While Detective Bell takes Felicia's statement, Holmes notices the absence of talcum powder on Titus' suit, indicating he was helped into it. He and Watson also see signs that Titus was poisoned and after smelling a glass of bourbon, Holmes lights a sample on fire and confirms the presence of nitroglycerin. The next morning at the Brownstone, while Holmes uses a whip that he received as a thank you gift from Felicia, he tells Watson that there was no bondage gear in Titus' home, leading him to believe that someone put him into the latex suit after his death.

S02E04-Felicia Gregson Watson
Then I whacked him with this. Still nothing.
Bell, Holmes and Watson question an employee of the only shop that sells fetish suits in Titus' size. (♫ Battle Tapes - Sleepwaker ♫) After pressuring the employee, he admits to selling the suit to a buyer who paid cash which he received from the store's ATM. The ATM's camera reveals the buyer to be Burt Jeffries, who is questioned in "the box" at the 11th Precinct. A senior executive at Titus' company, he admits to calling Felicia and buying and dressing Titus in the suit, after he found Titus dead. His motive was that Titus was due to retire and receive a large payout. However, the payout came with a morals clause which Jeffries was trying to make it appear Titus was in violation of. This would have resulted in the payout being used for executive bonuses which would have benefited Jeffries. Later, Bell finds that Jeffries was at the office when Titus died and the poisoner was with Titus and put the nitroglycerin in his glass.

S02E04-Jeffries in box
That's $125 million extra in our coffers.
Having been absent at their country home with her two step-sons, Titus' wife Peri is questioned at the Delancy home. She claims that she and the boys were in the country home when Titus died but it was her nanny, Anne Barker's, night off. Meeting Barker, Holmes takes Watson outside and says that he knows the nanny. She was the prime suspect in the poisoning death of her father, but was acquitted and her name was Abigail Spencer. In "the box" at the precinct, Gregson questions Barker who admits she was Abigail Spencer. She has no alibi but denies killing Titus. She changed her name and appearance to escape the media attention from her father's death, is angry that it will happen again and asks how they discovered her identity. Holmes says it was from her voice. Spencer is released and Holmes believes that she is being framed.

S02E04-At Delancy home
Titus was a very successful man.
At the Brownstone, as Holmes examines his evidence wall, Watson deduces that Holmes didn't recognize Spencer from her voice, but from a tattoo on her wrist. Impressed, Holmes relates that the poisoning of Abigail's father catalyzed his interest in detective work when he was 15. He wrote Spencer as "Sean Holmes" and they corresponded throughout her trial and afterwards. In the letters, she expressed a desire to get the tattoo, which she didn't get until she changed her appearance. Holmes was able to deduce that she did kill her father, an abusive man, but only after the trial was over and she was acquitted. Despite this, he still believes that Spencer is being framed for Titus' murder and the framer must have discovered her past.

S02E04-Holmes Watson evidence wall
She was an excellent research subject.
Holmes visits Spencer and reveals he is Sean Holmes. Beseiged by the media and fired as a nanny, she's still grateful to have Holmes to talk to. She gives Holmes the license plate number of a car that had been following her. Bell discovers that the person following Spencer was a PI hired by Peri Delancy. Peri stood to gain little from divorcing Titus unless he was unfaithful. The PI found no infidelity between Titus and Spencer, but did uncover her past. Peri is questioned at the precinct with her lawyer. She admits to meeting with a doctor the evening Titus was killed from whom she obtained nitroglycerin. She was planning to poison Titus and blame Spencer but wasn't able to. At the Brownstone, Holmes adds Titus' two sons, Graham and Zack, to his evidence wall. He notes that Graham is 17, stands to inherit a large sum and has no alibi now that Peri has admitted to being out the night Titus was murdered.

S02E04-Barker and Holmes
I could really use a friend right now.
Planning to question Graham the day of Titus' memorial service, Watson confronts Holmes and claims that the reason he thinks Spencer is being framed is because he was in love with her. Holmes admits that when he wrote her, that he was being bullied at school. Although this bonded them, he didn't feel love, but fascination as he learned the mind of a murderer. He never told Spencer that he knew she was guilty but is blunt that if she killed Titus, he won't protect her. At the Delancy's, they question Graham who denies killing Titus and believes that Spencer killed his father. Asked about her motive, he shows them a video he was taking of his brother in which Spencer and Titus are seen arguing in the background.

S02E04-Watson Holmes first case
Abigail, she gave me a gift.
Holmes visits Spencer who is happy to see him. He shows her the video in which Titus is accusing her of trying to steal his tablet. She claims to have forgotten about the incident and that she didn't think it pertinent to his murder. Claiming she's being honest and not withholding information, Holmes provides details from their correspondence that proves she did kill her father. Angry, Spencer tells him to leave. In Titus' home office, Watson opens a locked desk drawer which has been damaged by someone who tried to pick the lock. Finding it empty, she examines the room while Bell checks books. She notices an excess of air vents, discovers one has no duct and finds the tablet behind it. Calling Holmes, they inform him that videos on the tablet show that Titus was sexually abusing Graham. Graham is brought to the precinct accompanied by his aunt and their lawyer. Confronted with the tablet and its contents, Graham orders his aunt and lawyer out of the room.

Confronted with motive and his fingerprints on the PI file revealing Spencer's past, Graham still denies killing Titus. Spencer arrives at the precinct and is shocked when confronted by Graham's aunt about Titus' abuse. A short time later, Bell informs Holmes that Spencer confessed to poisoning Titus. In the box, Holmes appeals to Spencer but she says she's a murderer and blames herself for not noticing Graham's abuse. She views her confession as justice for what she did to her father. Later, Holmes speaks with Graham by the river. Holmes tells him that they both know who killed Titus and that he'll be watched. He then asks Graham if he's getting help for being victimized. Graham doesn't see the point of talking about it, so Holmes provides some advice based on his past abuse and offers his services to Graham if he ever needs to talk. (♫ Jim James - State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) ♫) Later at the boxing gym, Holmes takes out his frustrations on a punching bag.

S02E04-Graham and Holmes by bridge
Talking about it won't change anything.



  • Abigail Spencer appears to be inspired by Violette Nozière , a French poisoner of her father under arguments of self-defense from incestuous sexual abuse.
  • Holmes reveals that in his teens, he used the alias Sean Holmes. He also confirms that he was bullied in boarding school, a story he used to gain Adam Kemper's trust in "Child Predator".
  • Holmes indicates he was 15 when Abigail's trial occurred in 1991. However, his birth date is January 6, 1972[1], making him 19.


You know you're starting to sound like your partner.

— Bell to Watson


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  1. Season 6, episode 18: "The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz"