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You couldn't have made him stay. Here or at a shelter. He's an adult. He made a choice. If something's happened to him, it's not your fault.

— Watson about Frebeaux, "Corpse de Ballet"

Rachel Brown is a criminal who, along with her husband, Cliff, kidnapped multiple unhoused people to claim their benefit checks. She poses as the sister of Zeke Frebeaux.


Season 2[]

S02E15-Brown Watson

"He's my brother."

Watson gets a tip that Zeke Frebeaux was seen arguing with someone, leading her to Brown's house. Brown claims that Frebeaux is her brother who has been living on the streets on-and-off since returning from Afghanistan and was diagnosed with severe PTSD. She also mentions he had problems with drugs. She tries to check up on him on a monthly basis. Two weeks ago, she found him at Gantry Plaza and was able to persuade him back to her house; however, he refused to stay and they argued outside. When asked where he could be, she mentions the St. Ignatius shelter, although Watson informs her he didn't show up there. Brown seems to feel guilty about her brother's situation, and Watson reassures her that it isn't her fault. Brown is momentarily surprised that Watson is going to continue looking for Frebeaux, but thanks her for her help, saying it means a lot that someone else is looking out for him.

S02E15-Brown Residence hallway

"You want to tell me what, or who, you've got down there?"

After Watson sees a picture of Frebeaux with his family, including his real sister, courtesy of his friend Morris Gilroy, she shows up to the Brown residence with police and a warrant to search the house. Brown and her husband are taken into custody after police find three homeless men chained up in their basement behind a padlocked door.